Why WordPress Sites Need SSL Certificate?

WordPress Vulnerabilities

Most WP-sites are especially vulnerable to cyber hackers and other cybercrimes.

If you have a WordPress website, you may be especially vulnerable to attacks by hackers.

As WordPress is one of the most used website theme there is a special look to those sites.

According to statistics, out of several million websites hacked in one year, almost 75% of those sites were based on WordPress.

This is not surprising because of the massive number of WordPress-based websites that exist, and because every plugin that is installed is a potential access point for hackers to gain entrance.

So if you have a WordPress website, it is vital that you get SSL installed as quickly as possible.

One of the most important thing is that you not only protect yourself and your website but also your customer from the devastation which can be caused by a hacker who decides to target your site.

WordPress Pushes for Greater Security

Matt Mullenweg developer of WordPress announced that WordPress is pushing for greater security measures for WordPress sites.

WordPress will also be limiting critical features (such as API authentication) to only those websites that have implemented an SSL Certificate.

It only makes sense to implement SSL immediately so you can have the greatest possible advantage available to you as you compete for customers.

WordPress has also stopped promoting all their hosting partners unless they automatically issue an SSL Certificate to all their users by default.

What are the Benefits of a SSL Certificate?

Some of the benefits of a SSL Certificate are:
– Your Site looks more Professional
– Data Integrity
– Provides Authentication
– Allows you to take payments
– Enables your mobile site to load lightning speed
– Encryption and therefore Data Security

One of the advantages of your SSL Certificate is, your visitors can be confident that any information or data that they send or receive is exactly what was sent.

They can rest assured that no one is able to hijack the information en route and modify it before it arrives.

Your business will have much more credibility because with an SSL Certificate your website automatically associates you with business professionals.

You don’t want to stay behind of other professionals that already have installed their SSL Certificate.
You also don’t want a no secure message from Google on your website which gives your visitors a bad feeling doing business with you.

Now is the time to start to install your SSL Certificate on your site. For more information read more here.
A secure website gives trust to your customers and increases the confidence doing business with you.

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