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Five Easy Toning Exercises you can Do Anywhere

Nowadays everyone is so busy that there is no time anymore even for exercising or few minutes workout. It is so easy to do some exercises when you are traveling, or on vacation, or even in your office or at home. Most of us will always find any excuse for not exercising. Although it is very important for our health.

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Should You Compete in a Triathlon?

Have you thought about training for a triathlon, but been intimidated? Trainiing for a triathlon can be a very rewarding experience. Triathlon training will force you to diversify your workouts. This is a huge advantage over single-sport training, which can result in injury since you use the same muscle groups every day if you only…

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Tips For Losing Those Last Pesky Pounds

As if trying to lose weight is not enough of a struggle, one obstacle a lot of people tend to run into is that they come up with a “target weight” that they would like to get down to (and stay at!), but once they get close to this weight, it starts to feel like…

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