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I cant fight anorexia any more. Ive tried so hard

Pip McManus succumbed three years after becoming complaint with an compulsive eating. Her parents explain how medical aid disappointed their daughter Marie McManus wants to show me the final picture taken of her daughter Pip. It was 9 December 2015, and the 15 -year-old is standing on the scaffold of a railway station five minutes…

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How Much Mental Damage Can Cause Smartphones?

Mental problems caused by smartphones We cannot imagine anymore to live without cell phones it has become part of our life. I guess we are too dependent. Mobile phones are a persuasive tool we have to have it everywhere and even when leaving the house instantly we are dialing the cell phone. People of all…

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Taking Risk – Nonplus Ultra

        Pioneering Climber Dean Potter Killed in Wingsuit BASE Jumping Accident Beyond the Edge Potter was widely considered one of the most influential climbers, highliners, and BASE jumpers of his generation. Dean was a visionary, says Cedar Wright, a professional climber from Boulder, Colorado. His role in the community in Yosemite Valley,…

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