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How To Change Bad Habits?

What are Habits You Can’t Live Without We all know that many diseases nowadays are caused through our lifestyle habits. People tend to use their cars for every hundred or so meters instead of walking or bicycling. We are not used to exercise as much as we should and we allow ourselves to become overweight,…

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The Silent Killer And How To Defend

     High blood pressure – how to prevent   High blood pressure, often called hypertension, has nothing to do with older population or people who getting older. High blood pressure is one of the biggest health concerns of the 21st century. Increasing problems with high blood pressure is part of our lifestyle that we…

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Healthy Living Not Affortable

Many Of Us Have The Education But Still Live An Unhealthy Lifestyle It is not all our fault. We are in a so competitive society where everthing is fast, we do not give us the time to eat relaxed. We do not have in many companies enough time to eat.  But, I tell you if…

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