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I took the US Army Fitness Test

Did I pass the US Army Physical Fitness Test? See me take on the Marine Fitness Test here! My training style that helps me stay fit & strong is available in my MOVE training guide: My fat loss training and nutrition guide (10 week programme, approved by GB Olympic Team expert)+ My brand…

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How I Finally Lost Weight / My Fitness Journey!

Here is how i finally lost weight. You guys have been wanting to hear my fitness journey for a long time! Please know you are beautiful NO MATTER what size you are. This isn’t meant to be a tutorial but just me and my weight loss story. Love you xo -Alisha Marie PFC Nutrition:…

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Why are people so Healthy in Japan?

What is the obesity rate in Japan When it comes to health, the weight, of course, is not everything. But since there are so many health complications from being overweight or obese. I guess it’s safe to say that Japan with an obesity rate of 3.5% is generally healthier than America with an obesity rate…

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What I Actually Eat In A Day | Doctor Mike

– And also these snacks really easy to eat on the go. (chewing) I don’t know where I’m going. So today we’re gonna be talking about what I eat in a day. I’ve seen a lot of your comments, I’ve seen how excited and interested you are about nutrition. I’m gonna be showing you exactly…

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M3 Naturals Himalayan Salt + Stem Cell & Collagen Infused Body & Face Scrub with Lychee Sweet Almond Oil All Natural Skin Care Exfoliating Blackheads Acne Scars Reduces Wrinkles 12 OZ

🌿 M3 Naturals Himalayan Salt Scrub softens, Exfoliates, Deep-cleans and rejuvenates skin of all types* 🌿 Himalayan Crystal Salt is known to help detoxify the body and help improve hydration. Lychee oil has soft delicate scent. It is rich in antioxidants and an excellent source of vitamin C* 🌿 Use of Salt Scrubs or Body…

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