A white plate filled with Shaved Brussels Sprout Salad with Apples and Walnuts sits next to an almost-empty bottle of homemade dressing.
The first time I made this shaved Brussels sprouts salad, I was deep in the midst of my standard holiday season merriment. Cookies, eggnog, and bourbon, oh my! After a few weeks of rich and decadent eating, I woke up one morning and my body said, “Hey, this has been fun, but let’s have something green today!” So I listened to my body’s intuition and headed to the kitchen to create this hearty, flavorful, and gloriously nourishing Shaved Brussels Sprout Salad.

I like to remind folks that for a diet to truly be healthy, you have to nourish both your body and your soul! And that means enjoying your favorite chocolate chip cookies and listening when your body asks for veggies. Tuning into your body’s innate wisdom is a skill that is honed over time. Don’t expect to be able to do it overnight—I sure as sugar couldn’t. But after a little bit of practice (and maybe some reading and homework), you’ll soon find the diet that makes both your soul and your body feel its best.

Shredded Brussels sprouts, chopped walnuts, sliced onions, and sliced apples in a glass bowl, ready to be mixed together. A wooden spoon and a jar of dressing sit nearby.

Shaved Brussels sprout salad is winter seasonal eating at it’s best!

This salad is such an excellent way to bring fresh, raw veggies to the dinner table in the winter without having to head out and buy $20 worth of out-of-season ingredients. You can nab almost all of the ingredients for this salad at your local winter farmers’ market (they have those where you live, too, right?). Brussels sprouts, onions, and apples are all excellent winter storage crops, meaning they’re readily available locally for most folks in the wintertime. Using fresh, in-season produce makes for a salad that tastes fresh and healthy, but is still hearty and filling—just like food should be when the temps are low.

You can grab Brussels sprouts on the stalk or off for the recipe, but just make sure to grab fresh ones. Frozen won’t do here. And while it’s technically spelled Brussels sprouts, whatever you call them—Brussels sprouts or brussel sprouts—they are a delicious way to nourish your body!

What do raw Brussels sprouts taste like?

You might be afraid to try raw Brussels sprouts (after all, they are so tasty roasted with some bacon and apples), but I promise raw Brussels sprouts are something you have to test out! In fact, if you are a Brussels sprout-hater, you have to try this salad out! The sulfur flavor that a lot of people dislike about Brussels sprouts comes from cooking (specifically, overcooking) the sprouts. When you eat them raw? No sulfur flavor. They taste like super sweet cabbage! Get the recipe »

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