I’m getting a slow start to 2019 with regard to health and fitness goals.

And if you’ve read here for a while, you know that I often struggle with healthy eating (despite loving healthy food!).

I get caught up in my hobby of baking and end up in a cycle of homemade sweets, bread, and — now — sourdough bread. I don’t want to give up on baking entirely, but I do need to find a way to get back to healthier eating.

Not so much for the number on the scale . . . but because I just feel so full and sluggish.

Here are the tips you guys sent me yesterday. My criteria was that I don’t want to go all or nothing when it comes to food.

I don’t want to label foods “good” or “bad” . . . and I want to continue doing some of my baking. You guys delivered some great tips, and here are the 20 that were most shared.

Start the day with a huge glass of water
Resist eating sugar — even fruit sugar — at breakfast
Look at the site Say Yes to Life
Eat way more protein
Skip alcohol for a while
Choose one meal to focus on and go from there
Only bake bread + desserts on weekends
Drink more water throughout the day, especially before meals
Prep meals on weekends for the whole week
Pack lunch the night before to resist daytime snacking
Stop buying all processed foods
Eat meals on smaller plates
Split lunch up to avoid crashing mid-afternoon
Fill half your dinner plate with vegetables
Roast a large pan of veggies and refrigerate for easy grabbing
Stop eating at 7PM and don’t eat again till 7AM
Try sweet potatoes + other whole carbs vs. bread
Eat more healthy fats
Choose fruits that are lower glycemic (cherries, apples, etc.)
Even if it’s hard, stick with it for 21 days to make a habit
THANK YOU for all your advice.
If you, too, are struggling, I hope these tips are helpful to you. I’m sure many of you are in the same place I am . . . we KNOW what to do, it’s just a matter of actually getting back into the rhythm.
I’m going to check back with you all in 21 days to see how things are going. My main goal is to get in more protein, drink WAY more water, and fill most meals with vegetables.
(But I also hope to expand my sourdough baking skills this month. I’ll just try saving that activity for weekends only. Also: Image source.)

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