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Hey, Anton again. Now I am in the membership area of Zero Hour Work Days.

The different modules of the Zero Hour Work Days

I will go through with you guys to show you what you will get when deciding to buy this product.

The first module is a guide through the whole process of the training.

He shows you in detail how to go through all of the training modules.

This video shows you the process in general. How it works and what to do to run the system with affiliate products.

You’ll have a complete blueprint of how to follow the system and how to do it constantly.

Zero Hour Work Days

It is not a fast money-making-machine, it is a process that you have to do day after day and constantly.

In order to grow, you have to get rid of a work mindset and change to a growth mindset.  He explains the main secret of the whole system. He explains this in a very detailed manner that everyone understands.

He mentions what the common mistake of newcomers are…and lots of more stuff you will hear when getting into the training.

Second Training Module

This module is how you can access upgrades…there he is going through what you can expect with the upgrades he offers. You will know what you need or will not need depending on the upgrade you’ll buy.

Third Training Module

In the next module “The FREE Traffic Sources” he tells you about a service on Facebook called Clickbanking. With this method, you can get free traffic through other peoples lists.

What to be careful when trading traffic?

In the module Trading Traffic, he talks you through where to buy traffic and also where to get those sellers.

You have to be careful about what you are buying because paying more does not mean that you will get better traffic.

Sometimes the sellers who sell you more expensive clicks are sometimes bad quality. The tips in this training module are very helpful for your business.

The next training module is Recommended Sellers in this module he talks you about the different sellers he recommends when buying clicks.

This way you will be sure to get some high-quality clicks.

Module Lead Capture Page

In the lead capture page training, he talks about how to make your lead capture page for high converting Leads.

Branden also recommends what tools to use, there are different tools and you will have to decide what’s best for you.

How to collect your subscribers?

The following training module is Collecting “Subscribers.” He explains what to do after someone clicks on your Lead Capture Page and where to send him next.

In his words, he explains in details what an autoresponder is and how to set it up, etc, etc. He tells you all about the autoresponder which takes you a lot of work of your work days when set it up for automation. Or when setting it up in the right way.

Which is really the whole enchilada behind the affiliate internet marketing.

The Training Module “Affiliate Promos” is all about how to set up an account with e.g. Warrior plus. How to find some good affiliate products and how to make life as an affiliate marketer easier.

He’s explaining the stuff in a pretty good way. A  newcomer with little or no expertise can understand and follow the path he is teaching in a so-called training shortcut.

Why you should choose Bigger Commission Sales?

The Training Module “Bigger Commission Sales” is for the fighter who really want to get to the next level in the affiliate marketing business.

Therefore, he explains why you should promote big-ticket offers. How to get along by promoting it with some kind of special promotion.

Because you have to excite your subscriber or visitor through hooking them up to buy the product. You have to kind of presell your product.

Case Studies Part 1 to 3

In the Zero Hour Work Days Case Study Part1, Part2, and Part3, he will show you all the details on how to set up all the parts for the promotion.

And within a month he will show you the results of his campaign. He tells how much money he made or how much money he lost with the campaign.

You can see how much he will make on average from his thousands of subscribers.

But most importantly he will also show you some ways how to make money fast on Twitter with very little work on your part. This is at the end of the training videos.

You also can outsource some works and leave you free and live your Zero Hour Work Days.

I really am happy with the training program because it shows me lots more ways how to make some extra cash in a fast way.

Zero Hour Work Days

I highly recommend this training for newbies. It will help to get on a fast track of earning some extra money within a short time. The training modules are relatively easy to follow and to understand.

To your success


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