Magical Skin Care & Cellular Rejuvenation (The Rejuvenating Trilogy Book II 2)

The Rejuvenating Trilogy was inspired with the aim of giving you empowering tools and information. These simple processes enable you to enjoy a vibrant life that is both fulfilling and peaceful.
Real success unfolds from within…
This is the second book of this trilogy, in which we explore all the wonderful and rejuvenating secrets you need to know to acquire and maintain radiant skin. There is nothing shared here that is not available to absolutely anyone, no matter what budget is available to you.
As with the other books in the series, we explore beauty from the inside out, and look at some simple practices which you can include in your daily life to achieve peace of mind: the best rejuvenating method on the planet.
We stay in the tradition of unusual secrets, and with this comes many different ways of cleansing your body that can allow you to literally drop years of worry and toxicity. This yields two powerful results: rejuvenation and longevity. Nothing is excluded here, we channel the energy of laughter to regenerate and relax the mind and body connection and use some ancient but simple ways to breathe your way into expansion and regeneration. If you are a smoker, do not put this down, as there is a special smoking meditation practice included here, just for you. Nothing discussed here is about suppression, instead, it is about awareness and enlisting your full conscious being in all that you do.

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