Why Is Living Healthy So Important For Us?


 Healthier Lifestyle

We all know that the evolution played, and it continues to play a very important role on our health.


It is hard to say that the evolution played a negative role on our health or that it played a positive one, like most things in life, it brought us positive and negative consequences as well.


We are the ones who decide what we eat every day – we can eat junk food or we can eat healthy food. The election is always ours. I know it is hart to decide all the time for healthy food.


The fat in the junk food is somehow delicious without any doubt. The evolution is a change in our society.


But the evolution is also a genetic, physical, psychological and society change.

We don’t know what the food industry puts all in our food, ok it has to put something in to keep the food longer on the market shelves.


But we have and can decide what we want to take from the shelf. We are educated and we know what is good for our body and health and what not, so we can decide at the end what benefits us and what is dangerous for us.


Let me tell you if you are a smoker you cannot blame the tobacco industry for that even so many people have done it – there are always false lawyers that invite you to blame others for your addiction in order to make money.


But I only can tell you that the one to blame for is you. You are the master of your destination, of your health and illness.


Only you decide to intake medication or living healthy and have a good and strong immune system.


Just ask yourself every day what are the benefits of a healthier lifestyle. What do you have to change for a healthier lifestyle? I know it is hard to change something that we have done for decades.


Have you ever asked yourself why it is so difficult to change a bad habit for a good habit?


I think it is not more difficult but the subconscious mind tells us that it is easier and that you don’t have to change it. We live with that idea because of the influence of the media like everyday publicity.


We don’t even argue if something is bad because we get it on a daily basis in our conscious mind and therefore our subconscious mind tells us to do it. For me it is only a mind game.


So, why not change habits for a better lifestyle. Why not keeping the changes for living a healthier lifestyle?


The first step is always to analyze the lifestyle we chose. Is it healthy? Are you feeling well following it? Are you healthy? These are the questions you must ask yourself when analyzing your lifestyle.


Surely you will need to change it, or at least, some of it. Why’s that you will ask? I would say because most of us, if not all of us, follow an unhealthy lifestyle that is stressful and harmful as well.


So, what keeps us from living a healthier lifestyle? That is a question that everyone has to ask himself.


Talk to you soon.


Anton Winkler

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