Are You Worried About Heart Attack?

How to prevent a heart attack?


Never forget the good Minerals.


We all know that our health depends not only on vitamins but for a good health we also need essential minerals. The minerals help our body to regulate numerous functions of our body. With the presence of minerals they make it possible for multiple cellular functions.



But this is not the only reason, many minerals form a significant part of the structure of our body. Just to name a few that are more abound in our organism there are situated the sulfur, the calcium, the phosphorus, the magnesium, the potassium, the sodium and the chlorine. And you wouldn’t believe it that they are scarcely seven of 17 indispensable minerals.


If we do not receive the above mentioned minerals of a habitual way and in the ideal quantities, we will have problems. As when vitamins are absent, we will not be able to handle adequately fats, proteins and carbohydrates. The metabolism of the cholesterol will be upset, the protection mechanisms will not work, and the consequences will not make wait. Some in a Short-term, others in a medium or long term period, but you can be sure that the lacks of minerals also are paid.


As the vitamins, the minerals do not contribute energy to our body, but they allow that we extract it from the food that contains it. As these, they do not operate as hormones enzymes, antibodies and so many other vital molecules, but without their participation those might not comply with their functions. And to make matters worse, several of them are decisive in order that the heart and the arteries remain healthy, or resist better the sudden attack of the heart.


Which are these minerals that we are speaking that needs our body or our heart. I am sure of some minerals there are almost not remembered that there are needed or inclusive that they exist. Nowadays our industry of food supply does not inform us adequately about what contain the food that they produce, because only they have to mention some in the table of ingredients or nutrition. And consequently we do not know what we take or what we consume ourselves in our daily diet.


In addition a serious problem of our society is that we do not have time or do not take our time to feed well, we do not have much time and go away to the restaurants of chunk food as Burger King, Mc Donald’s, Kentucky Fried Chicken, Taco Bell, Wendy’s and how they are called these restaurants of fast food.



We cannot imagine if we buy any vegetables the previous day and prepare it before going out to the work can make us a great healthy food and healthier than eating in these restaurants. But we think it is faster and easier to go to the fast food chain restaurants even so you lose sometimes more time in those restaurants.


We are suffering very much for the comfort and bad habits that we do not know what is good or bad for our health. Maybe we do not perceive it in our youth how we damage our body, heart and our health for the future.



The bill will present our body with advanced age, but that does not mean that I am speaking about the age 50 and plus no, this can appear also from the thirty and over or young person even.


A heart attack can happen at any time and any age. Some of them have a heart attack around the thirty others later and others never because, they have lived always healthily and they made their exercises regularly and constant.


I do not like to be an apostle but I have gone through a heart attack not a long time ago. Despite that I have done exercises and lived more or less a healthy life, but the problem is not your life of last years but of many years behind when one starts forming the bad in the body.

You can have a healthy living over the last years or two but if you lived with a bad habit many years back that can be enough to have a little bit of Arteriosclerosis and suddenly it happens without preventing you and bam you are on the floor and with a tremendous pain in your breast area. And depending on your age it can be your last minutes on mother earth.

We always should start from our adolescence on to live a healthy lifestyle which means not only feeding us correctly but also exercise our body. This way we can be assured to live a healthy lifestyle.


When we hear about high blood pressure, or hypertension as it is also called, we typically associate it with images of older individuals who are in a declined state of health.  Unfortunately, this is not always the case- not even most of the time.  Hypertension can strike anyone, at anytime, and under a wide range of circumstances.

The main problem with high blood pressure is that it is a silent predator. Symptoms can, and typically do, go unnoticed for years- sometimes even decades- before the individual realizes that there is a problem. By then, the damage that has occurred can be rather severe and, oftentimes, irreparable.

Symptoms of high blood pressure almost always lead to either a stroke or a heart attack. Why the connection? Because of how damaging high blood pressure is to the arteries.

Blood vessels and arteries are meant to be strong and flexible, yet elastic enough to encourage proper blood flow through its smooth interior walls. But when you have hypertension, this picturesque scenario begins to deteriorate, initiating a plethora of medical issues.

Blood vessels, and mainly arteries, become damaged from the increased pressure of blood being forced through them. As a result, the interior walls begin to lose their elasticity and start to allow a buildup of plaque. This plaque hardens and causes the once flexible arterial walls to become stiff. This buildup is called arteriosclerosis. Where does the plaque originate? From the high fat content in your diet.

Anywhere blood flows has now become compromised. Instead of these areas receiving life-giving, nutrient- and oxygen-rich blood as they require, they begin to see a decline of blood flow simply because the arteries and blood vessels have become blocked- much like a traffic accident stalls proper traffic flow.

It might sound counter-intuitive for a condition called high blood pressure to be a result of increased blood flow, but there’s a good reason behind this label.  Since the area of the blood flow has been decreased, the pressure needed to move the proper amount of blood through the vessels subsequently has to be increased to compensate for the blockage.

Why It Should Be A Concern

As a result of this loss of blood flow the body begins to break down. The brain uses approximately 20 percent of the blood in the body. When proper blood flow is diminished, the brain is one of the first areas to become affected. The result? – Loss of concentration, difficulty concentrating, brain fogginess and trouble with memory and cognitive skills, and, of course, stroke.

Another major area of concern due to decreased blood flow is the heart, resulting in heart attacks, heart failure, an enlarged heart and aneurysms, or a bulging of an artery due to increased pressure. Although aneurysms can occur anywhere in the body, they are most common in the largest artery in the body, the heart’s aorta.

Kidneys and eyes also suffer greatly from increased blood pressure. The kidneys, which are responsible for filtering the blood, are not able to withstand the immense pressure being forced upon them and they inevitably fail and die. Likewise, the eyes, which are some of the most delicate components of the body, succumb to the pressure, as well, leading to blurry vision and eventually blindness.

As you can see, high blood pressure is not a condition that should be ignored. Since symptoms usually linger for quite some time before the individual recognizes their consequences it is important – no vital – to keep your blood pressure within normal ranges as early on as possible.

That’s why this book is so important: it is a preventive tool to help you maintain the quality, and quantity, of your life.

To your health and a healthy lifestyle

Anton Winkler



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