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Once upon a time there was a myth that this fruit is bad for your health because of its content of fat, but nobody told you that this fat is actually good for your health. Today that everyone promotes this fruit people are going to eat more and more of that healthy fruit and I don’t blame them. Avocados which are plenty in Mexico are very famous in the population and you can eat them in a variety of salads and preparations as the “guacamole”, etc.

You can eat avocados with chile, perejil, cilantro, tomatoes and other healthy plants and vegetables that make this salat to a really Gourmet salad. Continue reading…

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Why fasting before exercising is more Beneficial?

It is said that you should not eat before exercising, because it can lead to a spike in blood sugar and can effect or harm your performance.


But the New York Times mentioned recently in an article that this fitness dogma is a myth, as newer research have shown that eating before a workout doesn’t necessarily impact performance. But don’t think of a normal meal or a big steak before workout no, in no way you should think only of a little bit fruit or a liquid of protein and that’s it.


But it is also said that when you fasten before your exercise you are burning more fat as when you take some food into your body before exercising; because in that case you only burn your food and not your storage fat.


But I guess everyone should figure out how he feels best when going exercising, I for example go early in the morning for a one hour walk or sometimes for a walk and afterward a light lifting weight training and just consume some water and that’s it; about half an hour when coming home I make a shake of different fruits and vegetables and drink it and afterward I take a small breakfast with different type of salad and fish or chicken meat and I feel great but I think everyone has to find our what is best for him or her. It is good to have some different opinions. You can read more about that at

This article was written by Dr. Mercola


Scientists question connection between saturated fat and heart disease


Do we know what causes Heart disease? Now result that all what the scientist told us is not correct and that saturated fat does not cause heart disease and the type of meats with lots of saturated fat doesn’t clog our arteries. So, can we believe our scientists? This is the big question right now and what really does lead to heart disease or is it alone our food industry of all the stuff they put in the food to keep a longer shelf-live.


Sometimes the best way to find out what is good for your body or health is to find out on your own. But this needs to be under a strict monitoring control on behalf of you. Because you have to check daily your weight and you have to check how you feel after an exercise and so on but let me tell you that what is going on inside your body you don’t feel therefore you would have to check in a six-month period with your cardiologist or a health physician and have a complete stress and strength test.


I would not rely on what scientists say because we have see n in the past that they work not always for people but sometimes they work more for government interests. Read more about that article and make you own judgement.

This article was 


“Saturated fat does not cause heart disease”—or so concluded a big study published in March in the journal Annals of Internal Medicine. How could this be? The very cornerstone of dietary advice for generations has been that the saturated fats in butter, cheese and red meat should be avoided because they clog our arteries. For many diet-conscious Americans, it is simply second nature to opt for chicken over sirloin, canola oil over butter.

The new study’s conclusion shouldn’t surprise anyone familiar with modern nutritional science, however. The fact is, there has never been solid evidence for the idea that these fats cause disease. We only believe this to be the case because nutrition policy has been derailed over the past half-century by a mixture of personal ambition, bad science, politics and bias.

Our distrust of saturated fat can be traced back to the 1950s, to a man named Ancel Benjamin Keys, a scientist at the University of Minnesota. Keys was formidably persuasive and, through sheer force of will, rose to the top of the nutrition world—even gracing the cover of Time magazine—for relentlessly championing the idea that saturated fats raise cholesterol and, as a result, cause heart attacks.

As the director of the largest nutrition study to date, Keys was in an excellent position to promote his idea. The “Seven Countries” study that he conducted on nearly 13,000 men in the U.S., Japan and Europe ostensibly demonstrated that heart disease wasn’t the inevitable result of aging but could be linked to poor nutrition.

Critics have pointed out that Keys violated several basic scientific norms in his study. For one, he didn’t choose countries randomly but instead selected only those likely to prove his beliefs, including Yugoslavia, Finland and Italy. Excluded were France, land of the famously healthy omelet eater, as well as other countries where people consumed a lot of fat yet didn’t suffer from high rates of heart disease, such as Switzerland, Sweden and West Germany. The study’s star subjects—upon whom much of our current understanding of the Mediterranean diet is based—were peasants from Crete, islanders who tilled their fields well into old age and who appeared to eat very little meat or cheese.

As it turns out, Keys visited Crete during an unrepresentative period of extreme hardship after World War II. Furthermore, he made the mistake of measuring the islanders’ diet partly during Lent, when they were forgoing meat and cheese. Keys therefore undercounted their consumption of saturated fat. Also, due to problems with the surveys, he ended up relying on data from just a few dozen men—far from the representative sample of 655 that he had initially selected. These flaws weren’t revealed until much later, in a 2002 paper by scientists investigating the work on Crete—but by then, the misimpression left by his erroneous data had become international dogma.

Other studies ensued. A half-dozen large, important trials pitted a diet high in vegetable oil—usually corn or soybean, but not olive oil—against one with more animal fats. But these trials, mainly from the 1970s, also had serious methodological problems. Some didn’t control for smoking, for instance, or allowed men to wander in and out of the research group over the course of the experiment. The results were unreliable at best.

But there was no turning back: Too much institutional energy and research money had already been spent trying to prove Keys’s hypothesis. A bias in its favor had grown so strong that the idea just started to seem like common sense. As Harvard nutrition professor Mark Hegsted said in 1977, after successfully persuading the U.S. Senate to recommend Keys’s diet for the entire nation, the question wasn’t whether Americans should change their diets, but why not? Important benefits could be expected, he argued. And the risks? “None can be identified,” he said.

In fact, even back then, other scientists were warning about the diet’s potential unintended consequences. Today, we are dealing with the reality that these have come to pass.

One consequence is that in cutting back on fats, we are now eating a lot more carbohydrates—at least 25 percent more since the early 1970s. Consumption of saturated fat, meanwhile, has dropped by 11 percent, according to the best available government data. Translation: Instead of meat, eggs and cheese, we’re eating more pasta, grains, fruit and starchy vegetables such as potatoes. Even seemingly healthy low-fat foods, such as yogurt, are stealth carb-delivery systems, since removing the fat often requires the addition of fillers to make up for lost texture—and these are usually carbohydrate-based.



The Importance Of Cleaning Our Arteries

Not solely for individuals over forty years it is vital to maintain and observe constantly the cholesterol levels but additionally for folks of younger age. A heart attack can occur at any age and the matter is that the younger you’re the stronger or more lethal it can be.


The high level of cholesterol within the blood may be a terribly serious problem since it’s the most frequent reason of death or invalidity for coronary disease. In nowadays society we are used to possess everything fast and while at work so we have a tendency to consume more and additional fast food whether or not we recognize that fast food is unhealthy for our health. We do not give us time for making a healthy food or eating a healthy food. It is as quick as any fast food however we have a tendency of not eating a healthy salad and we like to eat more the unhealthy fat from the quick food. We prefer to eat all that fatty and oily French fries and hamburger rather than a plate of a delicious salad.


The cholesterol is an oily substance that one finds of natural form in all the cells of the organism and is indispensable for the formation of tissue and hormones.


Within the organism we have some carriers entrusted to deposit the cholesterol within the arteries known as dangerous cholesterol or LDL and different carriers known as good cholesterol or HDL, entrusted of gathering the cholesterol of the arteries and to take it to the cells where it’s used to make the cap of the nerves, the cerebral neurons and the hormones.


If our LDL’s levels or unhealthy cholesterol are over the traditional level (lower than one hundred) it is important that we increase HDL’s levels or good cholesterol to clean our arteries and to permit the flow of the blood.


Tips Of Healthy Nutrition


Increase the consumption of fish of cold water.


The sardine, the tuna, the salmon, the trout, the herring and mackerel rich in omega three gather the cholesterol of the arteries.


Avoid the consumption of animal fats and fats hydrogenated.


Avoid the consumption of oily meats, sausages, and seafood as the shrimp, oyster, clam and crab and also the merchandise elaborated based mostly on margarine and vegetable that increases the concentration of LDL called dangerous or bad cholesterol.


Would You Like to Look As Eva Mendez – Or Is It Too Much Of A Challenge?

Eva Mendez, isn’t she terrific at her 40 years of age. When you see her in any monitor and it doesn’t matter if it is a lap top or TV or wherever you see her she looks gorgeous and enviable.
You don’t have to be a film star or any TV-actor you can look good and terrific as a peer a normal person. It depends only on you and I mean it depends how you treat your body, how you take care of your body and ultimately how you love your body.
I know it sounds absurd when someone tells you at the young age that you should love your body; you will laugh at him or her and tell that you only can love another body and not your own. But when growing older you slowly accept certain things you were rejecting at your younger age. I really can tell you that because I have done it myself. We laughed at  anyone who told us for example that smoking will damage our health and body. We acted like small gods and telling the person that we are healthy and never will have a problem with this addiction or better yet we are not addicted to smoking and can stop whenever we want. 
It might have been true but we never stopped why would that be – the only reason I can think of is that everyone showed us via publicity and radio announcements that it is okay to smoke that you will feel good and live and feel the freedom of life, just remember the Camel publicity “as long as your feet carry you”, or riding on a horse and feel the nature and the fresh air, that you were contaminating with your smoke.
But growing older you’ll become wiser and you start more and more to hear to your inner voice or someone who tells you to keep watching your body and your health. I guess there is nothing bad about it because you watched a lot and read a lot about the bad and the good for your body and how to take care of your body. You see those film actors and think for yourself what I would give to look like this actor or this actress, maybe you do not say it loud but your inner voice tells you what it would be to like him or just what would it be to look just a few years younger.
And you even might think how stupid you were at your adolescence why didn’t you accept the voices telling you not to damage your body but to love your body but you cannot turn time back. The damage is done and you only can look back with some kind of sadly feelings.
But you can still change that because you can stop hearting your body and you can start loving your body but you should start and think more of your body when you are at the age of 40. Look at Eva Mendez she looks at 40 young and beautiful and so full of energy and you can do the same but you have to get rid of some bad habits they still come over you. You have to quit smoking, you have to start taking control over your eating habits, you have to start exercising your body, you have to start sleeping more hours and not hanging around in taverns and bars and discos late at night or early in the morning.
You have to take as they call it your “Beauty sleep”, let the others do what they want but stay at home at a certain time of the night and get a rest and a good sleep. Your body needs a good night sleep and you have to give it to your body because you want to change your lifestyle you want to change your bad habits into good habits. That’s why I tell you that it is never too late.


It’s never too late!


When reading the news you read more and more about things some celebrities do and don’t but as always you hear more about the bad habits what they do and without any doubt they should change. Sometimes they get a signal or warning from the authority but not always they listen to. Like Justin Bieber, he should learn from the incident he had in Miami Beach now before he gets more and more involved and has more problems to get out of it.

Justin Bieber is still a young boy and he can change his bad habits even his
mother was at her young age careless but she didn’t have the success her son is
living so it is not quite the same. He is still young and if he does keep going
the way he is doing it right now and doesn’t learn from the incident in Miami
Beach I only can say poor boy why is he wasting his young life.

He will be more and more involved in alcohol and drug problems if he doesn’t
change his bad habits and I mean he will be in deep problems within a few years.
Just follow his course over the next few years and you know what I mean. For
people with lots of fans and success the way to stop is much more complicated
because he is in a certain environment where everyone is taking weed and drugs
and sometimes they don’t know when to stop. It can be a crucial cycle for him and
hopefully he will learn from that incident it would be a shame when he gets at
his young age involved more and more in this devils circle. And the best thing is
that you can have a second chance without too much a problem, but you will ask
why you are telling me this.

I remember when you are young and healthy you don’t think that something can
happen because you feel good and you think you are young and everything is okay
with you and your body and you keep going with an advanced age the same way
because you feel good and think you are still young and suddenly you get some
chest pain and go to the doc to find out that you have a heart attack and you ask
why is this – you do not live with too many bad habits you eat more or less
healthy you are exercising and so on. But your body sends you a warning that even
might come from a few years back when you didn’t care that much about your health and were working like a machine without thinking that your body needs also some rest and relax but you didn’t care because you felt okay.

Sometimes your body doesn’t send you a warning and some people have bad luck and life is finished for them, happy the people who get some signals from their body and interpret the signal the right way. These people might get a second chance in case of learning from that signal and living according and make some changes or adjustments to their habits. I know from experience that it is not easy to do but with an iron will and determination you can do it.

The same happens with a heart attack the body sends you a signal that you have to
change some or all of your bad habits. That involves drinking habit, eating
habit, physical habits and smoking habits – I mean you have to do something with
your body not only resting and sitting and doing nothing besides TV watching. If
you are happy surviving your heart attack than better start changing your
lifestyle before it is too late. You might not get a second chance as you can
have when being involved with drugs and alcohol where you can go to a
rehabilitation center and get a cure. It only takes being aware of it, have the
correct mindset and the right attitude and make the first step.




Why do I not lose weight and be slim?free_2111038_lingerie

 Have you ever asked you this question?

Than I guess you have to start this new year with a complete different mindset. I know it is not an easy task but you can do it because I did it too. If you don’t try you never will do it.

You can read more about the tasks how to get into the right mindset by going here!

If you did diet after diet with no results and re-gained the lost kilos after losing them, and if you are tired of spending hours within the gym and not seeing the size arrow going down, and also the additional effort and exercises you make, you still cannot eliminate those additional kilos that hassle you. You would possibly ask yourself why or if you are doing something wrong. However for my part you are not the matter and you’re to not blame as a result of you did everything you most likely can and tried everything what you know regarding weight loss however still see no notable result. Than don’t get annoyed.

Difficult to Change Habits

You do diets over diets, but once you lose weight you fail to maintain it. This is as a result of you is not attacking the basis drawback. What does that mean? That means you are not changing a number of your habits, you still keep your eating habits and everything else. You’ve got to find out to achieve permanent weight loss through a balanced diet. You may believe it or not constantly dieting would possibly conjointly be an obstacle for weight loss as a result of once suffering several times and re-gain weight your body builds some quite resistance to the regime that hinders weight loss. Rather than trying new diets to lose weight that afterward you only re-gain weight once more you must assume in changing your eating habits. This method it’s easier to lose weight and keep it down.

The False Beliefs regarding weight loss

You surely hear day when day a heap of weight loss tips and maybe your beliefs are not perpetually entering into that direction, or with alternative words your subconscious isn’t ready that you’ll lose weight with those diets you are following and this won’t enable you to lose weight. Or you may follow diets that build you feel weak and hungry – without energy. These types of diets besides having a high index of rebound rates also alter your organism and even can harm your organism or body. A real balanced diet ought to not limit neither build you are feeling hungry. The balanced diet ought to offer you provide you enough nutriment with the right quantity of the different food.

Question of your body

You assume you have done everything possible to lose weight in an adequate kind but you may forget that it’s nothing to try to with the means of you treating your body. But sometimes it’s not your dieting however it is your metabolism. Not each body react the identical means to a diet. Some individuals may have a quick response to a certain diet and others may not or it will take more time for the body to react. Maybe your metabolism is slow and the loss might take longer, thus don’t get frustrated if you are doing not see the results soon. Each body has its own rhythm, therefore wait and see. However if you wish to help your metabolism to speed up a very little, just do some daily exercises of a minimum of thirty minutes and you’ll see a higher result and additionally a touch faster. It does not have to be a weight lifting exercise if you don’t won’t to take a simple walk together with your pet or if you don’t have one take a walk for 30 minutes and you will see over time that you just slowly will lose a small amount weight.

secrets of staying healthy over 40


The Influence of Internet Videos on Our Children – ‘Cinnamon Challenge’

It really stunned me to look or read a report of the ‘Cinnamon Challenge’. I never thought that something crazy does exist. And what I try to understand is the reason what for they do it, in case there is a reason. Is that the new form of ‘Russian Roulette’ for the teens in our today’s society – the ones they are bored and don’t know what to do and tell their friends that they can do it or they have already done it.

there is so much danger involved with that challenge and it looks that they are entertain easily because with over 40000 videos on You Tube already and every time are more and more that show a video that they have done it already or tried to do it and failed miserably because it is very difficult to swallow a tea spoon of cinnamon within a minute. Your glands cannot produce enough saliva to gulp it down and without saliva or any liquid it can cause choking, throat irritation, breathing trouble and even collapsed lungs and there are quiet a few cases with people who had to get attention in a hospital it is not something to take without seriousness. Is it that people like to get important with a challenge like that? Or is it just for the fun of it, either way it is to damn serious to do.

You can watch in the videos they have taken the so called; ‘Orange burst of dragon breath’ when they swallow it immediately you see a cloud coming out of the mouth of the person who swallows it and immediately the cough and irritation and the worst thing is that the people or friends taking the video recording are laughing and force the people with the powder in it to laugh too. I guess most of the people they are not aware of the danger it can have to their lungs.

Cinnamon is made from tree bark and contains a high amount of cellulose fibers that are very difficult to bring down and when getting into the lungs it can cause scarring according to Dr. Steven E. Lipshultz a pediatric professor at the University Of Miami Miller School Of Medicine.

According some people who already have taken the challenge of ‘cinnamon challenge’ they said it is not cool, but it is dangerous. In my opinion you do not have to try everything that is shown on the net. Something can be dangerous and you don’t want to risk your health or life just to imitate someone who has made a video and shows it to the whole wide world. You don’t jump into the fire just because someone told in a video that is cool, do you?


Eating and Thinking healthy

When loving yoghurt as much as I do and eat it frequently or on a daily basis than you know or at least you imagine that you contribute to a healthy lifestyle. And it doesn’t matter for what ever reason you eat that creamlike food and made more eatable or enjoyable with different flavors of fruits you never have thought about the word yoghurt I mean the history or the origin of that tasty food. Some eat it because of digestion problems, some eat it because of diarrhea problems whatever the reason is you are doing something good for your body and for your health.

Did you know that in some part of the world the food in combination with honey is called “the food of the gods”, and in some traditions it is said about his fertility and longevity when regular ingested. Sometimes it is helpful when eating a food to know where this food is coming from. Maybe we do not always care because we do not have much time to invest about everything we eat and take into our body but you know as we age we get sometimes a bit curious about some food that is said to be healthy for your digestion and or body.

Frankly, I have to confess that I never have thought about it until recently when reading the ingredients of this so called ‘healthy food’.

250px-Obstjoghurt01 It looks like the origin of yoghurt is unknown but the Lactobacillus del brueckii bulgaricus or known as L. Bulgaricus  and worldwide known for the application in yoghurt production could have been originated on the surface of a plant. Maybe the milk itself has been infected through contact with plants or bacteria may have been transferred via the udder of domestic cows. Everything is possible because our ancestors didn’t know about taking care when milking a cow. I still remember my childhood when we had cows, we just pulled down to get milk out of it and shoot the milk directly to our mouth – today something unbelievable.

Health and Fitness for 40 and Over But Al-Kashgari who wrote the first dictionary on Turkic language mentioned the use of yoghurt by medieval Turks in the 11th century.

A Roman author and naturalist born in AD23 called Pliny the Elder mentioned in his encyclopedic work that in some barbarian nations they know how to thicken the milk into some kind of essence with an agreeable acidity.

The word yoghurt was used during the reign of the monarch Francis I who lived between 1494 to 1547 who suffered from a diarrhea that no French doctor could cure and an ally Suleiman the Magnificent send him a doctor who cured his illness with yoghurt.

But this food was known more in Russia, Balkans and South Europe and Asia and the subcontinent of India. According Wikipedia a Bulgarian student of medicine in Geneva around 1878 – 1945 first examined the micro flora of the Bulgarian yoghurt. He described it as consisting of rod-like lactic acid bacteria and this bacterium was later on called Bacillus bulgaricus and now Lactobacillus delbrueckii subsp. Bulgaricus. Later on Ilyich Mechnikov mentioned that the long lifespan of Bulgarian countryman are due because of the daily consumption of the Lactobacillus. Through his work and the belief that Lactobacillus is essential for good health the yoghurt was more and more popularized in Europe as food?

In 1919 started the industrialization of the production of yoghurt in Spain under the branch of Danone and later on in the United States under the name Dannon.

Yoghurt with added fruit and fruit jam was patented at 1933 in Prague. This is just a part of the history and when it was introduced to the United States it took of very fast through the influence of “The Prolongation of Life” – study by Mechnikov. Turkish and Armenian Immigrants made yoghurt more and more popular though out the United States and in the 1950 it was presented as a health food in this country.

But why is yoghurt healthy? Yoghurt is rich in protein, calcium, riboflavin, vitamin B6 and vitamin B12 and I only can tell you that I personally tolerate more yoghurt than any other dairy product.

There are lots of varieties of yoghurt, e.g. in India yoghurt is known as Da-hi and Srikhand a popular dessert in India.

When eating next time yoghurt just reflect a little bit about this healthy food with so much history.

You Are What You Think You Are.

Many people think that 40+ is an age where you should settle down and have something or someone for your future. But I guess this is a myth that is not generally accepted. When you are 40+ you are in your best age – but if you feel that you are not looking as you like to look – I guess this is not a problem even so if you haven’t done too much to look good or let’s say too much to feel good and exceptional.

You can start to change your looking, change your figure by doing some exercises and most of all live a healthier life. What do I mean with that? I mean it is never too late you change something that you don’t like on yourself you cannot imagine what you can do to look better, to feel better and to be more happy than any time before. Everything is just a question of your mindset and living just healthier-forget about the food that you like too much even if it is bad for your health and body. Change your way of thinking and look into the mirror and say to yourself how you want to look like and visualize it in your mind and every day do the same and you will see how you can change for the better.

Just think a moment you are a smoker and it doesn’t matter if a social smoker or a heavy smoker, you can stop it as soon as you have made up your mind to do so. Nobody believes that any addiction is in a great part a question of having the right mindset to stop it. You know the saying, “you are what you think you are.” And that is definitely the truth in order to change something of your outlook or of how to dress or how to make-up your face is just a matter of changing your normal habit have the guts for a change and you can feel better, you can live healthier and you can be happier with your life.

For example you are a single woman and have almost no social life, you do not go out you just sit in your four walls and think about how lonely you are. Wrong – you can change it but you have to do the first step and the first step is change your subconscious mind that keeps you with that bad habit and tells you that you are born to accept it and that you have to live this way – this is one of the old myths and old education from families they haven’t changed their way of thinking they always mean it has to be that way.

Get a new dress get a different hair cut and a different make-up and be happy and go out for a new romance if you feel for it. Change your habits and if you are a lone go out and take the adventure of finding someone you like or you can be happy with or you can enjoy traveling with or do what ever you like to do to feel good.

Take off you old skin and get a new one you are born for being someone. You were not born for just living an unhappy life you was born to be great. So, take the chance to turn you around about 180 degree and enjoy because you are not living for ever and if you haven’t done it yet, you can start and enjoy your life even so you are 40+ that doesn’t matter you can still have a happy life in front of you for many years to go. You just have to take that first step and start living a healthier life.


How To Get Rid Of A Bad Habit?

Keep the Environment Clean


When looking at that picture of almost pure nature without contamination I think a lot back of the time where they made commercials about cigarettes called “Camel” or “Marlborough” and they always talked about the freedom and the fresh air and sitting on the back of a horse and enjoying the fresh air and the freedom of being carried away by a horse.


I know the creativity of that commercial was tremendous because many people had this vision in their mind when smoking a cigarette that they will feel like kind of free although they were contaminating the environment around them – and nothing of breathing fresh air but only cigarette smoke and all that contains the cigarette smoke and all the poison the cigarettes are packed with.


I know that is very easy to visualize with all the pictures of freedom and wild animals and so on. But what I cannot understand that are people who blame others for their misfortune or their bad habit instead of themselves. Why are people so light minded that they don’t realize that everything they do is because of them and not of others – “You are what you think you are”. That is the law and there is no way around it, if you like to smoke than it is because of you and not because of the tobacco industry, they produce the poison and sell it and you buy it but they are not to blame for it.


Only the one who is smoking that plant is to blame for no one else. I know how you feel because I was in the same boat and I thought that it feels cool and great to puff the smoke out into the air and I never thought that I only puff money out to the air and contaminating the environment and make feel the ones bad who were not smoking- I’m talking about the railroads back in my adolescence in Germany. Okay, we hat our own seating in smoker areas and only the people who wanted to smoke were in those departments but it was great. And nobody of my friends or including myself were thinking differently as that stuff is cool and that you feel cool and happy to smoke.


I remember I was anxious and eager to reach the age of sixteen to smoke publicly without having problems even if we smoked secretly in restrooms or out of the village or whatever place we were. And as many adolescent we were laughing about what people were saying that it is dangerous for our health. But we didn’t care about anything. When finishing our training we went out of the gym and put a cigarette into our mouth and puffing like chimney and happy without any after thoughts. Yes, these were in some way times you think back with some regret or without thinking at all because we were influenced from all the constant commercials and posters and all that stuff.


But therefore I would not blame anyone else but me of that bad habit I voluntarily took many years or most years of my life. But it is never too late you can start of getting rid of that bad habit the moment you decide to do it and to think of stopping it for good. Start living a healthier lifestyle. It is only a question of time after taking the idea and the right mindset. You will and you can get rid of smoking the moment you decide it. I know it because I have done it and I got rid of that bad habit and I feel like I’ve never had smoked before. If I can do it YOU can do it, too!


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