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Why Americans drink their soda with a glass full of ice cubes?

The other day I read an article in Smithsonian.com by Lisa Bramen. Even so the article was from some years back, the custom of Americans drinking their soda with a glass full of ice cubes still exists. It doesn’t matter if it is a cold winter or a hot summer they serve you in the restaurants always icy beverages and it doesn’t matter if your drink is soda or just plain water.

All this digging came from an article from the Huffington post by Todd Van Luling called, “.

Now when you travel to the other side of the Atlantic to any country in Europe you wonder why they don’t put ice cubes in their beverages. What makes the Europeans different from the Americans? The root of the American population is mostly European and still why they accustom so easy to this phenomenon to drink their sodas or beverages with lots of ice cubes.

I frankly hate to drink a glass of water with more ice than water, especially in winter time where you have outside temperatures below zero and drink an ice-cold beverage that your teeth are almost crying because of the cold.

When you ask a Russian why he doesn’t drink his beverages with ice cubes, he might tell you depending from where he is coming, we don’t need it because we are surrounded from ice most of the year.

Okay, let’s say in summer time two or three ice cubes isn’t that bad but drinking more diluted soda than I pass on. Some Russian might not trust where the ice is coming from even so they say that the tap water isn’t that bad in the States…I sometimes doubt it, with all what you hear sometimes in the news.

At the end I guess nobody can answer you the question, why Americans like to drink soda with so much ice, or maybe they don’t care because the waiters fill the glass with ice anyway because it is the custom to drink almost everything with ice. Maybe you will feel that that much cold when you drink an ice-cold drink…? I guess nobody is able to answer you this question.

Maybe some of our readers can give us any different answer of that question…

By the way did you know that in warm climate the people like to drink hot drinks instead of cold ones? According to some articles that is because when drinking hot beverages like tea or coffee your body starts sweating and the sweat will cool your body.

Reqd also the “The Bizarre But True Story of America’s Obsession with Ice cubes”.

Or “this is why Americans love ice in their drinks and the British don’t”.

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