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Today, I want to give you an honest review of the CB Passive Income Elite.

This program is as the name tells you a program where you can earn Passive Income over time. This progam also is something you can clone without doing any work but drive traffic to. Everything is prepared for you.

What Is CB Passive Income Elite?

The CB Passive Income Elite is a system that will enable you (customer) to license his entire system to make money in a passive way. Or in other words, it will allow you to clone this entire business and as strange as it sounds he will work for you to make money online.

This is a program that takes all the work out of your hands. If e.g. you are not a software guru or not familiar with funnels and other things.

This program takes all this stuff away and gives you hand-free for the only work you have to do…getting the word out and let people know of the program you are offering. Drive traffic to your site or directly to the program.

But it doesn’t stop there…you also will get all the promotional training courses, lead capture system and a lot more.

In 2018, they released version 5.0, where you will be able to clone by PROVEN FUNNELS.

And in the year 2019, they closed down the original CB Passive Income to start with THE ELITE, which is a system that solves all the (flaws)things that weren’t in the system and enriched it with coaching.

I know it may sound a little bit strange, but this is Really An Awesome product. I guess I am not exaggerating it because it is a product that is helping people to make passive money online.

Lots of people especially newbies made their first sales by only using this system!

And not only newbies but also experienced marketers use the system and make passive income for themselves. It is not a quick-make-money system, but it gives you the basics to start a business in the long term and for years to come.

Patric Chan the founder of CB Passive Income has helped with his method, “How to help others with let them clone what I’m doing”.

He decided to share the entire system to the world – allowing ANYONE to duplicate EXACTLY how they can make money online FOR THEMSELVES too…

with this system he was successful and became a ClickBank Platinum Partner a few months later.

Without any doubt, it is under the top affiliate product in the ClickBank Marketplace and many people are still making money with it.

Now with the new system, it is even more attractive as before. Now you get the system with coaching to help you, even more, to start your own business online.

What are the 3 Key Elements to make Affiliate Commissions?

  1. create a website to capture the leads or visitors to your site and subscribe to your email list by giving away a valuable free product to attract people to subscribe.
  2. Maintain producing and giving away free high-quality content. Enhance your brand and maintain a good relationship with your customers.
  3. Keep researching prove-to-convert affiliate programs and advertise them to your subscribers to generate affiliate commissions.

What makes the CB Passive Income System so attractable is that he allows the customers to clone his exact webpage. Clone the product promotions, email marketing and everything else he created…and he shows the customers places where he was getting the traffic from. Tell me one vendor who is doing this.

Why this CB Passive Income System Works so Well for Newbies?

We all know that newbies have lots of problems to start from scratch a successful business without any help. The internet scene changes constantly and newcomers without any internet experience are fighting to get everything done.

What are the Problems for Newbies or intermediate Internet Marketers?

  • Creating a top-notch web site to convert subscribers. Continue testing for improvement.
  • Creating an attractive free offer that attract the visitor to subscribe. His “secret” web site converts subscribers at almost 50%.
  • Lack of credibility in the internet Marketing niche.
  • What affiliate programs t advertise and how to offer effective.
  • Lack of know-how and having technical software to get started
  • Lack of time creating new courses.
  • Mastering email marketing
  • Not having the money to start an online business…Despite what gurus say you can start with cero cost your online business…there are cost involved to start a successful online business.
  • Having guidance and advice through a coach.
  • Structuring a highly profitable system.

But when starting this CB Passive Income system you can start generating affiliate sales easily.

You know the truth is that Patric Chan is a guy who didn’t come a super affiliate overnight and he started as so many online marketers from scratch. He was struggling to make money online when first starting his online venture.

What is the Weakness of the old system?

  • You cannot brand your own name…no personal relationship with your customers,
  • Restricted to only ClickBank Products
  • The Funnels Cannot Be Customized
  • There Is No Coaching

But this has changed now…introducing the CB Passive Income Elite System. You can get now an upgraded CB Passive Income system without the weaknesses of the old system.

You now clone Patric’s proven ClickBank affiliate Business, but with your own brand and with total control.

What is Different With CB Passive Income Elite System?

Here are some points that make the new system even more attractive…

  • Now writing or producing content
  • No need to create courses
  • No need to create products to sell
  • No need to pay hosting
  • NO need to write emails
  • No need to provide customer service and follow up
  • No need to research products or affiliate programs to promote

You get everything on a Silver Platen with Patric’s Coaching.

How Works the System?

His unique software system allows you to make money using his valuable webpages, content and advertising.

The software creates your webpage where visitors access his software, course or eBooks for FREE.

You give away his software and everything else.

All of this has been REBRANDED with your name and not with Patric’s name.

The subscribers become your subscribers and you get the content and any advertising that you only copy and paste to send them and start to earn Click Bank affiliate commissions!

The entire process is yours and you keep everything. Isn’t that a great deal for you as a newcomer or a struggling internet marketer?

What Products you are Getting in The System?

Component #1: 4 weeks of training
with 4 Modules
After completing the 4 modules you will get 4 additional online coachings.

Component #2: Instant Turnkey Webpages – you will clone 4 of his secret webpages. You don’t have to do anything but fill in your private information.
These sites are proven to convert
There is no Branding on them
You do not need to create the offer

Component #3: The Content Engine Software
Don’t need to create any content of your own.
create in less than 5 minutes
profit from your reports passively

Component #4: Email Swipes Files Library
Access to over 200 written emails he personally used.
You need only copy and paste into your autoresponder and voila.

Component #5: Done-For-You Funnels
You can clone his proven funnels in the CB Passive Income Elite.
These are funnels he have to build to help thousands of CB Passive Income customers to start their online business and make money online.

With other words, you are investing in an online business system with everything done for your ingredients to start making affiliate commissions!

First of all, it is a proven system that has worked with thousands of customers. It is a system made from Patric Chan who is a super affiliate. And is presented to you on a silver plate that you just take and start making you successful.

And on top of it, you get coaching from him and his team to resolve your doubts.
“CB Passive Income Elite is Totally Different than any other system that promises to make auto-pilot income for you…”

It is a complete and true online business that you can own now! You just have to click on the link and start! You are not required to sell anything to anyone. You will get trained on how to promote your business effectively!

What is that business not?

This business is not an Internet Marketing “Magic Button”.
This business is not multi-level marketing.

But do not expect to do anything and make commissions…It won’t work without doing anything and I cannot help you.

It is for you if you are a newbie and looking for a real legitimate home business opportunity making a part-time income with affiliate marketing.

But if you feel that this is not for you after a few weeks you have a 30-day, 100% Money Back Guarantee.

Log-in your spot now and get yourself ready. Now is the time if you are ready to start with a real online business opportunity.

But this is not all when you start now you will get on top of it 5 Bonuses.

You will have 5 Launch Bonuses Worth $17,297 for F.ree

Bonus #1: 38 reports and eBooks inside the content engine software Worth$11,400
This will be an “upsell” towards the program but when you secure your spot today, you’ll get these 38 manuals for you and can brand your name, website URL and CB ID for Free!

Bonus #2: Three Additional Turnkey Websites and Funnels worth $3,900

Bonus #3: The Social Strategic 2.0 Online Class Worth #997

Bonus #4: His Personal Email Advertising Rodolex Worth $1,000

Bonus #5: Free Account to the AutomationCart Responder With 10,000 Email Broadcast Credit

When starting today you’ll get the “in house” AutomationCart REsponder account for 100% free.

It is now or never to start with your online business and save a lot of money!

For more information click here and sign up!

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