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How My Why Has Changed

At the WW meeting I went to last week, we talked about the importance of why we’re doing this, and the leader shared a reason she’d heard from another member that really resonated with me. She told us that one of her members’ kids said to her, “If something were to happen to you mom, I have no pictures of the two of us to remember you by.”

Whew. That got me.

It made me think about my own baby girl and how, while I’m constantly taking pictures of her, I have very few of the two of us because I’m not loving how I look in photos lately. Even typing this right now is getting me choked up. The time is going by SO FAST and it makes me sad to think I’ve avoided taking photos of the two of us together because of my weight. If that’s not a good why, then I don’t know what is.

I shared my “Why” for losing weight back towards the end of 2017, and even though it wasn’t that long ago and some of those reasons still ring true, given all the life changes I’ve gone through recently, the reasons have overall changed quite a bit. WW tells us that when we think about our whys, it’s important to be specific and not just have “so I can get healthy” as our reason, so here we go.

1.) I want to feel good about myself so that I set a strong, healthy example for my daughter and hopefully help her avoid some of the weight-related struggles I’ve battled my whole life.

2.) I want to feel confident in pictures with my daughter so that I can look back on this time fondly and not with dread about how heavy I look.

3.) I feel like I’m giving so much of myself to my daughter with the round-the-clock nursing and care that she needs at this time in her life (and don’t get me wrong – that I love doing 98% of the time), but I want to lose weight because it means prioritizing myself sometimes, too.

4.) I want to avoid health issues related to being overweight, like high blood pressure, high cholesterol, diabetes, and heart disease. My parents have struggled with all these things and I’m close to the age where I’ll start seeing some of the same issues if I don’t get my weight under control.

5.) My back has been iffy lately, and I know losing weight will help reduce the chances of it spiraling out of control again.

6.) Summer will be here before I know it and I want to feel good in a bathing suit so I’m not shying away from sharing the joys of summer with Riley because of my weight.

I’m excited to share that at the weigh in, I’d lost another 1.4 pounds, bringing my total loss up to 6.8 pounds so far in 2019. Keeping these reasons top of mind has really helped me stay on track, even when part of me would still rather be elbow-deep in ice cream and french fries.

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Can Antibiotic Ointments Treat Pearly Penile Papules

I didn’t think Daniela’s first birthday would be emotional for me, but here we are on her birthday and I’m feeling all sorts of feelings.

Daniela is 1! We all agree that the last year has absolutely flown by. Someone asked me how the first few months were as a mom to four children. To be honest, I don’t remember most of it. I have a few vague memories here and there. Soon after she was born I was home alone with Daniela and my neighbor came over with a gift and to stay for an hour, and that chat was like a lifeline. Another day I remember a stranger stopping me at the grocery store to shame me for bringing a newborn out in winter. That felt bad. I remember going out to dinner with Trig and the baby and she slept through a three hour fantastic date and I felt so victorious. It’s so funny the things we remember.

I don’t remember the summer at all! How did I take the kids in the pool while taking care of the baby? I can’t remember!

Anyway, today is Daniela’s birthday and the kids had to hop on the bus before even seeing their baby. They made me promise to make tonight extra special for her, so Valentina, Daniela and I are off on a birthday party mission! We need balloons, a cake, and food for dinner. We also need to buy her a birthday gift! Poor fourth kid ha!

I asked each of the big kids what their favorite Daniela memory is from the last year. None of the kids could choose just one so I’m sharing them all:

Raffi, age 7:

He loves that as a newborn he got to hold and snuggle her every night while I showered. (I don’t remember this.)

He loves how mad she gets when they take a tiny toy away from her.

Alessandra, age 5:

She loves that Daniela loves her the most. (hahaha!!!! I’m writing these verbatim and I am cracking up.)

She loves how Daniela tries to eat everyone’s shoes all the time.

She loves that Daniela lets her put blankets all around her until she’s a Daniela-volcano.

Valentina, age 3:

She loves how cute Daniela is.

She loves that Daniela gets to go in her preschool class to drop her off.

She loves how Daniela attacks her all the time.

Here are some fun facts about Daniela:

  • She will tolerate so much from all the kids. They dress her up, they make her join them in their forts, they try to put bows in her hair, etc etc and she takes it all.
  • She is not walking. She is extremely cautious! She can stand on her own if she doesn’t know she’s doing it, but the minute she becomes aware she holds on to the furniture for survival lol
  • Daniela is so attached to me, more than any of the other kids ever were. When she sees me she immediately reaches for me. She cries when I won’t hold her. Most afternoons I cook dinner with Daniela on one hip or attached to my leg.
  • Daniela loves Hatchimals! She does not put them in her mouth and she will play with them, making similar character noises like the big girls do, for hours.
  • She will put anything else in her mouth, but like my smart babe she will stare really hard at me before trying to eat contraband.
  • The pool at our gym is Daniela’s absolute favorite place on Earth. When we walk into the changing room next to the pool she starts freaking out, flapping her arms and squealing. It is adorable!
  • Daniela won’t drink cow’s milk. This is becoming a problem! She chucks it right off the high chair and won’t snuggle to drink it either.
  • She loves the dishwasher as much or even more than Raffi did. After I empty it in the morning she will spend 30 minutes putting a single spoon in and out of it. Funny girl.
  • Baby dolls might be Daniela’s favorite toy. She loves giving dolls, stuffed animals, and humans lots of hugs. You say “huggy” and she will hug you!
  • Daniela’s eaten Lucky Charms marshmallows, an Oreo, a piece of homemade sugar cookie and some ice cream and she just turned 1 today! You can thank the 3 big kids for all of those treats!!!
  • Daniela’s favorite foods: Baba’s pancakes, strawberries, cantaloupe, blueberries, cheese sticks, steak, hamburgers, raw green beans, grapes, peanut butter crackers, Goldfish stolen from Ali, bananas, applesauce pouches, salmon, and pasta.
  • Daniela’s favorite things are her big fluffy blankie she sleeps with every night, her little Jellycat bun bun blanket, her sisters’ Corolle dolls, toy eggs, holding spoons, the Nugget couch, and being entertained by Raffi, Alessandra, and Valentina.
  • Daniela hates: being left alone, when someone shuts off the music, being buckled into her car seat, being cold, the bath (like really, really hates it), dogs (she’s frightened)

Happy birthday Daniela! We love you!

Through the year….

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I am pretty sure I’ve only missed 6 days total of blogging over the last 9ish years:).  Yesterday was just not my day and I cried more than I didn’t but how do we know the good days without the really terrible ones, right?  My little family is all great (no worries!!!) but some days just stink so thank goodness for cuddles, my little Baron/Brooke clan and running:)

IMG 0206 2

I would love to hear from you today!  Fill me in with what’s going on in your life and I’ll have an overly detailed post tomorrow:). Hope you are doing well and today is already off to a much better start over here!

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Clickbank the Number 1 Affiliate Marketplace for Digital Products-Review

Well actually I joined a thing:)

This year my word of the year is discipline and that is a whole blog post in itself. I am blogging again which feels so GOOD! I am so happy to be back, but before I get in to all the things I have to tell you about something I have fallen in love with, Beauty Counter. Have you heard of it? Well if not, I am not sure why it has taken me so long to commit. My sweet friend Heidi told me about a few years ago and I wasn’t sure what the hype was all about until my friend Kristin sent me a bunch of their  products to try out for a few months and I can honestly say it has changed my entire face!! It has made my skin feel alive again!!

I used to be so good at taking care of my skin. I would wash it every night, tone, mask, moisturize, the whole shibang. Then we had kids and I threw it all out the window. This year I decided I want to bring that discipline BACK and start taking care of my skin. Since moving to AZ my skin has been so dry and just not the same. Doesn’t help that I just turned 37 and gravity is not on my side;) I am ok with getting older but I don’t want to age any quicker than I have to!  So I knew I needed to get back to a regular skin routine, but this time it needed to be CLEAN!

What I love about Beauty Counter the most is they are filled with CLEAN and EFFECTIVE ingredients! You know me, I am all about clean and toxic free life (proud hippy mom). To be honest I didn’t want to join another MLM and sound salsey, but Beauty Counter is NOT another MLM…it’s more of a sister helping a sister out kind of thing. It is direct sales, but I promise there is no scheme here!  If you know me at all then you know I wouldn’t want to share about anything that I truly was not passionate about, shoot I tell people about all the things I love that I don’t even sale!  Y’all don’t worry I won’t be talking about skin care products all the time on my blog and blasting you with promos! I just wanted to share something I am loving right now and give you the opportunity if you are interested in helping you with your skin care journey. If this is something you are interested in shoot me an email

Here are some of the products that I have been loving! The Rejuvenating serum, Rejuvenating Face Cleanser, the Adaptive Face Moisture Lotion, Brightening Facial Mask, Brighting Facial MistBrighting Oil, Cleansing Balm, Dew Skin (like a BB cream), Touch Up Concealer Pen, the Bronzer! I really want to try out their highlighter too! I was already using most of these things already, but they were “dirty” and I could tell my skin wasn’t changing at all. I also love their eye cream and have noticed a huge difference in my eye wrinkles. Most of all I love that I am using really non-toxic skin care that I can feel good about! If non-toxic and clean products are your thing or not, you would love Beauty Counter! I got these products back in February and I am still going though them! They last a long time and you don’t have to use a lot. 

So that is it! I can’t tell you enough how amazing my skin feels and looks! I get compliments all the time. I have made it part of my routine and I actually look forward to washing my face at night! The Cleansing Balm get’s all my mascara off without even having to scrub! So glad I found something that I love and can stand 100% behind!

Question: What is a product that you know that you need to be using? 

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How to Overhead Press: press the bar in the shoulders above your head while keeping your arms straight. This ’s how to Overhead Press with appropriate shape … Stand with the bar in your front shoulders, and your hands next to your shoulders Press the bar above your mind, till it’s balanced over your shoulders and mid-foot Lock your elbows at the top, and then straighten your shoulders into the…

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