Is Flying Delta A Memorable Experience?

  Is Flying with Delta a Good Option? Today, I want to talk about a completely different subject. As a business traveler I am a lot on the road or as they say enjoying the 30,000 feet adrenaline. I have been flying over the last years and you know what, I have tried a few…

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Do You Know Why We Hiccup?

    I ask myself why I always get hiccups when eating Chile. And it looks that even scientific do not know why we humans have hiccup. When eating Chile and it doesn’t matter what type of Chile I instantly get hiccup. I further ask myself how is it possible that in this high-tech society…

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How Dangerous Can Be The Internet In The Future?

    INTERNET NEWS Google bursts into the wireless industry – CNET The search giant unveils a new service that switches between cellular and Wi-Fi signals and lets customers pay for only what data they use. Google wants to be your wireless carrier. Google hopes to stand out by changing the way it charges customers.…

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