What Are The Common Misconceptions About Bullying


There are several common misconceptions concerning bullying. Thinking that bullying could be a normal part of childhood and therefore the victims ought to simply toughen up is maybe the foremost stereotypical view of bullying and the most important bullying misconception. Just thinking this method can have serious consequences for each victims and bullies. Bullying should not be tolerated and letting a bully continue picking on others just reinforces their behavior and sets them up to continue creating poor selections for the rest of their lives. Bullying victims will additionally suffer from low self-esteem, depression, and a poor personality.


Another bullying misconception is that bullies have low self-esteem. I my opinion this is a very bad thinking; several bullies are popular and are terribly confident. Bullies are not the unconfident kids trying to form up for his or her problems like people once assumed. Bullying could truly be a way that children attempt to dominate others and assert their power. Kids who bully often act together with their friends and use bullying as an approach to fit in with them. Children who have friends and wish to be in control will bully others as a manner to say their power and impress their fiends, albeit in the wrong means.


Many individuals also have the bullying misconception that bullying happens solely in lower category neighborhoods and faculties. This is by far not the case, and lots of bullying cases occur in high class neighborhoods and schools. Bullying is a way that one will demonstrate his friends or to his counterpart that he has the power and that he is confident and knows how to control other people.


Most of the time this type of behavior is family- related in other words the kid watches it every day in his family how his father controls his mother and learns from it. Bullying will occur regardless of what socioeconomic category a kid is in. Many upper-class schools have bullying problems because children feel as though they are better than others and try to point out how much power they have over children they understand as weaker than them.


I would say another bullying misconception that boys are the only kids that bully is also wrong. Boys may bully a lot more than girls, but girls can conjointly be bullies. Bullying among boys is typically physical where ladies tend to use emotional bullying by saying mean things and spreading rumors to humiliate people which can be worse than physical bullying. Both types of bullying will have devastating effects on her victims and leave them with self-reliant issues and a lifetime of insecurity.


Another bullying misconception is that bullying most commonly happens in high faculty instead of in younger kids. Studies have shown that bullying happens in almost every ages but the most common ages are in middle faculty, not high school and elementary. Youngsters from between nine and thirteen years of age are the most probably ages to bully. Kids in this age group are simply starting to face stress in faculty and therefore the pressure to suit in, therefore bullying becomes a common means to address these problems.


Many individuals think that remarks created with bullying most commonly target intelligence and should demean a person. Studies suggest, however, that the foremost common insults used whereas bullying are about a child’s perceived sexual orientation. A kid that behaves a little bit different as others is picked as a gay or girl as a lesbian. As ridiculous as it sounds, this is often the most common factor youngsters tease every difference about. This is in my opinion also a problem that our kids nowadays have too much information through the internet that they still cannot digest and their parents have no time or do not have the proper education to explain to them the meaning of their doubts. Another factor is that most parents to not find the time to communicate with their children and therefore the kid have no security in talking about these themes with their parents. Finding socially unacceptable faults like these build some children easier targets for bullying. There are several bullying misconceptions and actually understanding what bullying is can facilitate to stop and avoid it.


These days the education of our kids is more difficult than ever because of all the information they gather through the net without really knowing their meaning. Today’s children of six and up know more stuff than we knew in our adolescence. Therefore the danger is today stronger than it was in our times.

The Effects Of Bullying



Bullying negatively affects both the kid being victimized and the child who is the bully. There are continually short-term affects and if the bullying is severe enough there can also be future effects. Children who are bullied will suffer from low self worth and different emotional problems and children who do the bullying are abundant a lot of possible to possess problems with medication and alcohol later in life. Bullying ought to not be taken lightly because it will cause serious issues for all the children involved.


Being bullied could be a terribly stressful ordeal for children. Many bullying victims are reluctant to speak concerning their experiences creating it even harder to help them. While it’s attainable for children to be told to ignore and not be bothered by bullying, they are usually wired when bullying attacks occur. The victims of bullies usually loose self-worth, begin having trouble in school, and withdraw from friends and activities. If it’s not stopped and continues for long enough, youngsters can suffer these problems permanently.


Bullying victims will suffer from long-term effects of bullying if it absolutely was severe enough. Bullying victims are additional probably to have social and depression issues later in life. Kids who were constantly bullied could have an onerous time forming friendships and fitting in with others throughout their lives. Most bullying victims suffer no long-term effects of bullying however it can happen if nothing is done to stop the bullying too soon.


Bullies sometimes have their own issues that cause them to select on others and if they’re allowed to continue bullying these issues could never be resolved. Bullies typically have friends however these relationships are damaging and only help to perpetuate bullying. The effects of bullying on bullies are usually frequent trouble in college and at home. Bullies will additionally suffer future problems if they are allowed to continue bullying others.


Bullies who don’t seem to be stopped early will suffer from future effects. A bully who isn’t taught applicable ways to deal with their issues can presumably continue being aggressive and bullying others into their adult life. Bullies also are more likely to commit crimes and be concerned in illegal activity after they grow up. Bullies can typically have a hard time creating friends and maintain friendships as the buddies who support bullying aren’t quality relationships to be in. Bullies may never learn the way to effectively downside solve if they’re given alternative ways that to reply when the bullying drawback first arises.


While most cases of bullying don’t lead to any long-term effects, the painful recollections of bullying can cause victims problems in the future. For bullies, the inability to cope with issues during a healthy means might cause serious trouble in the future. Because the chance exists for these varieties of problems, bullying must be taken seriously and dealt with accordingly. It is vital to prevent bullying early thus each the bully and the victim do not suffer from any long term affects.




Why Do Youngsters Bully?


There are many reasons kids bully others. They will have strained home lives, not be getting enough attention at home, or have alternative family issues. Kids who return from abusive homes or whose oldsters use violence to unravel issues additionally may bully others. The most commonly thought of reason kids bully is as a result of they have low self-worth or a poor egos but many times bullies are confident and standard and choose on kids who are smaller and unpopular. Youngsters might additionally bully because they witness violence at home or don’t recognize any alternative means to house stress. If children are not taught the correct manner to resolve issues, they’ll resort to violence and bullying. Bullying is a serious issue that can have serious consequences and ought to be treated as such.


Alternative reasons youngsters bully are to compensate for his or her own problems, to gain a sense of power, or to form themselves feel better. They turn to bullying as a way to resolve these problems because it seems like the best manner. Being mean spirited or emotionally unstable is reason kids bully as a result of bullying is really enjoyable to them. Youngsters may find happiness within the misery of others. If youngsters have learning problems, poor social skills, or problems fitting in they will conjointly bully others to form themselves feel better about their social situation.


Sometimes the explanation kids bully is as a result of they are being picked on themselves and they will retaliate by bullying others. This could be a common approach that the cycle of bullying continues and that children who wouldn’t normally bully others begin to try to do thus. No reason merits bullying, but some kids do not grasp any different way to deal with their issues.


Stopping bullying is important not only for the victims of bullying except for the bullies themselves. Youngsters who bully often have problems later in life and end up committing crimes and continuing their cycle of aggression. Stopping a bully whereas they’re young and letting them understand the consequences of their actions is very important to stop future hassle. No matter why a child bullies, they ought to be made aware that bullying isn’t acceptable and give them better ways to cope with their problems. Make certain you address the problem that is causing the bullying therefore that it doesn’t continue.


The most significant factor to remember when handling a child that bullies is that their motive may be different from the norm and also the underlying downside should be resolved so as to stop the bullying cycle. The reason kids bully is that the key to stopping them, thus if your child is a bully create positive you identify specifically why they feel as though they should bully others. Solving the underlying problem will offer children the relief from their issues they have while not having to resort to bullying. Provide your kid positive ways to deal with problems and stress so they do not have to use bullying. Youngsters who are stopped quickly are a lot of less doubtless to suffer from long term effects of bullying.


How to deal with a Bully within the Workplace


Many people are unaware that adult bullying happens, and chances are if you’re being bullied at work you’ve got no idea the way to handle it. It can be arduous to house an adult bully because workplace bullying isn’t widely known or understood. Often times the bully may be a person of authority, making it even tougher to house an adult bully. There aren’t set rules for dealing with an adult bullies there are harassment laws, so stopping an adult bully will be particularly challenging. If you or someone you recognize wants help addressing an adult bully, the following tips will help.


The first issue you ought to do to deal with an adult bully is to keep a close written account of every instance of bullying. Being in a position to prove that you are constantly singled out for no reason and are the target of frequent attacks can go an extended means to accommodate an adult bully. Keep your records in an exceedingly safe place, not at work where the bully can find them. You should conjointly keep copies of all written interactions from the bully together with memos, notes, and emails that prove you’re being treated unfairly. Make an inventory of every instance of unfair treatment by the bully.


If you are criticized or accused of wrongdoing by a bully and the claims don’t seem to be true, raise for substantiated proof of those claims and record in writing what the bully says. Several times the bully will not have a response or have evidence that is untrue. Their lack of answer or untrue answer will further prove your case and facilitate to accommodate an adult bully. You’ll be able to even purpose out to the bully that making false accusations is a form of harassment which you’ll ask for out the right recourse.


If you are not the only one being bullied, realize different employees that have the identical experiences and see if they wish to pursue the bully along. Typically other workers that are having similar issues will be unwilling to cooperate, however typically they can prize the help. More than one employee who has the same experiences with a bully can have better chances of handling an adult bully together. It can facilitate that you are not the only one experiencing the matter and provide validation to your claims.


If your occupation contains a union or other skilled organization, contact them about your bullying downside. Not all unions or organizations will help employees cater to an adult bully but several will or will have information you’ll be able to use. You’ll be able to conjointly take your bullying issues to your manager or supervisor, unless they are the one doing the bullying. It is not usually a smart idea to skip the right hierarchy, however if a supervisor or manager is that the one bullying you, it may be a smart plan to talk with their higher-up. If you’re the victim of workplace bullying your ought to get a replica of your company’s harassment and bullying policies so you knew what your rights are within the corporate.




How Common Is Bullying?


Many individuals think that bullying could be a common part of childhood, and sadly, it is. Bullying affects shut to half of scholars in high faculty and middle school. Estimates by the National Youth Violence Prevention in 2006 say that thirty percent of students either are bullied on an everyday basis or are bullies themselves. Concerning eleven percent of youngsters are bullying victims while a slightly higher percentage, thirteen percent, is doing the bullying. 6% of kids say that they need been both the bullying victim and therefore the bully at just the once or another. This shocking evidence shows that bullying is all too common in schools and the intense nature of bullying will damage the lives of these kids.

Any kid will be the victim of bullying; however some types of students to all appearances are more than others to be targeted. Any kid that’s totally different whether it is race, ethnicity, religion, physical limitations or mental limitations is at the next risk of being bullied. Bullying is more common among boys than girls and is more seemingly to be physical. It’s common for bullying among women to be emotional and based mostly on what youngsters say concerning each other. Bullying will occur anywhere that youngsters interact, as well as on the computer and over the phone.

Bullying is common even from kids who are assured and fashionable. A common misconception concerning bullying is that bullies are usually children with low shallowness and are making an attempt to compensate for his or her own issues. This isn’t the case and regularly bullies are confident, standard students who pick on others for the fun of it. Bullies usually act out as an approach to dominate others and to impress their friends. Bullies feel no remorse for what they are doing and are typically in trouble in alternative areas of college. Bullies who are shown correct ways that to interact with other are more seemingly to own serious issues later in life. It is common for youngsters who are bullies in faculty to develop problems with the law later as adults and to induce concerned with drug and alcohol abuse.

Bullying victims can sometimes overcome the consequences of bullying, particularly if the bully is stopped before they have a chance to try and do any permanent injury. Not all cases of bullying have long term effects, however if not stopped in time they will. Kids who are bullied relentlessly for a while are additional doubtless to be depressed and suicidal, even later in life. Bullying victims also are doubtless to drop out of school or do poorly in school as a result of all the strain placed on them by the bully. Bullying victims conjointly tend to own low shallowness that will never improve.

Bullying may be a common and serious problem in faculties today. Oldsters and teacher ought to closely monitor kids for signs of bullying and stop any incidents before both the bully and victim suffer long-term consequences. The intense nature of bullying is usually overlooked by sensible natured oldsters and academics who assume it is one thing that can be outgrown, and whereas that is sometimes the case, bullying should not be taken lightly.


What’s Workplace Bullying?

Though bullying is considered one thing that happens between children at college, it can conjointly happen between adults within the workplace. Workplace bullying is when one employee, or a group of staff, targets another person for ridicule, criticism, and threats. Workplace bullying is more common than most of people suppose and can amount to completely different forms. I guess the person who is being bullied can not attempt to peruse their bully, as a result of they are unsure what to try and do.

Workplace bullying, like the bullying that takes place between kids, is supposed to damage another person either physically or emotionally; within the adult world it’s typically emotionally. Victims of workplace bullying are constantly criticized for trivial things and their accomplishments are belittled or overlooked or envied. Victims of workplace bullying are also undermined by the bully at each probability they get. Victims are typically the target of false accusations and doubts also. Even though these accusations and doubts are untrue, a workplace bully uses them to control their victim. One doesn’t imagine how bullying can play a big role in workplaces between co-workers and sometimes friends.

Another form of workplace bullying is exclusion from teams or denial of knowledge regarding what’s happening in the workplace. Workplace bullying victims are usually disregarded of the loop by their bullies and denied access to resources and projects. This happens because a bully is trying to undermine their victim and look their own work seems better than it has. Victims of workplace bullying also are treated differently than everyone else by the bully, and are subject to stricter rules and different standards. This is done to let them fail and create an environment that fits not for them or is inadequate.

Workplace bullying can also embody shouting, humiliating, and teasing the victim. Workplace bullies can try this to attempt to wreck their victim’s confidence and make their work suffer. Workplace bullies usually set higher standards and unrealistic goals and deadlines for their victims to make them look unhealthy. Workplace bullying victims will conjointly be given excessive work or forced to work an excessive quantity of hours below threat of dismissal.

Another common kind of workplace bullying has work stolen. A workplace bully can take the work of their victim and then pass it off as their own to their boss or manager. The victim will usually don’t have any proof that the work is really theirs and won’t have any proof of course. Workplace bullying victims are also commonly denied of requests they create for day without work, whether or not they are entitled to them. Workplace bullying victims are made to suppose that they’re at fault even though it is the bully who is wrong. Workplace bullies will do no matter it takes to eliminate their perceived threats.

It will be exhausting to identify workplace bullying and even harder to prevent it, keeping a record of bullying interactions and remaining calm is the simplest means to house workplace bullying. Sometimes it can be necessary to get your issues to your superiors, even if you skip over an immediate supervisor. Do not accept workplace bullying and do your best to strive and stop it otherwise your workplace will feel like hell.Bullying




Where Will Bullying Occur?


Bullying will occur in many completely different places, though most people suppose it happens solely at school and between kids. Bullying can happen between adults in their workplaces likewise and between children in other places besides college. Knowing where bullying will occur is a smart approach to assist forestall it. No matter if you have a child or are experiencing bullying yourself, you should bear in mind of the places it can occur.


Bullying at school.       group-female-teenagers-bullying-girl-13670932


Bullying will occur at school, and this is often the most common place. Youngsters will bully each other for several completely different reasons together with insecurity and whether or not they’re fashionable. Schools typically take bullying seriously but it can be hard to tell if children are being bullied as a result of they are usually reluctant to speak concerning it. Physical bullying is common among young boys and young women tend to say mean things and spread rumors to bully others. Bullying in school has been a downside for a very long time and will have serious consequences if not forbidden promptly and appropriately.


Bullying will occur in other places where youngsters interact. The faculty bus and round the neighborhood where youngsters play are common sites of bullying. Youngsters will use any chance they can to bully others and these places offer the greatest chances of having the ability to interact. Bullying will additionally occur conversant in siblings bullying each other. Bullies like to act out in private therefore places where children will be alone are the most important places bullying can occur.


Children don’t seem to be the sole ones who bully every alternative. Adults can be bullies too and bullying can occur in the workplace. Adults will treat co workers poorly in a variety of ways to minimize their value and sabotage their work. Adults can constantly criticize their victims whether or not it is unwarranted, belittle their accomplishments, and file false grievances and accusations. Adults sometimes bully because they perceive another person as a threat to their job and wish to create them look bad rather than improving their own work. Adults will additionally bully others simply because they don’t like them or because others do so.


Cyber Bullying.          stop-internet-bullying-22976596


The computer and mobile devices have opened a fully new manner for bullies to torment others. Bullying will occur on-line through emails, IM’s, on websites, and thru phone calls and text messages. This sort of bullying is named cyber bullying and is turning into increasingly common. Adult bullying can occur in the workplace using these ways along with alternative written messages. Both children and adults can say mean things to strive to embarrass or torment their victim on-line. Cyber bullying is particularly effective because bullies can reach a huge audience from their own four walls. Some people wouldn’t do that in public but the internet opens those ways to do something without being ashamed or visible and say and show things they wouldn’t normally do.


There are several places bullying will occur and having the ability to spot bullying is the simplest means to prevent it. Just as a result of issues don’t seem to be occurring between kids or at college, will not mean what’s happening is not bullying. If an individual is being unfairly targeted by another person relentlessly in the try to humiliate, belittle, hurt, or otherwise harm someone, chances are that it’s bullying. In general it’s tough to separate this sort of behavior and to differentiate if bullying or joke-like comments. Generally talking any friend or co worker or good citizen will not behave to others to make them feel uncomfortable, I think this we can keep as a general rule.



What is Bullying


Bullying is not new in our society. Bullying goes many years or decades back. I remember that as kids we were somehow always making some kind of fun of other kid’s problems or stupidities. But in that time without the communication we have today the next day it was forgotten and nobody was talking more about the matter.
But today as the kids are more and more informed through the internet they are also more sensitive about everything that is in some way related to them and most people take it too seriously.

Forms of Bullying

Bullying can take on several forms and can be terribly damaging to youngsters each physically and emotionally. Bullying is the will of one kid to hurt, threaten, intimidate, or embarrass another kid. Bullying can be more than simply name calling and has even moved onto computers and cell phones. Bullying will be physical, emotional, written, verbal, and even sexual. Knowing the different ways kids will bully each other can help to identify and stop bullying.

Physical bullyingimages

Physical bullying is when one kid physically injures another kid on purpose and with the intention of harassing, scaring, or embarrassing them. Hitting, kicking, and pushing along with threats of physical violence are all ways that kids having interaction in physical bullying. Typically a child can demand cash of different belongings as a form of bullying. Boys more commonly use this kind of bullying as a result of they’re typically more aggressive than ladies. Physical bullying will have grave effects on victims if it’s not stopped soon enough.

Verbal Bullying

Verbal bullying is another common form of bullying and girls are a lot of prone to interact in this type of bullying. Verbal bullying occurs when children call others names, spread rumors or criticize each alternative relentlessly. Even though verbal bullying will not do any physical damage, it can still traumatize children and cause them to loose self worth, become depressed, and loose interest in friends and activities. These effects will do a ton of harm to a kid, and even affect them in the future.

Written Bullying                                 stop-internet-bullying-22976596

Written bullying is taking the form of abusive letters each on paper and in emails and text messages. Passing mean notes and photos was once the only type of written bullying but today, as a result of the web makes spreading information so simple, written bullying has become easier than ever. Kids will write derogatory things about their victim online for the entire world to determine. They will conjointly use chat rooms and IM’s to unfold rumors and build nasty comments either to different kids or the victims themselves.

Emotional bullying

Emotional bullying is another kind of bullying and is very common especially among girls. Emotional bullying includes excluding others from a cluster, victimizing others and ridiculing them. Any comments or actions that are meant to hurt another person’s feelings are thought of emotional bullying. This sort of bullying is just as serious as any other because victims eventually become broken emotionally and they feel emotionally so bad that some even can’t live with it and they kill themselves. Victims of emotional bullying typically blame themselves for the bullying and suffer life long effects.

Sexual bullying

Sexual bullying occurs additional often in older children and includes unwelcome sexual comments, advances, and also the show of sexual material. Sexual bullying may be a very serious issue and can be thought of sexual harassment. Youngsters who commit this type of bullying can face serious consequences, and even be held legally responsible.

Bullying will happen to anyone and even widespread, seemingly well adjusted kids will bully others. Every sort of bullying is serious, and should be dealt with accordingly. Understanding the different types of bullying will go a protracted approach in preventing bullying and stopping it if it does happen.



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