You don’t have to lock you in during fall, yes, there is a problem with the covid-19 but remember that outside of your house or department it is healthier than inside your room. If you want to get outside and workout in the fall, there are some great exercises that might be a little different…

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4 Reasons to Keep Exercising Outdoors Even in the Cold Weather When the weather gets chilly, it is common to start bringing your workouts indoors, heading to the gym or doing some DVDs in your own home. However, there are still many reasons you should try to get outside and exercise, when it is cold…

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A lot of information is floating around regarding obesity. Some of the information is accurate and others inaccurate. My goal with this article is to help you understand some facts and myths connected with obesity. Myth #1 – People Are Obese Because They Don’t Workout & They Have Bad Eating Habits – Yes, it is…

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Is Mediterranean Food a good choice for Runners? If you are a serious runner, you know that there are some foods which are better to eat before you run. You also understand how important a nutritious diet is to give your body just what it needs to perform at a high level in everything you…

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Right now with all the pandemic in our life, we have to do our part to fight against the Covic. We have to stay healthy through a healthy diet and do our part with a workout that keeps us in good condition.

Things started early with half a Costco blueberry muffin before leaving.  My grandma brought these to our house on Sunday and I decided they would make excellent pre-run fuel.  Fun fact… they don’t (for me;).

IMG 8597

We did a ladder workout and worked up from 200m to a mile (6:04 for that mile) and then worked down again.  I wasn’t great with lapping my watch and getting the splits except for the mile interval but the effort was there and I saved my racing legs for Saturday.

IMG 8600

During the workout I was thinking a lot about how much running is like life.   Those intervals are a lot like those really hard spots that we hit in life.  We feel out of breath and like we can’t hold onto the pace anymore but we do and then we enter into a recovery period.  During the recovery period we see how we just overcame something really hard.  We catch our breath, we feel a rush of endorphins, we feel fabulous and we gain the strength needed to do it all over again.  There is growth with each interval and we come out of the workout better than before.  Sometimes the intervals are short little ones or long extended ones but the recoveries always come and we see how strong the hard parts make us.

IMG 8598

I got home before both girls were awake which I call a major success.  In the summer we are having all of the kids stay up a bit later because there are so many more fun things going on at night which means they are sleeping in big time.

Another successful power bun day when I didn’t feel one hair on my face for the entire workout.

IMG 8679

Lunch was a good one—>  Leftover hamburgers, brussels and a few power balls.

IMG 8696

Brooke came home from a craft club that she goes to two times a week.  She made slime, play doh and a squishy ball.

IMG 8698

We went to Andrew’s work party and were able to meet a lot of his co-workers which was so much fun.

IMG 8711

She is our party animal.

IMG 8725

They had dinner for us and the best popsicles you’ll ever have.  If you come to Utah, this is another one of those things that you have to try.

IMG 8721

The highlight of the evening for all of the kids had to be the bubble machine that they brought out!

IMG 8757

IMG 8746

I saw this rule on Runner’s World a few years ago and I really like to use it for myself.  Are you able to increase your sleep each night to go along with your training?   Overall, I like to follow pretty close to this rule and I am definitely not the exception… the more running I do, the more sleep I need!

Screen Shot 2014 01 28 at 2 52 26 PM

*This happened yesterday.  Shalane and the Bowerman Babes & Boys were all at the track that we do our workouts at yesterday.  They are here for altitude training and I’m hoping I will see them around this summer!  PS I am so glad Shalane is out (coaching) after her surgery!

IMG 8687


Do you increase the amount of sleep you get with your training?  

Ever had surgery?!  How long did it take for you to return to running?

What’s been your goto pre-run fuel?

If you are working right now, does your work do parties?  How often? What are some of the bonuses that come from your job?

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