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Online Business – Hype or a Real Business to Make Money From for a Decent Living?


Today, I want to share something with you that you can either learn from or ignore it and keep going the way without any goal or specific direction it is all up to you.

I don’t want to scare you but when starting an online business it is not something that you will make money from the first day of your online venture that is BS. Don’t believe that hype out there and that you do not need anything at all just copy and paste. I was in your shoes and at first I believed all that BS.

But after a time you get more and more information about the online business and learn, yes, it has a high price and yes, it cost me a lot of money I don’t deny it. But, I guess this is the price you have to pay for when starting a business thinking that it runs all by itself.

Without doing a lot and I should have been more awake because my off line business does not run either without doing something for it. Money doesn’t come in by itself you have to work for it and I mean dedicate yourself full time to it otherwise you wouldn’t get anything out of it.

But coming back to the online business it was an expensive learning curve, on the other hand I got more and more an inside of what is all about the online business and that most stuff or products you get offered are not worth the money they ask for.

Because some stuff is just FREE stuff everyone can download and sell it and others are just trash, yes, trash.

But surfing around and looking up this and that and read and read and come back again and read more I suddenly got more open minded and aware what to do to start with the online business as a real business.

I know it is hard because when doing two jobs a day and after commuting back home or when on travel back to your hotel and start with your second business or online business, everyone who is doing knows what I am talking about.

It isn’t a pleasure sometimes but for the goal you have in mind I guess it is worth it.

You know every time after going somewhere else (I mean trying something that was promised to work miracles) I came always back to the same persons I know now quiet a time and who have really opened my eyes.

What I mean by that is, that they showed me that it is not what they promise you with their advertisements and email marketing. But sometimes one has to suffer and experience on its own and find the way to success.

I only can tell you that I have had “one of those days” – you know, the kind of day that just makes you to give up. The day you realize that there is not enough time in the day to get it all done.

Not happy.

But there ARE ways to leverage time to get more done in less time. And these are no empty promises that is real from an internet marketer with many years of experience and showing how he succeeded with it.

You know it is a lot easier learning from one who is actually doing what he is talking about. I know I should have known that because the same happens in an off line business you won’t learn from someone who hasn’t done the work before or has resolved a problem.

But you do not think of all the false talks because it is something new for you and you want to believe what they tell you until you fall down straight on your nose.

And this is the moment after falling down a few times you wake up and say, “damn it something doesn’t smell good here” and you think it over and start to recognize how stupid you were to believe in miracles – but most of the time people like to think that miracles happen when starting an online business.

But I can tell you that I was cured. In case you like to start a blog and do not like to write on your own for your blog there is a way to leverage your time and get more done in less time.

I’m positive that you might be interested in a time saver like that and starting to make money with your online business or blog.

In case you are don’t lose time and start to review what I’m talking about and get your hands on this system to immunize your wallet from poverty.

This works and can work for you. Just follow the steps. Nothing is left out and Charlie’s helping members get the job done. If you are willing to make an effort this is what you want.

Why don’t you just give it a try and see for yourself it it suits you for your online marketing.

If you don’t try, you never will know if it Works for you or not. Just take action.

Talk to you son


Anton Winkler






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