Hey, guys, it’s Damian from Arkham. You fooled online so today’s post is gonna cover the most popular beverages on Amazon. With this article, you can actually go through private labeling and get started.

I want to cover a really interesting topic about private labeling. Private labeling doesn’t get a lot of airtime. And yet this is a category within Amazon that doesn’t have a lot of private label sellers.

This is kind of quite interesting because beverages on Amazon is one of the top five food categories. And believe it or not, you can literally get a private label for almost any type of beverage on the market.

You can compete with that market share through amazon.com. As a matter of fact a lot of these products that lend themselves perfectly to taking advantage of FBA.

The FBA is fulfillment by Amazon. It’s basically where you send the product in and Amazon takes care of everything else. As far as pulling packing shipping and customer service.

I myself I’ve been in the private label space on Amazon with the food and food category for about three years now. We are ever increasing our presence on Amazon with a private label. We produce ourselves so I wanted to bring a post and bring some understanding to the idea that the market for drinks online is gigantic.

You have to understand the philosophy and the mentality behind this. Not every state has the same opportunity as far as selections go.

When it comes to drinks and beverages many states don’t have certain types of water that somebody may want. There may be a cake up the coffee of some kind. There may be like an organic protein shake that’s not accessible everywhere.

That’s one of the advantages of being online. And of course, being on Amazon is the idea that you offer a product to literally the entire planet. Everywhere in the US and it’s great because it allows you to sell a product to someone who can not buy it locally. You might be wondering okay so what are those top-selling beverages.

The number one is actually the original donut shop Carrack k-cup. Then the second I’m gonna give you just the top three. I don’t want to go through the entire list.

I’m gonna give you some examples so you can understand that the potential for private labeling of beverages is really really good. The second one is actually an organic plant-based protein powder. The third one is an ionized excuse me alkaline water, okay and it’s a twelve pack.

so I’m going to take these three and I’m going to give you examples of what you could do. Donut shop coffee in general, of course, is a gigantic market. Everybody knows that. But when it comes to the donut shop and K Cups there are a lot of variations. The k-cup that sell very well now.

There are companies that can actually produce a private label k cup similar to that actual cup. Of course, k cup is a trademarked name but you can actually get your own version of K Cups produced for you. Believe it or not many of these companies that do this on a very small scale.

You don’t have to have gigantic minimums. There’s a lot of private label companies that have popped up over the past few years. With that smaller minimums, you are actually opening up bigger opportunities. The companies who are just starting can utilize that when it comes to being competitive.

With that, you can put your private label product up that is similar to a k-cup donut shop version and get some additional part of that market share. A lot of people don’t realize that one of the top-selling products within any category online isn’t even on Amazon.

It could be on eBay, it could be anywhere. Many of these products are top sellers yes they have a specific brand name. Some people enjoy that specific brand when it comes time to buy it.

In other words, you can compete with bigger companies through let’s say price. Or maybe with your special flavor, etc. You also will be more flexible as a smaller business owner with your own brand.

You can replenish maybe faster than a big company because of the quantity they buy. There is always an opportunity to gain some sales at that moment. Everyone likes a cup of coffee. In case you can offer it at the right moment this customer will most likely come back to you.

With this example, I just wanted to let you know that there are many opportunities online. But you have to know what is the trend right now and what sells best at the moment.

In case you want to have something without storing or buying primary stuff in order to sell. Then you can try it with digital products. There are many ways to make a small living online.

In general, you can say that Amazon and a few other eBay and other outlets and platforms that allow selling food online has grown. As more and more people do more e-commerce and more shopping online.

Groceries are something that if you can click a button pay for and have it delivered to your door is saving people time. They can go to work and one day later they have their products in front of their door.

You also have to imagine that this kind of delivering is in its infancy. Getting into this opportunity is huge. And this is a market that grows and grows in the future.

So this was a small introduction especially to beverages and drinks and this is just Amazon. There are more platforms out there like eBay and bonanza and with your own website you can sell there.

Having your own private label food product is sometimes not as expensive as you might think. I hope this gives you some ideas about what you can do with your online business.

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