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Eat But Not Overeat!

  Eat to Feel Young By As we age and our body changes and begins to break down, it’s even more important that we focus on eating a healthy, well-balanced diet.  The needs of the body are much different than they were in the days of our youth. Aging causes the metabolism to slow, the…

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Retired – This Is Not The End Of The Road

  Stay Social after Retiring from Your Job     Once you retire, is not the end of the road, socializing is a great way to make friends and keep connections alive. Any activities that you currently participate in can continue after you retire. But if you do not have any activity at all because…

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Exercises for Senior Citizens

Although exercising is vital at any age it is more important for elder people. We are used to sitting at home, sitting in the car and have not enough exercises during the day. Growing elder our metabolism doesn’t work as fast as a young man. Therefore we have to exercise more to stay fit and healthy.

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