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The Bad Eating Habits – The Number One Killer Of Our Time?

Heart Disease Risk May Be Increased by Sedentary Lifestyle … – The Weather Channel A science advisory from the American Heart Association says evidence shows spending more time being sedentary is associated with higher risk of heart disease and stroke. Researchers say regardless of how much physical activity someone gets, they could …Science DailyNDTVHindustan Times – –  …

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Trans Fats the Slowly Killer

 HEALTH Even so there are a lot fewer trans-fat in today’s nation’s food but the Americans still eat around 1g of trans-fat daily. But how to avoid using trans-fat for processing food. Every restaurant heats up food in trans-fat or cooks Fried potatoes in trans-fat. All fast food restaurants use trans-fat for cooking and it…

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How To Prevent Falls – Book Review

Book review – How to prevent Falls – is almost for every age. But baby boomers and everyone passing the age of 50 should know how to keep balance. Many injuries in Elder people is because of lack of balance. Learn the 6 simple steps of better balance, Independence and energy.

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