How to stay healthy

Review – Younger Next Year

  Not only a New Year’s Resolution – Be fit the rest of your life     If you are looking for great information on how to grow old gracefully this book ‘Younger Next Year’ certainly fits the bill. It is written by Chris Crowley, who is 73 years old, and Dr. Henry Lodge. Chris…

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13 Diet ‘Truths’ That Are Doing More Harm Than Good

Eating healthful is hard work, so it’s no surprise that many of us “ve tried” a shortcut or two at some site, hoping for speedy results. But some of such alleged nutritional quick-fixes aren’t all that useful, and a handful of them can even be dangerous. Here’s a look at “the worlds largest” insidious nutrient…

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Find knee pain relief by eating these foods

Sidelined by achy knees? The key to avoiding hurting might be on your layer: People with a fiber-rich diet are less likely to experience knee arthritis, brand-new study in the publication Annals of the Rheumatic Diseases discovered. Researchers analyzed data from two separate investigates: The first, the Osteoarthritis Initiative( OI ), included practically 5,000 players;…

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