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Michelle Obama’s Challenge To Millennials: #GimmeFive – YouTube

First Lady Michelle Obama issued Refinery29 a challenge as part of her #GimmeFive initiative to celebrate healthy living and lifestyle choices. She asked us to name five ingredients that a millennial woman (or anyone) can keep on hand to make delicious, healthy, simple meals. Challenge. Accepted.For all our #GimmeFive tips and recipes, go to: http://www.refinery29.com/gimme-fiveSubscribe to the Refinery29 channel: http://bit.ly/subscribe-to-r29For the latest trends and videos, visit: http://refinery29.comLike Refinery29 on Facebook: http://facebook.com/refinery29Follow Refinery29 on Twitter: http://twitter.com/refinery29Heart Refinery29 on Instagram: http://instagram.com/refinery29

You know what I like most of Michelle Obama that she is first taking care of her weight, is personal active in how to live healthier and so on. And #GimmeFive is also a good idea that people participate actively to show lots of easy ways to make fast a healthy food.





Everyone has the desire to age successfully without having to suffer, without not being able to walk, without being ill, and so on.
But sometimes many people haven’t a decent aging period. They are alone, they are forgotten, they are living without expectation to enjoy their aging and that is sad. I guess everyone has the right to age with dignity. Therefore younger people especially family members have to obligation to make the life of older people more pleasant.
We owe to them a lot because they made our living possible. Without the older people we wouldn’t live.

age successfully

What Does it Mean to Age Successfully | Care2 Healthy Living We all want to age successfully. We want to be like the 100-and-something year old super-agers we see profiled on the newsthe ones who are still running marathons, doing gymnastics or practicing aikido. One of the greatest challenges faced by scholars of successful aging is the inconsistency with which successful aging is conceptualized and measured, writes Rachel Pruchno, Ph.D., editor of The Gerontologist, a peer-review journal dedicated to exploring the issues of aging. Some scholars believe that the term successful should be scrapped altogether.

Other scholars point out that aging, contrary to popular opinion, may not be an equal opportunity endeavor. �Successful aging is one of gerontology�s most successful ideas,� writes Steven Katz, Ph.D., of Trent University and Toni Calasanti, Ph.D., of Virginia Tech. �Aging research has to theorize lifestyle, choice, health and successful aging beyond personal choice because lifestyles are configured by differential opportunities and relations of social inequality.� In short, defining the aging process�which involves a variety of factors, both controllable and uncontrollable�as successful or unsuccessful can be detrimental and stigmatizing for people who may not have access to as many opportunities to enhance their health, such as women, ethnic minorities and the poor. Katz and Calasanti continue, �If populations are homogenized as either successful or unsuccessful agers, then the diversity of the aging experience is flattened, especially the consequences of social inequalities as they intersect with age relations.


There has always been some misunderstandings with the FDA and the food industry. The FDA blames the food industry of not labeling their products correctly and the food industry blames the FDA that their information is not updated. But who is right, in the meantime they increase their sales with a label of “healthy product” that according to the FDA isn’t. But my question is why the FDA is suddenly telling in public that the label is wrong, if the company states that the label is on their product since 2004. Something doesn’t really equate with this statement.


http://www.npr.org/blogs/thesalt/2015/04/15/399851645/nut-so-fast-kind-bars-fda-smacks-snacks-on-health-claimsNut So Fast, Kind Bars: FDA Smacks Snacks On Health Claims : The Salt : NPR According to the Food and Drug Administration, there were four flavors of Kind bar that were misbranded when the agency reviewed them in August 2014. Ryan Kellman/NPR If you’re deciding between a candy bar and a fruit-and-nut bar, and health is top of mind, the best choice seems obvious. For one, the product has to contain 1 gram or less of saturated fat.


According to the Food and Drug Administration, there were four flavors of Kind bar that were misbranded when the agency reviewed them in August 2014.

If you’re deciding between a candy bar and a fruit-and-nut bar, and health is top of mind, the best choice seems obvious.

But when it comes to companies actually labeling their products “healthy,” the Food and Drug Administration is showing it won’t pull any punches. In a letter dated March 17 that was released this week, the agency called out the snack food company Kind for violating labeling rules by putting the word “healthy” on the packaging for some of its bars.

It turns out the FDA has a very specific definition of “healthy” food and a list of requirements that products must meet to earn the right to put that loaded word on the label. For one, the product has to contain 1 gram or less of saturated fat.

According to the letter, there were four flavors of Kind bar that were not up to snuff when the agency reviewed them in August 2014. For example, the Kind Fruit & Nut Almond & Coconut product contained 5 grams of saturated fat per 40 grams of the food.


There is always a dispute when a state or a country has some issues. What do we know about the water consumption of an almond tree? According farmers they do not need a lot of water but other organizations say that they need about one gallon for one almond, I’m not a specialist but that quantity sounds a little bit exaggerated.

But on the other hand I’m concerned because that could mean that we have to pay more for that healthy product? Or even avoid the consumption of that healthy product? What do you think?



http://www.npr.org/blogs/thesalt/2015/04/16/399958203/how-almonds-became-a-scapegoat-for-californias-droughtHow Almonds Became A Scapegoat For California’s Drought : The Salt : NPR Dead almonds on a drought-stricken tree near Fresno, Calif., on April 10, 2015. Michael Nelson/EPA/Corbis You may have heard by now that it takes one gallon of water to produce just one almond. So when almond grower Daniel Bays hears that, he just shakes his head.

You may have heard by now that it takes one gallon of water to produce just one almond. And those are considered fighting words in drought-stricken California, which produces 80 percent of the world’s supply of the tasty and nutritious nut.

“Almonds really aren’t more thirsty than any of our other crops, ” says Bays, a third-generation farmer in Westley, Calif. It’s a small farming community about 90 minutes southeast of San Francisco where his family has about 700 acres of almond orchards. They also grow tomatoes, melons, beans, wheat and apricots.



PepsiCo Swaps Diet Drink’s Aspartame For Other Artificial Sweeteners : The Salt : NPR Beginning in August, a newly formulated aspartame-free Diet Pepsi will hit the shelves, the company says. PepsiCo If you like the idea of zero or low-calorie sodas, but you’re turned off by the artificial sweetener aspartame, you’re not alone. Sales of diet soda have fallen off significantly in the U.S. And when PepsiCo started asking consumers what they didn’t like, aspartame was at the top of the list.


Aspartame the artificial sweetener in lots of diet products is according a survey under PepsiCo Diet consumers the main issue why they drink less of that soft drink.

But other artificial sweeteners are not as dangerous as aspartame? Isn’t it better when you crave for a soft drink do not grab a diet soft drink but a normal soft drink that might be still better than all the chemicals of artificial sweeteners.

To a healthier living and lifestyle


Weight Loss The #1 Priority In The Western World


http://www.cbsnews.com/news/the-key-to-weight-loss-you-cant-outrun-a-bad-diet/The key to losing weight? If you’re hitting the gym every day but don’t see the numbers going down on the scale, you might be going about weight loss all wrong. New research says focusing solely on exercise is not the answer to losing weight.

In an editorial published in the British Journal of Sports Medicine, researchers say excess sugar and carbs — not physical inactivity — are primarily to blame for the growing obesity epidemic.

Researchers write that although regular exercise has many health benefits — reducing the risk of developing cardiovascular disease, type 2 diabetes and some forms of cancer by 30 percent — it is our high caloric diets that lead to obesity.

If you’re hitting the gym every day but don’t see the numbers going down on the scale, you might be going about weight loss all wrong. New research says focusing solely on exercise is not the answer to losing weight. In an editorial published in the British Journal of Sports Medicine, researchers say excess sugar and carbs — not physical inactivity — are primarily to blame for the growing obesity epidemic.

You know there are some misinformation about losing weight. Some people think when running every day they don’t have to change their habits and can keep eating their junk-food.

It is almost impossible under normal circumstances going to work and exercising after or before work and still have some other interest as friends and wife and kids. It is almost an impossible task.


http://www.popsugar.com/fitness/How-Lose-Weight-From-Your-Hips-Thighs-37310807How to Lose Weight From Your Hips and Thighs | POPSUGAR Fitness It’s not all in your head: there’s a reason you can’t lose those last three to five pounds. Your body does whatever it can to maintain this status quo, and when you’re dedicated to making major lifestyle changes, you’ll need to get comfortable with being uncomfortable because your body is doing everything it can to fight back. Your body is capable of some pretty impressive stuff.

Doesn’t look that promising? The part around the hips is the most difficult part.


http://www.care2.com/greenliving/7-major-links-between-diet-and-mental-health.html7 Major Links Between Diet and Mental Health | Care2 Healthy Living Diet is one of the key factors of preventing disease and maintaining a healthy lifestyle. Its no surprise, then, that what you eat can also impact your mental health, and, for people with mental illnesses or disorders, your diet can both help and harm your treatment and recovery. Read on forsome of the links between diet and mental health issues.

Some people’s depression and anxiety is actually rooted entirely in their diet. Vitamins in the B class, particularly Vitamin B12, B6, and folate, have all been linked to depression, memory loss, and even paranoia and delusions. These deficiencies are more common in adults over the age of 50, vegans and other strict vegetarians, long-term alcoholics and people on certain medications. And it’s not just people with poor diets that can have vitamin-b deficiencies: sometimes, no matter how much you eat, your body just can’t absorb enough of the stuff. Luckily, you can find out if you’re deficient in these vitamins by getting a simple blood test; talk to your doctor about your symptoms.

More and more research is suggesting that a diet rich in omega-3 fatty acids can help people cope with schizophrenia and other psychotic disorders, and even help prevent these disorders in the first place. It may be particularly helpful for people experiencing psychosis for the first time; some studies have suggested that treating these folks with omega-3 fatty acids helps prevent the development of more chronic mental illnesses.

Losing weight, diets, fitness programs is a part of our healthy living, but getting rid of our bad habits is one of the difficult part and that’s why it is a billion industry. Everyone is trying to get rid of some pounds but with the less effort possible.

Many people hate exercising, many people hate to eat healthy because they’re fast food is filling faster, even they are hungry again after a few hours. That really doesn’t matter as long as we satisfied our cravings. 

When will people learn to get rid of part of the bad habit. This bad habits are rooted in our society because of stress, having no time and so on. But it is also part of an education from childhood on. This education starts in the families, school and later as an adult in business. We have to form a more health oriented society but also take off  the bad publicity that is showing everywhere. But how can we educate our children if we as parents cannot educate ourselves.

Lot has to be done, but there is always a way to change something as long as you have the right mindset and the will power to change something.

To a healthy living

Anton Winkler

How Dangerous Can Be The Internet In The Future?




http://www.cnet.com/uk/news/google-bursts-into-the-wireless-industry-with-project-fi/Google bursts into the wireless industry – CNET The search giant unveils a new service that switches between cellular and Wi-Fi signals and lets customers pay for only what data they use.

Google wants to be your wireless carrier.

Google hopes to stand out by changing the way it charges customers. Typically, smartphone owners pay wireless carriers like AT&T and Verizon a bulk rate for a certain amount of data. Google says it will let customers pay for only what data they use on their phones, from doing things like making calls, listening to music and using apps, potentially saving them significant amounts of money.

Google entered the wireless industry with a new service that combines cellular signals and Wi-Fi. CNET Google wants to be your wireless carrier. The search giant on Wednesday announced its long-anticipated wireless service in the United States, called Project Fi.

Google the Giant, some call it Google the Monster. If Google controls more and more the internet and your private life with phones and wireless connection how dangerous can that be for your privacy and for your living in general.

A company like google doesn’t ask you why you are delayed with payment, they don’t tell you that you have something wrong on your site or your video…no, they just shut you down or cancel your account, they don’t give you any reason, they don’t have to excuse themselves for doing this and that, they just do it and that is the power of this company.

So, just imagine if they will control more and more your life there comes a moment that they control your life, your phone calls, your movements on the net, they have you in their hands.



Peugeot, IBM working to connect cars to shops and servicing – Yahoo News From Yahoo News: By Eric Auchard FRANKFURT (Reuters) – PSA Peugeot Citroen and IBM are working together to hook cars up to the Internet, going beyond mapping and infotainment to link vehicles up to shops, service networks and urban transport grids, the companies said on Wednesday. The agreement to develop new types of valued-added services for vehicles builds on an initial partnership between the automaker and technology consultant announced a year ago. Software analytics from the car and tapping into smart grids of sensors on traffic signs and streetlights could help manage congestion and cut down on pollution, as well as feeding back to service networks for preventive car maintenance programs. It could also link vehicles to retailers, an IBM executive said.

http://www.searchenginejournal.com/how-to-write-for-googles-mobile-algorithm-update/130719/Writing For Google’s Biggest Algorithm Update Yet | SEJ Now, Google willreleaseaGoogle mobile updateonApril 21. This update promises to be even wider-reaching than both of the bird-inspired updates that valuedhigh-quality content. Understanding the Scope of Googles Mobilegeddon Update Googles new update promises to be a game changer.

In my opinión the best thing to do is writing for your site-visitor and not for the search engines. I guess this is one of the best advice you can get and also from some marketing experts. Read article below!


http://charliepage.com/how-to-avoid-googles-latest-slap/How To Avoid Googles Latest Slap – CharliePage.com Google’s “slaps” have now become things of legend online. From Panda to Penguin to Hummingbird, they all left confusion, hype and misinformation in their wake.

My experience with SEO has been this.

Write for your reader, and not for the search engines, and you will do well.

Googles slaps have now become things of legend online. Write for your reader, and not for the search engines, and you will do well. Put another way;write for people, not robots.

The real estate is one of the biggest online businesses. Just imagine 204 million unique visitors that means traffic on the web. We all know that there is quite a bit competition, but there is still place for newcomers. It depends on how good you manage your business and marketing for your business. That means naturally also how to get traffic to your site.

http://www.inman.com/2015/04/15/how-to-drive-traffic-to-your-real-estate-website/How to drive traffic to your real estate website | Inman The statistics for this article come from a RealTrends newsletter (4/10/15) on a study they did on the market’s interaction with real estate websites in 2014. The analysis, discussion and suggestions are my fault.

Wow, 204 million unique visitors to real estate websites in 2014 — all to sell 5 million homes, plus or minus. From a marketing perspective, this tells me that you need to qualify your leads pretty well before tossing them in the back of your car. One of these individual website users has a statistical chance of just under 5 percent of either buying or selling a home this year, assuming both a listing side and a buying side to each of the 5 million homes sold.

This also means that you had better have an excellent customer relationship manager (CRM) program in place because 95 percent of the people interacting with a real estate website aren’t going to buy or sell this year — but perhaps sometime in the future.

Now the good news for the individual brokers, independent brokerages and the large regional brokerages: Your sites pulled in 90 million unique visitors.

A very relevant note is that 40 percent of the 240 million visitors came via mobile. If your site is not “responsive design” or the more expensive specialized “app” design, you need at least two: iOS and Android, you are probably losing prospective clients or at least irritating them to the point of exploring another broker’s site.

http://www.business2community.com/online-marketing/traffic-optimization-secrets-people-dont-know-01193792Traffic Optimization Secrets Most People Dont Know About When it comes down to it, making money with Internet marketing isnt rocket science. All you have to do is use paid or free methods that lead visitor to your offers, services or product, then utilize techniques within our content that maximize conversion rates. You can sometimes get results within a few hours or even a few minutes of launching your paid traffic campaigns.

The paid platform most marketers use is Google AdWords. It’s the biggest and most popular. But therein lies the problem: Google AdWords is so big that it’s often really hard to get your offers noticed by consumers. It’s simply so filled with competitors that you either have to spend a fortune bidding on the best keywords or risk getting little return for your marketing dollar.

Plus, Google has one of the worst support structures you are going to find anywhere. It also has built a reputation for being hostile toward affiliate marketers. Google has been known to ban accounts suddenly and without explanation. And they are so big, they can get away with it!

Right now, social approval signals are the top measure of site ranking. But creating back links to your web pages from high authority sites still can influence your page’s rankings.

Traffic Monopoly

Tips Cooking Yourself To A Healthy Lifestyle


http://www.onegreenplanet.org/natural-health/tips-to-cook-yourself-to-a-healthier-lifestyle/5 Tips to Cook Yourself to a Healthier Lifestyle | One Green Planet Many dishes can also be made without having to cook them at all. So instead of opting for a dinner out because youre tired, how about just using some easy tips and eat at home instead? Youll avoid all the added sodium, oil, possible refined flours and sugars, and the expensive costs just by doing so.

Food prep is one of the most dreaded task for many people, but it’s also one of the easiest ways to get yourself started on a healthy lifestyle. There are also many ways to streamline your food prep time so that you don’t spend hours in a kitchen all day on your days off or after work. Many dishes can also be made without having to cook them at all. For instance, smoothies, overnight oatmeal, salads, and even no-bake snacks or raw energy bars, but all of us crave a little cooked food now and again. So instead of opting for a dinner out because you’re tired, how about just using some easy tips and eat at home instead? You’ll avoid all the added sodium, oil, possible refined flours and sugars, and the expensive costs just by doing so.


Many people are afraid of cooking or preparing something at home. I know they are tired after a full day work in the office. But you do not need a lot of time to prepare something healthy.

A healthy dinner you prepare within 5 to 10 minutes or less. Some dishes you can prepare during the commercial announcing at your favorite program.

You just need some vegetables as slices of salad, cucumber or tomatoes, apple, grapes, or whatever you have at home. You can make your own invention when it comes to make a healthy dinner. It should not be heavy, have fruits, vegetables a little bit of olive oil, and lemon or vinegar, and goat cheese.

With that you can make a delicious dinner for you and your partner in case you have one. If you don’t than make the dinner for two days for example.

healthy livingYou can even take it with you to the office for a breakfast or after breakfast.

Cooking our food in oil has become normal, but it’s one of the worst ways to add unnecessary fat and worse, highly heated fats, to our diet. And consider this: One tablespoon of oil contains 14-17 grams of fat depending on the oil, no fiber, and contains little value once heated. Cooking with oils also makes them more rancid, even those with high cooking temperatures. You can actually cook any food with just water and a little herbs to add flavor. If you can’t live without olive oil or other oils, then try using them in just 1 teaspoon amounts either drizzled over the top of cooked vegetables or salads instead. Or, better yet, see these 5 Oil-Free, Dairy-Free Salad Dressings to Try Instead.

If you’re going to cook healthy foods, why just do it for one meal? Roasting some sweet potatoes or making a salad? Make three or four servings and put into to-go containers for later for easy grab and go eats. If you already have all the ingredients out and are spending time on one meal, why not just use more of the same ingredients and take care of a few other meals why you’re at it? Some dishes can even be frozen, and many don’t require any cooking at all to be prepared ahead of time, such as smoothie prep jars, mason jar meals, overnight oats, salads, chopped veggies as snacks, etc. This is also a great tip to use for making healthy desserts. You can make more than one or two servings and freeze them so you always have something healthy on hand when a craving strikes! Oatmeal cookies, no-bake bites and bars, raw energy balls, and raw desserts are all great ideas that freeze easily.

The best way to keep your meals healthy and efficient are to use minimal ingredient when possible. Many people dread cooking simply due to the long list of ingredients many recipes require. But vegetables, fruit, grains, nuts, seeds, and beans and legumes don’t need a lot of fancy ingredients to make them delicious. Keep things simple and learn to appreciate the taste that food has with just a few seasonings. This won’t only ensure you don’t spend lots of time preparing them, but it will also likely help you eat healthier at the same time. Along with using less ingredients, skip the meat while you’re at it. This won’t just save calories, but also reduce your risk for many types of cancer, along with heart disease and diabetes. As a bonus, you’ll also save money and cooking time needed to prepare meats safely. Leaving meat off your plate is one of the best health choices you can make and an easy way to minimize cooking steps too.

Keep experimenting with cooking at home and try to prepare more easy, raw foods when you can, or use your slow-cooker to make a variety of dishes. These foods are much more nourishing than processed or fast food, and a lot less expensive and often healthier than eating out all the time. Anyone can do it, even if you work long hours and have a demanding schedule. Try out these tips and let us know if you have any tips of your own that help you eat healthier!

Here are some great examples of easy to prepare, simple and healthy meals and desserts: Cinnamon Coconut Yogurt, Easy Cheesy Broccoli and Brown Rice Bake, Breakfast Berry Smoothie With Cacao Drizzled and Chia Seed Pudding, Roasted Veggies With Buttery Garlic and Spinach Salad, Avocado Zucchini Sushi With Brown Rice, The Perfect Whole Grain Protein Bowl, 3 Minute Acai Bowl, Pineapple Sorbet.

Food acts as directors to our cells, therefore since cancer is the mutation of abnormal cells, it’s time we start thinking about food on a cellular level, not just how it satisfies our cravings or fits in with society’s trends. But food isn’t the only part of cancer prevention, of course. Other important factors also come into play when it comes to cancer (and other disease) prevention.

Why Quality Of Diet Does Not Help Older People To Lose Weight?


weight reduction,

I guess there is no surprise when we here that Americans tend to gain weight when they get older.

The question is why is that trend that when getting older they put more body fat, even so the quality of their diets improves in many cases.

What does that mean, if Americans improve their quality of their diets but still putting more fat on their body?

I guess there is no other explanation that losing fat or not putting fat on a body is not only related to or quality of diets, it is also related to our physical condition, I mean what do we do to get moved and not only sitting in our comfortable house watching our favorite programs on TV.

The other day I read an interesting post in the Huffington “Healthy Living section”, and it says clearly that the Americans try to correct their softening midsection with things like salads and lean proteins. And, unfortunately, that doesn’t work.

Read more why?

According to a recent analysis of physical activity, diet and weight among U.S. adults. Instead, whether or not a person engaged in moderate to vigorous physical activity was more likely to predict their ability to stave off age-associated weight gain.

The study, which breaks down data points from 4,999 American adults ages 20 to over 70 years old, is large enough in sample size to depict an accurate snapshot of how Americans are aging — and how their diet and exercise levels change over the years.

There is only one factor that it very important besides a quality diet – we need to move more our as, we need to walk some minutes every day. And we have to make it to a habit. We don’t need to walk fast, we don’t need to run, just walk every day.

You can pick your time of day if you are more a morning guy like me, or after the breakfast or lunch, whenever you want to walk, as long as you walk.exercises for senior citizen

This counts more than anything else to stay on a good weight and keep it. You know I see it daily in companies, the conveniences we have in our jobs, as you cannot carry something heavy as more as 20 or 25 pounds in some companies.

You cannot go up a ladder you need an altitude certificate otherwise they won’t allow you to stay on a ladder, you know that all these conveniences are affecting our health.

That’s why over 50 percent of adults are either overweight or obese, which increases risk for diseases like diabetes, cardiovascular disease, some cancers and reproductive problems.

Our work-regulations instead of helping us they make us sicker. So what is the purpose of all those regulations on one side they want to get down accidents that companies don’t pay higher insurance rates but on the other side our health system has to spend more money on all the diseases that obesity provokes.

Another big issue is that there is not enough done for people to walk in the streets. Everything is made for the convenience of driving a car why don’t cities not start to take more care of the senior citizens starting with getting more walk ways for the people that they can walk more instead of contaminating with their car.

Senior citizens have a longer live expectation but they are punished to stay in their houses instead of walking and doing exercises. In my opinion the society is making all efforts to control our senior citizens with gyms and community centers and so on, that you only can reach by car, contaminating our environment.

We should get more done for our senior citizens as the population of elder people is growing year by year but the services or possibilities for those people are staying behind.

It’s time to do more for our senior citizens because they have the right to get treaded in a better way because of their service and long work for the country and the community. Now it is time that the government starts to repay some of what they owe to senior citizens.

To a healthier living

Anton Winkler






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3 Steps to get more traffic

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Hiring SEO experts, writers, paying for backlinks, social bookmarking, the works, just to keep up with their ever demanding and changing requirements …

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3 steps to generate traffic

Mexican Fast Food VS American Fast Food


http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/ChipotleChipotle – Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia Varieties of jalapeo vary in size and heat. In Mexico, the jalapeo is also known as the cuaresmeo and gordo. Until recently, chipotles were largely found in the markets of central and southern Mexico.


http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Chipotle_Mexican_GrillChipotle Mexican Grill – Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

By the time McDonald’s fully divested itself from Chipotle in 2006,[16] the chain had grown to over 500 locations. After one month, the original restaurant was selling over 1,000 burritos a day.[19] The second store opened in 1995 using Chipotle’s cash flow, and the third was opened using an SBA loan. To fund more growth, Ells’ father invested $1.5 million.

By the time McDonald’s fully divested itself from Chipotle in 2006,[16] the chain had grown to over 500 locations. After one month, the original restaurant was selling over 1,000 burritos a day.[19] The second store opened in 1995 using Chipotle’s cash flow, and the third was opened using an SBA loan. To fund more growth, Ells’ father invested $1.5 million.

The company has released a mission statement called Food with Integrity, which highlights its efforts in using organic ingredients,[7] and serves more naturally raised meat than any other restaurant chain.[14] Chipotle is one of the first chains of fast casual dining establishments.[15]

In October 2006, McDonald’s fully divested from Chipotle.[26] This was part of a larger initiative for McDonald’s to divest all of its non-core business restaurants – Chipotle, Donato’s Pizza, and Boston Market – so that it could squarely focus on the main McDonald’s chain.[27] McDonald’s invested approximately $360 million into Chipotle, and took out $1.5 billion.[20] The company currently trades on the New York Stock Exchange.[19]

Competitors in the fast-casual Mexican market include Qdoba Mexican Grill, Moe’s Southwest Grill, Rubio’s Fresh Mexican Grill, Panchero’s Mexican Grill, Freebirds World Burrito, and Baja Fresh.[28] In a list of fastest-growing restaurant chains in 2009, Chipotle was ranked eighth, based on increases in U.S. sales over the past year,[29] and in 2010 Chipotle was ranked third.[30] Consumer Reports ranked Chipotle as the best Mexican fast-food chain in 2011.[31] The company serves approximately 750,000 customers per day.[32]

In August 2008, Chipotle opened its first location outside of the United States in Toronto, Ontario in Canada.[10] The second location in Toronto and Canada was not opened until 2010.[44] The first Canadian location outside of the Toronto area was open in Vancouver, British Columbia in December 2012.[45] Except for the single location in Vancouver, all Canadian locations were within the Toronto area at the end of 2014.

The majority of food is prepared in each restaurant. Some exceptions are the beans and carnitas, which are prepared at a central kitchen in Chicago, Illinois.[76] None of the restaurants have freezers, microwave ovens, or can openers.[77]

http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Chipotle_Mexican_GrillChipotle Mexican Grill – Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia




Chipotle is a chili mostly used in Mexican cuisines. The word chipotle comes from the Nahuatl word ‘chilpoctli’ and means “smoked Chili” which is a dried jalapeño. According to Wikipedia it is also used Mexican-American cuisines, Tex-Mex and southwestern dishes.

It is a type of chili I don’t like very much, not because of the hot and spicy stuff, but because it is the only chili my digestion system doesn’t like, at least not very much.

I can eat a natural jalapeño or habanero or other chili, but not this one and I tell you that the habanero is much spicier than the chipotle. But anyway it wasn’t the idea to lead you off from the point.

The other day I read an interesting article about the restaurant chain Chipotle in the States and that Hillary Rodman Clinton was ordering a burrito in that restaurant Chain in Ohio.

I sometimes ask myself is it because of the fame Mexican Restaurants have in the States, or is it because of the normal thinking of Mexican cuisine that is healthier than the other big fast food chains? Or is it because it is just “In” at the moment.

It might be a little bit of both because without any doubt the Mexican cuisine is one of the best. But that doesn’t mean that the fast Food Chain is a healthier one. Okay, you have in that chipotle restaurant lots of salads and other healthy food as tomatoes, chili, et cetera.

 But have you ever thought that it is not only the cholesterol of calories that gives you problems, it is also the trans-fat and sodium that affects your healthy lifestyle. And in many fast food restaurants the sodium containing the food is very high.

Just that you have an idea read more in this article about what Hillary Rodman Clinton was ordering and what many customers are ordering and eating. In many cases the most favorite food in these chains is the one that has around half of the daily allowance of calories of 2000.

But you know what, I have found out that the food with the highest fat and calories are the most wanted in many restaurants.

Once in a while there is no problem when going out and eating in a restaurant, but ask the waiter what is the food with the less sodium content.


http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Chipotle_Mexican_GrillChipotle Mexican Grill – Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia




http://www.nytimes.com/2015/04/15/upshot/hillary-clintons-chipotle-order-above-average.html?rref=upshot&module=Ribbon&version=context&region=Header&action=click&contentCollection=The%20Upshot&pgtype=article&abt=0002&abg=1Hillary Clinton’s Chipotle Order: Above Average



Hillary Clinton ordered a burrito bowl at a Chipotle outside Toledo, Ohio.

Let others deconstruct her apparent anonymity or how her visit compared with President Obama’s. Here’s what The Upshot can contribute: Is Mrs. Clinton’s order like the normal Chipotle meals of everyday Americans, or is it polarizing?

At the time of this writing, much about Mrs. Clinton’s order was still unknown. We do know that it was a chicken bowl (with guacamole, according to ABC News). Less known, but critical: Did she get rice and beans, which are free with the order? What about fajita vegetables, or more than one kind of salsa? Even more important, from a calorie perspective: did she include cheese and sour cream? This information, much like the contents of some of her emails when she was Secretary of State, we may never know.

So here’s our potentially presidential order: chicken bowl, white rice, black beans, fresh garden salsa, shredded cheese, lettuce and guacamole.

According to Chipotle’s nutritional calculator, this comes to 840 calories, 11.5 grams of saturated fat and 1,720 milligrams of sodium.

Answer: Mrs. Clinton’s order had significantly fewer calories, saturated fat and sodium than most orders do. Specifically, almost 75 percent of meals ordered at Chipotle had more calories than Mrs. Clinton’s; about 75 percent had more sodium; and about 70 percent had more saturated fat.

When reflecting about all the fast food chain and it doesn’t matter if it is TacoBell, Chipotle or Burger King, Mc Donald or whatever name they have. In my opinion the best food is when preparing at home and only sometimes you eat in restaurants.

You can say what you want preparing at home your food is healthier than anywhere else.

Short History Of April


The other day I was searching and found an article about April. I came across the question, “What is April”? According the website Dictionary.com I found some interesting ideas.

When I dicked deeper I could see that there are thousands of books with the name April.

The April Fools’ Day is popular since the 19th century, it is not a public holiday in any country it is just a Fools’ Day. You won’t believe it – the first recorded association between 1 April and foolishness – is in Geoffrey Chaucer’s The Canterbury Tales from 1932.

Mark Twain once wrote: This is the day upon which we are reminded of what we are on the other three hundred and sixty-four.

Around 450 BC, April slipped into the fourth slot and assigned 29 days. Another theory holds that since months are often named for gods and goddess and since Aphrilis is derived from the Greek Aphrodite, one can surmise that the month was named for the Greek goddess of love, whom the Romans called Venus. Windermere Real Estate/City Group has 23 agents and is growing, Garst says.

Did you know that
April is the fourth month of the year in the Gregorian calendar, the fifth in the early Julian and one of four months with a length of 30 days.
Did you know that
April starts on the same day of the week as July in all years, and January in leap years. April ends on the same day of the week as December every year. October of the previous year starts on the same day of the week as April of the current year as a common year and May of the previous year starts on the same day of the week as April of the current year as a leap year. July of the previous year ends on the same day of the week as April of the current year as a common year and February and October of the previous year ends on the same day of the week as April of the current year as a leap year. In years immediately before common years, April starts on the same day of the week as September and December of the following year and in years immediately before leap years, June of the following year. In years immediately before common years, April ends on the same day of the week as September of the following year and in years immediately before leap years, March and June of the following year. In common years immediately after common years, April begins on the same day of the week as January of the previous year while in leap years and years immediately after that, April finishes on the same day of the week as January of the previous year.

The Romans gave this month the Latin name Aprilis but the derivation of this name is uncertain. The traditional etymology is from the verb aperire, “to open”, in allusion to its being the season when trees and flowers begin to “open”, which is supported by comparison with the modern Greek use of ἁνοιξις (anoixis) (opening) for spring. Since some of the Roman months were named in honor of divinities, and as April was sacred to the goddess Venus, her Veneralia being held on the first day, it has been suggested that Aprilis was originally her month Aphrilis, from her equivalent Greek goddess name Aphrodite (Aphros), or from the Etruscan name Apru. Jacob Grimm suggests the name of a hypothetical god or hero, Aper or Aprus.

April was the second month of the earliest Roman calendar, before Ianuarius and Februarius were added by King Numa Pompilius about 700 BC. It became the fourth month of the calendar year (the year when twelve months are displayed in order) during the time of the decemvirs about 450 BC, when it also was given 29 days. The 30th day was added during the reform of the calendar undertaken by Julius Caesar in the mid-40s BC, which produced the Julian calendar.

In Slovene, the most established traditional name is mali traven, meaning the month when plants start growing. It was first written in 1466 in the Škofja Loka manuscript.
Did you know that
Aprilis had 30 days, until Numa when it had 29 days, until Julius when it became 30 days long. Aphrodite is the Greek goddess of love and beauty. She is identified with the Roman goddess Venus
Did you know that
The “Days of April” (journées d’avril) is a name appropriated in French history to a series of insurrections at Lyons, Paris and elsewhere, against the government of Louis Philippe in 1834, which led to violent repressive measures, and to a famous trial known as the procès d’avril.