How to Fill out the Daytime as a Senior Citizen?

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Being a senior citizen means a change in your lifestyle. Sometimes, it can be so dramatic and sudden that these changes can leave you feeling unfamiliar with your own self. You were once so used to working a day job or managing a small department in a company when suddenly, as you hit a certain age, you are forced to rest even though, you feel you are still capable of working or being productive.


The society has put too much emphasis on youth that it tends to regard seniors as those who can no longer adapt to stress. What are the daytime activities that you can do to make your day meaningful as soon as you reach your senior years?


Book Club


Socializing is vital to emotional health and fitness. Going out and interacting with other seniors will help you find new inspirations in life. Take advantage of your newfound social circle and start doing something productive such as having a small book club. You can start choosing a short novel and then discussing it in a group after you have read it. You can even discuss current world issues and relate them to the course of history that you have experienced.


Card Games


One way to fill out your daytime is to play card games. If you are not in the mood to do something as intellectual as book discussions, then card games will provide the adequate mental stimulation that you need without being overly taxing. In addition, card games will help you socialize with other senior citizens.


Gardeninggardening exercise for senior citizens


Gardening has always been an innate to desire to almost all senior citizens. It is fulfilling to see the seedlings that you tendered grow into bushes, leafy herbs and trees. Gardening does not cost a lot and you can maintain it at home. Unlike other activities, your grandchildren or children can join your gardening quests. If you want to be extra productive in gardening, then try growing your own foods. Aside from being cheaper, they are also healthier, knowing that you did not use any chemicals to treat them.


Practice Memory Games


When the human brain learns something new, it creates new neural pathways so that the neurons can have specific “roads” to deliver synapses faster. The pathways and neural circuits in the brain deteriorate as people age. This health concern is the primary reason for senility and other mental problems. In addition, these pathways diminish when they are not regularly used. If you tried to learn a foreign language in 6th grade and you have not spoken it since, chances are you have forgotten about it already because the pathways associated with that language has now “faded”.


Practicing mind games such as crossword puzzles and Sudoku can help the brain stay sharp. Answering IQ quizzes can also help. If your previous career is involved in math and sciences, then it would also help if you answer arithmetic and logic problems. Do not let your intelligence rest just because you are already a senior citizen.

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What to Care About as a Senior Citizen


Senior Citizens what do they have to care about?

live a healthy life

Ageing is part of life. It is vital to approach it with understanding and willingness to accept change because the human body will not be able to perform as smoothly and as nimbly as it used to when you were in your teens up to your thirties. It is also crucial to discuss the changes well with family members. In addition, the people involved at work i.e. your colleagues, boss and employees should be aware of the new phase you are into.


What Age is Considered as Senior Citizen?


Typically, the age considered as senior citizen lies around 65 years old. However, in a survey conducted by US News in 2010, only half of the 64-year old consider themselves qualifying as seniors. Most of them feel that they are younger than their chronological age, which is good. However, it is inevitable to experience a host of physical changes that will come hand in hand with age, regardless if the person feels younger than his or her age. Moreover, it is vital to apply extra care to prevent the inevitable physical changes from rapidly accelerating.


Care for Aging Men and Women


Health is the primary reason for senior citizen care. Next to that are the legal documents that a senior needs to secure. Do not let one family member shoulder the task of taking care of your aging mother or father alone. It will be too unsustainable if you demand the expenses and emotional support from only one person. Ideally, all the children should contribute in caring for their parents. If the grandchildren are capable of it, then let them contribute, too.


It is given that most, if not all, family members will not be able to attend to the needs of a senior person. The first option that comes to mind is hiring a caregiver who will tend to their needs. Nowadays, there is a surge of caregivers coming from Asia, but that does not mean that the rates that they charge are lower than local caregivers. A caregiver may be necessary to a senior who has health or mental problems such as Alzheimer’s disease and Parkinson’s.

Chances are they need someone who can and will administer their medication regularly. Establish regular communication with them so that they will not feel left out. Check on them to make sure their caregiver treats them properly. Do not entrust vital documents such as wills, insurances, and health and union cards to the caregiver.


In addition to having a person to attend to them, have your home modified to suit their needs. They may start developing difficulty climbing the stairs and maneuvering around the rooms. In addition, as their eyesight deteriorates, they may miss changing floor levels at doorsteps so make sure to renovate your house slightly to fit their needs.


If you can’t, apply visible color markings on the doorsteps, kitchen counters and bathrooms. Install proper handlebars on the wall of the shower area so that they have something to grip. If you have a bathtub, discourage your elderly mother or father to use it because they might accidentally slip.

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A Senior Citizen’s Guide: Tips on Eating Your Way to a Healthier You

Your health-healthy living


Being aware of the ingredients that should and should not be included in a senior’s food intake is necessary to attain proper nutrition through an efficient diet.


As a person ages, a change in the digestive system occurs. Less and less fluids (responsible for the process of food) is produced, which would likely make it harder for the body to absorb important nutrients.


Furthermore, because senior citizens may suffer from slower metabolism, they might need to eat less so as not to be obese.


So as metabolism slows down, the need of seniors to take in nutrient-rich foods is higher.


What consists of the best diet for senior citizens?


Here is a list of foods that you could include in your checklist:


  1. Whole grains. Whole grains are rich in fiber and nutrients that could help protect the heart and improve the digestive functions of senior citizens. Whole grains include oatmeal, whole wheat bread, brown rice, and etcetera.


  1. Water. Because there is low muscle density, senior citizens become more susceptible to dehydration that is why it is advisable for them to drink approximately 15 glasses of water a day.


  1. Food with high water content. Chugging water may not always be a joy to the elderly. A solution for this is providing him or her food with high water content. Some examples include cucumber and watermelon.


  1. Low-fat dairy products are also advisable for senior citizens. Because of the amount of calcium they contain, low-fat dairy products can help in bone building. To senior citizens, this could prevent osteoporosis and bone fractures. Examples of dairy products include milk, yogurt, or cheese.


  1. Food rich in Protein. Do you know that eating the right amount and quality of protein can improve your mood? Yes, it can boost one’s resistance to stress and anxiety. There are many other benefits from eating foods rich in protein. Foods containing high quality proteins include fish, plant-based sources, and chicken (skinless). Egg whites can also be good sources of protein.


  1. Herbs and spices, healthy oils. For senior citizens, their old age also comes with the weakening of their taste senses. Because of this, they might go for more salty or more sugary foods. It is not advisable for them to do so. To make up for this, you can change salt with healthier ingredients such as herbs and spices and healthy oils (example: olive oil). You can also use fruits in exchange for sugar. In that way, you won’t be able to compromise both the senior citizen’s diet and sense of taste.


  1. “Eat the rainbow”. Did you know that the color of your food indicates its nutritional value? Eating various colored foods is one way of getting as many vitamins and minerals as possible. ‘Rainbow’ foods include various kinds of fruits, vegetables, beans, nuts, seeds, seafood and lean meats.


There you have it. We hope that this information has helped. However, you need to consult a medical expert all the time because in different cases, some of the food suggestions may not be fit for another senior.

Benefits of Antioxidants to Senior Citizens


Why should senior citizens be encouraged to eat antioxidant-rich foods?

In our bodies, there are molecular species called “free radicals”. Simply put, these free radicals are “antagonists”, “thieves” inside us. Free radicals contain an unpaired electron. This makes them unstable. So they move around the body, stealing electrons from any nearby molecule they could get from.

free radicals kill our cellsIn addition, free radicals are capable of damaging cells and genetic material. It can change the structure of function of the material it steals electrons from, and could change instructions ‘written’ in a strand of one’s DNA.

It is now thought that excessive damage caused by free radical is a cause of degenerative diseases and brain aging. What antioxidants do is to fight free radicals off or reduce their damage by giving free radicals electrons, thus preventing the free radicals from stealing electrons from other materials or molecules.

The body can create antioxidants. However, the ones produced by the body may not be enough to battle harmful free radicals. Good thing, supplies of it arrive from food that are rich in antioxidants.

Vitamins A, C, and E are three of the most well known to have antioxidant properties. Some foods that have large antioxidant contents include apples, berries, green tea, carrots, tomatoes, green leafy vegetables (ex: collards, spinach), and many more.

Here are some of the benefits of taking foods rich in antioxidants:

1. Studies show that antioxidants help reduce the physical manifestations of aging by minimizing wrinkles. Apart from that, antioxidants can also protect one’s skin from damage caused by the sun.
2.  Excessive damage caused by free radical is one main cause of degenerative diseases like Alzheimer. However, by increasing the intake of antioxidants, some degenerative diseases (or diseases one could acquire from old age) can be prevented. Some of these diseases include heart disease, cancer, arthritis, Alzheimer’s, and many others.
3. There are plenty of other recorded benefits of antioxidants to the body. Some of which include: better resistance to colds & flu, reduced high blood pressure, increase in energy, improved digestion, help in controlling diabetes, better memory and concentration.

Because of the free radicals’ effects and the help that antioxidants can give to battle them, senior citizens are encouraged to take food that are rich in antioxidants.

Researches show that antioxidants work more effectively when taken from whole foods and not from tablets. To this day, antioxidants’ effects continue to be studied around the world.

Keep in mind that however helpful to the system, it should not be a cause for being reliant to antioxidants alone. While the body naturally produces free radicals, you can also generate them from pollution, vices such as drinking and smoking, etc.

High stress levels can also lead to higher production of free radicals because of the body’s stress response. These are some reasons why a healthy lifestyle that includes proper rest and sleep, exercise, and food intake is important especially for senior citizens.

Furthermore, it is also advisable for senior citizens to ask professional medical advice to promote better health.

A Senior’s Exercise: How Do I Start?


A senior exercise, how to start


As the body ages, the system slows down and weakens.


This event is inevitable and it affects all human beings, especially senior citizens. Because they are more prone to complications, it is ideal that senior citizens and their family pay careful attention to their health.


Do you often feel tired after a short walk? Or have you noticed that you have a hard time doing physical activities (like bending) now? Is your weight noticeably increasing? Indeed, these are tell-tale signs of aging, but these may also be your body’s way of telling you that you need exercise.


Why is exercise important? Here are some of the benefits of exercising:

1. Exercising can help increase your mobility.
2. Exercising can help in preventing and/or controlling obesity, diabetes, and helps reduce the risk of common chronic diseases. Exercising can help you maintain flexibility.
3. It exercises the cardiac muscle, which helps keep the heart healthy.So, how should you get started?

First, know more about the benefits that exercise gives you. Learning about the health benefits that your body can get may encourage you to be consistent in your exercise–and a healthy lifestyle requires constant practice.

Second, eat healthy food. How can your body sustain minutes of exercise if you do not eat the right food, and the right amount of it? Eating healthfully goes hand in hand with your exercise. Your exercise will not work if you do not pair it with a healthy diet.

Third, start small. What some people fail to recognize is that a senior citizens’ (even non-senior citizens) body first needs to be trained in exercise. There is a difference between ‘doing’ it and ‘overdoing’ it. Exercise wisely. Begin with easy exercises, and if you feel you can do it, add a few more steps.Walking may be one good way to start. Take a walk to your park and take time to appreciate nature. It enriches the soul, and it can result to a state of peace and relaxation.

Fourth, have an accountability partner. No man is an island, even in exercising. To keep you motivated (maybe keep you reminded, too), you need someone who would be accountable with you. This person can be your spouse, a family member, or a friend.Being with a community (say a Zumba class, swimming classes, even dance lessons!) can help keep you motivated. It may also help you gain more information about living healthfully, and may help gain you some friends to keep you socially active.

Fifth, keep moving forward. Consistency is the key. Changes may not happen overnight, but being faithful to your diet and exercise will give you long-term benefits.
4. However simple, these suggestions may vary from person to person. So before starting out, it is best to hear out what your doctor has to say so you can improve your health through simple exercises.
5. Lastly, be happy. Nurture your soul, not only your physical being. Exercise is not only a way to keep fit physically. It is also a way to relieve stress and release to do fitness with a low self-esteem

How to Live Healthy as a Senior Citizen?







how to live healthy as a senior citizenAs a person grows older, there are more reasons for him or her to take caution. Because an elderly can be prone to experience more complications than young people, it is necessary that he or she develops an understanding about what his or her actions might lead to.


Health is wealth that is why having or developing a healthy lifestyle is important. However, the question is how can you achieve a healthy state and what should consist your healthy lifestyle?


According to the World Health Organization, “health is a state of complete physical, mental, and social well-being.” Lifestyle, on the other hand, is what consists your daily activities. So a healthy lifestyle refers to the things you constantly do with the reason to attain or sustain a healthy life.


It is safe to say that health includes not only the physical aspect of our being. Basically, some of the activities that support a healthy lifestyle include exercising, getting enough sleep and proper intake of food.


If you are one of those who are guilty of not taking these precautions to heart, have no fear! It is definitely not too late to start taking care of your body to improve your health.


cardio or strength workout

  1.  1. Exercising. There are many exercises to choose from including jogging, swimming, dancing. Strut that body! Start daily walks!What you choose will be on your or your doctor’s discretion. When you start, it is important to remember that determination is the key to consistency. The changes might not take overnight to happen, but you will surely reap the harvest that you have or will sow: notice those legs getting more flexible each day, and your face grow more glowing.While exercising, you might want to take a bottle of water with you. Because you can be more prone to dehydration, it is important to keep your body in check.
    2. Getting enough sleep. To people of all ages, getting enough sleep is an important part of growing. When we are asleep, our body is able to regenerate cells and clean our blood. This is why sleep is crucial. Senior citizens who do not get enough sleep might be more prone to some illnesses and accidents in balance (example: falls). Research also states that too little sleep contributes to weight gain and increased appetite.
    3.These suggestions might be helpful to senior citizens, but it could be applied by people of all ages as well. These basic exercises should not be taken lightly because these will affect a person’s well-being in the long run. May this be a reminder that the body and a person’s health is a gift that he should take care of and he should not take for granted.
    4. Proper Intake of Food. Exercising and the proper intake of food should go together. The two complement each other. The harder the body works, the more it needs food to sustain itself. Knowing what you should eat and what you should not eat is important, as well as how much of something you should be eating.

Seventy or Seventeen – How to Stay Young for Seniors?

seventeen or seventy how to stay healthy


What happens to us when we get old? Surely, we all agree that there is a noticeable issue about our fitness.


As a person ages, he or she faces a big probability of complications and diseases that his or her young self may have not been as susceptible to. Because the system is in decline, it works slower than it has ever worked before.


One of the changes that comes with age is the thinning of bones. This may make senior citizens more fragile and it reduces flexibility. Senior citizens may not be able to walk as fast, recall things as fast as in their younger years.dancing exercise


Another is the decrease in muscle mass because fat tends to replace muscles. This change makes senior citizens more prone to obesity, which in itself may trigger more complications. Metabolism rate may also get lower, which may heighten the risk of obesity.


In addition, physical manifestations of aging include the showing of white hairs, wrinkling of skin, and sagging of skin. Seniors might be prone to become emotionally sensitive, as well.


These changes are normal and may vary, depending on how well a person maintains his or her fitness. That is why it is important that senior citizens’ be well taken-cared of, and their fitness ‘meter’ be diligently monitored–which, of course, includes the intervention of a professional doctor.


Here are some of the tips to help maintain the fitness and well-being of your beloved Gramps and Grannies:winter weight gain


1. Watch their diet. What should a senior citizen cut in his or her diet? What should he or she avoid? More importantly, what should he or she add? How much should he or she take? A healthy and well-informed diet is vital to combat unwanted effects of complications brought about by aging. While it may be true that a person cannot alter his or her genetic makeup, a person can change how he or she lives.

2. Exercise. While some people say that there is no need to exercise because they are to ‘grow old anyway’, it should be noted that exercise has its own benefits to the young and old alike. It can help one be more flexible, active for a longer period of time, and can help reduce a senior citizen’s chances of getting obese as well. Exercising can even make one look and feel good!

3. Encourage him or her to socialize. Because various studies and research state that there is a bigger chance for an elderly to be prone to depression and loneliness, it is crucial to encourage a senior to be socially active. As much as it is important to encourage him or her to socialize, it is also important that he or she meets the right people. People whom a person chooses to surround himself or herself will later on affect one’s outlook in life. Therefore, there is a need to choose people who will encourage him or her, not put him or her down.

Age Defying Fitness: Making the Most of Your Body for the Rest of Your Life Book — Review


age-defying fitness





Author: by Marilyn Moffat and Carole B. Lewis



Marilyn Moffat served 6 years as the President of the American Physical Therapy Association (APTA), and currently works at New York University as a Full Professor of Physical Therapy.

She has served as a teacher and practitioner of physical therapy for more than 40 years, and has a current practice in the New York area.

Carole B. Lewis is a PhD as well as a Doctor of Physical Therapy, and has earned multiple advanced degrees in the field.

She wrote the very first textbook ever published on the process of geriatric rehabilitation, and has authored more than 20 textbooks on aging.

These respected and internationally known clinical physical therapists have come together to author Age Defying Fitness: Making the Most of Your Body for the Rest of Your Life.

More than 1/4 of the entire US population is over the age of 50.

It is obvious that there is a need for clear, sensible information concerning physical fitness for these Baby Boomers, as well as anyone that wants to understand their body better, and age gracefully and fit.

Written by a couple of women with decades of physical therapy schooling and actual practice under their belt, this book could be forgiven if it was written in a very technical matter.

But Moffat and Lewis do a great job in these 304 paperback pages of writing for the layperson, providing simple questions that allow you to assess your own physical health.

Using this information, plus the included resistance band, you personalize an activity and fitness plan that allows you to enjoy fitness and good health at any age.

The Idea

The idea of this book is to teach you how to correctly and specifically discover the shape you are in right now.

This is accomplished using 8 simple questions and your answers to them. You are then shown specific ways activity and movement can help you avoid age-related physical changes which are not as inevitable as society has preached.

And instead of simply pointing out exercises and fitness routines that you can use to get in shape at any age, like many other books already do,

Age Defying Fitness: Making the Most of Your Body for the Rest of Your Life includes something unique.

A Thera-Band resistive exercise band is included with your book purchase. This is not needed for all of the exercise routines provided. But there are several that allow you

to benefit from muscle resistance, accentuating the bodyweight training lessons and movements you are taught.

A single book purchase can positively affect the lives of you, your friends and family, because the question and answer process allows you to create your own personal profile.

Men and women at any age can begin to understand how movements and activity deliver overall body health inside and out, developing a simple everyday approach to achieving their best health as they age.

How the Book is Laid Out

Age Defying Fitness: Making the Most of Your Body for the Rest of Your Life starts out with a note from the authors.

You really get the sense that these two intelligent women are passionate about helping you get in your best physical shape regardless of your age.

They recommend that everyone over 50 years of age schedule an appointment with a physical therapist.

But they also point out that you can use several assessment questions, just as a licensed physical therapist would, to diagnose your baseline of fitness.

After this introduction there is a Physical Therapy FAQs section. You learn exactly what physical therapy is and how you can benefit from it.

Moffat and Lewis also include common questions they have received over the decades they have operated their own practices.

This section alone can answer a lot of your questions about the shape you are in, how you got there, and just what you can expect as far as results when you follow the lessons taught in the book.

You also learn exactly what a Thera-Band is. This resistive exercise band is included with your book purchase.

It supports a broad range of exercises, providing positive and negative resistance on your muscles. This improves your strength, range of motion and flexibility.

Now you get into the meat of the book. Chapter 1 is titled Assessing Your Body.

A chapter overview is presented, and then you have a quick quiz about physical fitness. Do not worry if you get a failing score.

What you will learn in the book helps you come to understand your body and the aging process better, and you will eventually be able to ace this test.

Age-related physical changes are then covered, as well as just how you should start off using the book.

An overview of subsequent chapters goes into detail, covering the 5 “Critical Domains” of physical performance.

These are posture, flexibility, balance, strength and endurance. Chapter 1 finishes up with 6 Tips for Success and a motivational piece entitled “What’s Stopping You?” that can help you push through physical and mental challenges to accomplish your fitness goals.

Chapters 2 through 6 cover in detail the 5 critical domains of physical fitness outlined in chapter 1.

Each chapter includes at least 8 exercises for improving and maintaining the critical domain that chapter covers, as well as an assessment of your current level of ability.

The close of every chapter then gives you Daily Tips and Energizing Ideas that you can use to implement what you just learned.

These 5 chapters form the basis for your fitness improvement. From posture changes to your muscle capability, anatomical and health information to checking your heart rate, common physical therapy diagnostic and results-oriented action-taking steps are explained and covered thoroughly.

Chapter 7 is titled Putting It All Together. And it teaches you exactly that.

You discover how to commit to exercise, as well as the importance of rewarding and encouraging yourself when you are challenged.

A page here is devoted to coping with soreness, and contact details are provided so you can communicate with the authors personally.

The book closes with a list of references you may want to check out, followed by a handy keyword-based index that you can use to quickly find the topics you are interested in.

Who Benefits from Age Defying Fitness: Making the Most of Your Body for the Rest of Your Life

Showering, walking, sitting, while watching TV, standing, driving and preparing meals are just a few of the common daily activities that you will learn to practice with proper form.

At home, at work and in the gym you discover how to use posture, flexibility and balance to increase your strength and endurance.

As Moffat and Lewis state on the back cover of the book, you learn “how to develop and maintain a personal fitness program that will keep you fit for life.”

Aimed at the 50 and over crowd, Age Defying Fitness: Making the Most of Your Body for the Rest of Your Life can help you understand your body better as you age past your prime.

Complete with a Thera-Band resistance exercise band, this thorough guide teaches you to become your own physical therapist so you can design and benefit from a personalized program of total body health and fitness.

In my opinión this book is worth the investment for Senior citizens who think to change their lifestyle.


The Impact of Diabetes on Your Life

the impact of diabetes in your life

The Impact of Diabetes on Your Life


A diagnosis of diabetes may have a huge impact on your life in many ways. You could develop serious health problems such as:


  • Skin – Skin problems are common in diabetics. Watch out for infections and other skin disorders such as calluses and foot ulcers.


  • Eyes – Cataracts, glaucoma and other eye problems should be monitored by getting regular eye checkups. People with diabetes will more than likely develop a disorder of the retina.


  • Feet – Numbness in the feet can occur if you have diabetes as can numerous other problems associated with circulation.

The truth is that with regular care and treatments from your health care provider, plus some necessary lifestyle changes, a diagnosis of diabetes doesn’t have to mean that complications are inevitable and devastating. Some of the changes that you can make to your lifestyle are:


  • Stress – Stress is harmful to both our mental and physical state of mind. If you can reduce stress in your life or learn how to manage it better, you can better control your blood glucose levels.


  • Regular exercise – Regular exercise can help your body respond positively to insulin and lower your blood sugar level. First, be sure that it’s safe for you to engage in some type of physical activity and then chose an exercise plan that you can enjoy and stick to. Be sure to drink plenty of water.


  • Diet – Consistency is key to a good diet plan for diabetes. the impact of diabetes on your life
  • Lower your intake of carbohydrates and try to eat about the same amount of food and at the same time every day to keep your blood sugar level on an even keel. Your health care provider can help you with a diet plan.


  • Smoking – If you’re a smoker, you need to know that smoking lessens the flow of blood in small blood vessels to the feet, which is why smokers are more likely to have amputations.

smoking a silent killer


Some other diseases that can strike your body when you suffer from diabetes are “frozen shoulder” and hemochromatosis.

Frozen shoulder can cause your shoulder to become very stiff and immobile. Hemochromatosis is a genetic disease that can cause a diabetes onset known as “bronze diabetes,” which is extremely serious and sometimes fatal.


As you can see, diabetes can be very limiting and sometimes devastating to your lifestyle and your plans for the future.

Among the things you can do to ensure that your diabetes is properly treated is to store your insulin as it should be and check the expiration dates on the vials before you use it.

If you have diabetes, you should check with your doctor and/or pharmacist before using any other medications – even over-the-counter products.

Keep in close contact with your health care provider and report any suspicious medical problems immediately.

But it is not only that you live on a diet plan, you should also exercising on a regular basis. Some people think that with a diet alone they can change for a better lifestyle.

Don’t think this way, you have to balance your diet with workouts at least two to three times on a weekly basis.


To your health and happiness and a healthier lifestyle


Anton Winkler

Get Fit and Healthy Reduce Stress



Your health-healthy living


So you want to get fit and healthy and live a more balanced life?


Most of us do, we all live in emotionally toxic society that expects women to do it all in very little time.

Many of us try to cram work, exercise, eating well, and cooking healthy foods in a brief time. We also want to be perfect wives and mothers.

Did you ever say to yourself, or think to yourself “I can’t do it all”, or “I am just so tired”? I think we all have.

Most women can’t handle all the responsibilities they are given therefore something has to suffer. We wonder why we have physical, emotional, and mental breakdowns.

The first part to healing this equation, is recognizing that stress and overload are the underlying problems.

The human nature is that we will do everything by ourselves. We never feel asking for help, we never like to say no, we think with little sleep we have is enough but during the week we are all stressed out.healthy living

If I am describing you, please realize only you can make the changes necessary to alter the hormonal collision course you are on.

Women are prone to toxic stress. Women take on more than they should and fail to realize it until it’s too late.

An interesting note is that some of the healthiest happiest women are ones who know how to say no.

Another interesting fact is some of the women with the biggest hormonal dysfunction are the ones who live lives overloaded with you guessed it, stress.

I am going to give you some of the consequences of a life filled with toxic stress:

  • Excessive Busyness: you may not make time to exercise, this can result in weight gain, emotional, and physical overwhelm.
  • The solution: is to make time to exercise at least 20 to 30 min. every day. Even if it is going for a walk or playing with your kids. Movement is important for stressed-out body.
  • Poor Breakfast: this may result in low blood sugar, causing fatigue and irritability. If you drink coffee, too much caffeine may result in over stimulation of your nervous system, which is not a good thing.
  • The solution: decrease or eliminate caffeine and eat protein with your breakfast in the morning. This will keep your insulin levels were normal for longer periods of time.8 oz. of water or unsweetened almond or coconut milk1 cup of fresh or frozen fruit   Mix in a blender and enjoy, you can add 1 tbsp of flax oil for added nutrition8 oz. water, unsweetened almond, or coconut milk1 cup of fresh or frozen fruit Mix in a blender or magic bullet and enjoy
  • 1 scoop essence protein
  • A second choice would be:
  • 4 scoops L.O.V.E( Live Organic Vegan energy)  This is one of the best meal replacements I have found. You will feel like a new person with this morning breakfast.
  • Here is a great quick protein shake packed with nutrition:
  • Inadequate Breathing:  as your stress gets worse, you tend to breathe shallow and your brain gets less oxygen which can affect memory and concentration.
  • The Solution:  breathe deeper and slow down. Take this time to regroup mentally and emotionally.
  •          Studies show even a short breather can reduce stress hormones.
  • No time For Recovery:  if your days are so over scheduled, you don’t have time to recuperate from stress hormone overload; the result can be depression, carb cravings, and mental fogginess.
  • The Solution: start to say no, and take more time for yourself, when you need it. Make time for fun and friends. It is important to nurture your friendships. My friends and I spent a lot of time exercising together. It is a great way to reduce stress get more physically fit at the same time. You can arrange walks, runs, or maybe a bike ride, you will be happy you did.
  • Constant Rushing:  this will prompt irritability and you may find yourself intolerant of the simplest dilemmas.
  • The Solution: try to take a 10 min. break each day just to simply breathe. Try to reserve one day each week for rest, relaxation, and worship. This is very important, use this time to attend church and build a relationship with God. This will help bring more peace to your life. Stop negative self-talk, be self-supportive. Learn to say no if it is not good for you, and the activity would stretch you too far.

healthy living

Cardio or Strength – Where Should You Focus Your Attention?


Cardio or Strength


Many people don’t know what to do when starting a new fitness workout, there is always the question where to focus their attention.

When starting a new fitness workout, there is always the question about where to focus your attention.

Everyone has his or her own opinion and advice, some even say that strength is where you should focus your efforts and time. But there are others that say cardio is the best exercise.

But you can be sure, there are benefits for each side. Let us take a closer look at those benefits and then explore some options.


The Benefits of Strength workoutsbenefit of strength workout


A strength-based exercise workout help you to burn fat. The way you build muscle and strengthen your muscles, the energy you require to both work and repair them burns more calories and fat than any other type of exercise.

Don’t be afraid you won’t get bulky so don’t worry about that. It takes a super concentrated effort, and lots of hours in the gym each day, and a good supply of testosterone to get bulky.


Another benefit of strength workout is stronger bones and connective tissues. This will help you improve your mobility and flexibility.

Put it this way, you are less likely to break a hip when you are older if you strength train now. I mean in an earlier age. And you are in a better position to do day-to-day movements if you have a good degree of strength.


Another benefit is that you will sleep better and have lower risk of depression and you will look great naked. All great benefits, don’t you think so? But now let’s look at the benefit of cardio.


Benefits with cardio workoutscardio or strength workout


First of all cardio exercise, like jogging, swimming, bicycling and so on, helps you build a stronger heart and improves your lung function.

Those two benefits alone are reason enough for many people to focus more on cardio. In my opinion there is another benefit especially for senior citizens that the impact is not too big e.g. when swimming is good for your joints, etc.

It also reduce the risk of cardiovascular disease and may also prolong your life.

And cardio exercise does also burn calories. Minute for minute it burns calories and depending of your intensity it can burn more calories than strength workouts.

However, generally speaking strength training burns more calories over time than cardio because you will continue to burn calories even after your workout.



Cardio exercise does produce a lovely amount of endorphins which are the feel-good hormones released during aerobic exercise. Runners call this a “runner’s high” but you don’t have to be a runner to benefit.


But What If You Didn’t Have to Choose?cardio or strength workout


I wonder why you should choose between cardio and strength. There are people saying that you have to choose because there is not enough time during the day or week to do both.

I say, they are wrong. You can and probably should enclose both in your weekly workout and it doesn’t take more time. In fact, you will work less.cardio or strength workout


A complete body workout focuses on both strength and cardio by adopting HIIT workouts into the mix.

HIIT stands for High Intensity Interval Training and it can be applied to strength-based movements as for example push-ups, pull-ups, squats and more.

You can have your exercise cake and eat it too.

To your health and happiness and a healthier lifestyle.

Anton Winkler


Free Radicals: The Killer of our Cells




Why kill free radicals our cells?free radicals kill our cells


People, plants and animals live in a very oxidizing environment. Literally, everyone “rusts.” The cells in the human body decline in function as people age. Senior citizens are more prone to cellular damage. Regeneration and repair become slower. When the harmful effects of free radicals combine with age, cells will function poorly. Cellular damage is an open gateway to cancer, aging and a host of diseases.


How are the damaging effects of free radicals different from those caused by viruses and bacteria? Free radical damage can go as deep as the subatomic level of cells and the damage has a domino effect. When one cell gets affected, the surrounding cells will most likely suffer, and the cycle continues.


What are Free Radicals?


Free radicals are mostly a group of atoms with an odd set of electrons. free radicals kill our cells

Normally, atoms have eight electrons paired with other electrons to improve their stability or their non-reactivity.

Because free radicals have odd electrons, they continually seek to bind themselves with electrons of other atoms in cells.

As a result, the cell that lost an electron seeks to balance the number of electrons by pairing an unpaired electron with those of the neighboring cells.

This disrupts the vital functions inside the cell.


The continuous pairing reaction will perpetually go on until the cells die. Unless they are stopped, the damage can reach the DNA level.

When they do, they can cause mutations. As mentioned before, free radicals cause oxidation. Free radicals are therefore oxygen molecules that have lost an electron, making them unstable or reactive.


How do Free Radicals Affect the Body?


Everything in the body is made up of cells. When free radicals react with cells in vital body parts, they can cause serious health problems.

The inner lining of blood vessels will harden, making them less likely to stretch when plaque has formed.

You cannot attribute heart disease and stroke to fatty diet alone. Free radicals make the body less adaptable to the stresses of the environment.


Free radicals also have effects on the skin. They interact with collagen synthesis in the epidermis and dermis, causing a cross-linking of protein molecules.

As a result, the skin becomes less elastic and supple. As long as there are free radicals in the body, you will always be compromising your health.


The Savior of Cells: Antioxidantsantioxidants


Only antioxidants have the power to halt the continuous damage caused by free radicals. Like free radicals, antioxidants are also molecules.

Antioxidants are one of the body’s defense mechanisms against free radicals, but the natural defense mechanisms decline as people age. Senior citizens are the most prone to oxidative stress.


Antioxidants can be derived easily from fruits, vegetables and antioxidant supplements. A combination of Vitamin A, C and E is the most usual antioxidant. fruits sources of antioxidants

However, those that can be found in dark, leafy vegetables and those from brightly colored fruits are more potent than artificially prepared antioxidants.

The older someone is, the more antioxidants he needs to consume on a daily basis.

To your health and happiness and a healthier lifestyle.


Anton Winkler

The Link Between Fitness & Self Esteem

how to do fitness with a low self-esteem

Do you know that your general look of you influence a great deal in your self-esteem


Do you know that self-esteem is influenced through your body-look and how you feel about your body in general?


It often has a great control on how they see the world. Work out programs and getting in shape will have a big effect on your self-esteem.


It sets free feel-good chemicals in your brain that helps you feel better and more energetic.


Even if you haven’t lose much weight yet, these chemicals are also effective. By exercising you release these natural brain chemicals that increase your self-esteem.

self-esteem and fitness

Secondarily you get the satisfaction by knowing that you are working for a better looking body over time.



How does exercise and fitness programs relate to self-esteem?



People with low self-esteem generally don’t feel for work out and it is very difficult to get them to work for a better look or lose weight.


They have a negative outlook for almost everything and feel or say that nothing does work for them. They don’t feel to get up early in the morning and do something.

The link between fitness and self-esteem

To really break this cycle you need to start getting in some daily exercise even if it is only for a short time, but it will give you a start and you will see that within a short time you will feel better. And the moment you feel better and start looking better you will feel more like working out.


If you have experienced low self-esteem for some time, it can take a while to begin to rebuild yourself. But starting a workout program is a good start to get back or rebuild your self-esteem.


But don’t think that it is a magic bullet or a quick fix, but the moment you start doing it and your brain is more efficient at releasing those feel-good chemicals, you certainly will start to feel a difference. You will even start craving the new feelings that workouts can give you.



I know it is hard to break the cycle and start working out.


Especially when you never have done it.


You have to make a habit out of it and then it will start getting easier and you will feel more energised by doing it and this will increase your self-esteem.


I remember the first time when I started, it took me about a few weeks to make it to a habit, but with the right mind set you will get over it and slowly,



Does beginning with a fitness program help build self-esteem?



You will experience that you are happier and feel better about yourself even before the weight start coming off.


Yes, seeing yourself in the mirror and seeing that you look better will elevate your self-esteem and keep you going until you notice changes in how your clothes fit and how you look because your friends will notice it.


That’s why a fitness workout will absolutely help you work towards building a strong self-esteem.



How to start a fitness workout when your self-esteem is low.


The link between fitness and self-esteem


Yes, a human with low self-esteem can be difficult to start a fitness. As I mentioned earlier it can seem like a Catch-22. I think the best way is when you to start with small goals in mind. If three or five minutes is all you can make yourself get up and do, then it’s a start. Do it. Keep telling yourself that you will make progress and you will feel better physically and emotionally. Repeat that constantly when exercising and you will see that within a short time you will get a habit in exercising for a longer period of time and daily.


Don’t expect a miracle too soon. Everything you do is a process that takes time.


If you can do three minutes a day for a week or two, you can start adding one or two minute increments each week or every other week.


Before long, your endurance will increase and you’ll start to look forward to your daily workout. Just remember, don’t make it so gruelling that you dread it.


Start small and work your way up to longer workout times only the consistency and beginning slow makes you a master of your exercise.


A few minutes each day is enough time to get those brain chemicals awake. It may take a few weeks to really start feeling their effects, but you need to realize that they’ve become inefficient from non-use. They need time to adjust and work properly too. And the fact is that some people need more time than others.


How building your self-esteem through fitness helps your self-esteem in other areas of your life.


Once you start exercising and feeling better about yourself and your body, this can bleed over into other areas of your life. Self-esteem in one area often leads to self-esteem in other areas.


Getting your brain chemistry right has a lot to do with how you feel about the work you do, how much effort you put into a job and how many challenges you’re willing to take on. It also has a lot to do with how much you want to do.


Starting an exercise program and building your self-esteem can leave you with a willingness to keep the house cleaner, get out and socialize more, start new hobbies.


Learning to feel good about who you are is a journey that takes time, patience, persistence, self-awareness and an ability to forgive yourself.


As difficult as that may be, the rewards of self-confidence, improved relationships, a more positive self-image makes it worth striving for.


Getting in shape and daily exercise can lead to building your self-esteem. It starts small, you’ll start to feel better.


The chemicals the brain starts to release will help fight off mild depression and give you a better sense of accomplishment and a more positive mood.


To your health and happiness and a healthier liefestyle.The link between fitness and self-esteem


Anton Winkler




the link between fitness and self-esteem

Sleep Disorders Can Ruin Lifestyle for Seniors

sleeping disorders

Why is it important to have a good sleep?

Seniors with sleep disorders can suffer from health problems and drastic changes in lifestyle. They can also be deadly when they interfere with driving and other focus-related accidents.

Seniors with sleep disorders often complain of lack of energy and depression. Unless changes occur and good sleep patterns are regained, lifestyles can be ruined.

Insomnia is a sleep disorder that you’ve probably heard about. It’s been in the news as Michael Jackson’s downfall and listed as one of the leading causes of tiredness and depression.

In senior citizens, it can be caused by stress, certain medications, too much alcohol and caffeine or an overactive bladder that makes you feel like a jack-in-the-box at night.sleep disorder of senior citizens

Drastic lifestyle changes may be in order to help treat this malady.

Restless Leg Syndrome is another sleep disorder that can have a negative impact on seniors’ lifestyles.

This disorder can cause a tingling sensation and need to move the legs to get relief – keeping you from getting a good night’s sleep.

Although it’s more common among people over 60, it can develop in younger people who may have diabetes or anemia. RLS might be treated with drugs such as those used to treat Parkinson’s disease.

Narcolepsy affects a great majority of seniors, and the symptoms can be very embarrassing. Narcolepsy might cause “sleep attacks” during the day or even when driving a car – making the disorder very dangerous as well as embarrassing.

If you’re diagnosed with Narcolepsy, your health care provider might prescribe antidepressants or another drug that can control the symptoms.sleeping disorder

Sleep apnea is a sleep disorder that’s dangerous to your health. It can cause you to stop breathing for several minutes per night, several times a night.

Your spouse or significant other might tell you that you’re also snoring loudly and interrupting their sleep.

The causes of sleep apnea include excess weight or blockages in your nasal passages – anything that obstructs the oxygen supply to your body.

If you suspect sleep apnea, ask your health care provider about a “sleep study,” and if you’re diagnosed with the disorder,

You need to know that you may be at risk for heart problems, strokes and high blood pressure. You may need to lose weight or use an apparatus known as a CPAP – a mask that’s worn at night and helps the air flow through your nasal passages.

If you have an airway blockage, you may need surgery to remove it.

Leg cramps are common in people over 60. Proper diet and exercises can help relieve leg cramps, but if you’ve tried everything — talk to your doctor about another kind of treatment and perhaps a medication that will help relax leg muscles.

Don’t underestimate the importance of a good night’s sleep and the impact that sleep loss has have on your life.

We need sleep as much as we need food and water, and if we don’t get enough sleep it can affect our bodies and minds as much as a bad diet can affect our health.

Do everything you can to seek help if you have trouble sleeping.


Do your Health and Happiness and a Healthier Lifestyle.


Anton Winkler

Top 10 Food and Nutrition Affirmations


Top 10 Food and Nutrition AffirmationsWhen you have “fast food” bombarding you from every direction and on every street, it can be difficult to choose options that give your body the nourishment it needs.


But it will get a lot easier when you have daily reminders and effective tools at your hand, you suddenly may find that eating the right foods and feeding your body with the best fuels is getting a lot easier.


Naturally, there will always be temptation, but you can equip yourself with anti-temptation tools, you will be able to quickly re-focus your mind on your long term goal of getting healthy!


Why use Affirmations to Make the Healthy Food and Nutrition Choices easier


Top 10 Food and Nutrition AffirmationsWhen you are surrounded at the office with the smell of burgers, fries, and hear the noise of sugary drinks, it is awfully tempting to join in, isn’t it?


But just imagine, what if you could stop that temptation in its tracks and actually choose to make a healthy choice?


You don’t need me to tell you that fatty and sugary choices are not the kinds of food that your body needs – you need to tell yourself! Even than that they might taste food in your opinion – every fatty food tastes good at the beginning and it fills you up, but is it healthy?


I know it can be hard in moments of temptation to make the right choice, but with the right mindset, you can re-train your brain to replace the desire for junk food with healthy choices.


Top 10 Food and Nutrition AffirmationsAffirmations can help you stick to your diet, say no to temptation, and eat nourishing and satisfying foods. How? You replace the negative spiral of thoughts in your mind with powerful, positive ones.


But first you have to believe that it is possible to gain control over your cravings, desires, and thirsts. The first step is preparing your mind for a lasting change in your life and make the commitment to success.


It may sound a bit difficult when you first start with it, but after a while it is getting a habit and you won’t notice it. Are you committed? Do you believe that you can overcome your cravings?


Once you’ve set your commitment in stone, you’re ready to learn the top 10 affirmations to get you through moments of weakness.


Top 10 Food and Nutrition Affirmations


Before you start reading the list below, you should know that affirmations are most successful when you internalize the saying and repeat it frequently every day.


Whether you’re having a good or bad day, it doesn’t matter. You need to repeat these positive statements in your mind constantly. These positive statements work best when you repeat it when waking up in the morning, during the day and before you go to sleep. Temptation will strike when you least expect it, so it’s better to be prepared!


  1. I can neutralize bad habits with good food, exercise, and healthy living.

  2. I am proud to reach out to my support network instead of leaning on food for comfort.

  3. I am losing weight for me because I love me.

  4. I set aside time just for me.

  5. My good health, good looking, and productivity are the rewards for the nourishing foods I eat.

  6. Weight gain happens over time, so my weight loss equally requires time, patience, and habit changes.
  7. The more I take care of myself, the better I will feel.
  8. I am firmly committed to staying active and healthy.
  9. I deserve a healthy body and mind.
  10. I use self-care, not self-control.

Top 10 Food and nutrition affirmations

Even so these food and nutrition affirmations, may seem like ideals – behaviors and thoughts that you only wish you could have – but each time you reaffirm them by repeating them in your head you will see how you slowly change your mindset. Over time you won’t think anymore in junk food, because you have changed your mindset completely through thoughts and actions.


But always remember, before starting you have to believe you can change. Once you make the commitment to your success, you will change your attitudes about food and drinks and you’ll be thankful you did!


To your health and happiness and a happier lifestyleTop 10 food and nutrition affirmations


Anton Winkler

How Alkaline Foods Benefit The Human Body And What Are They



Alkaline Foods: What Are They And How They Benefit The Human Body


The average American consume a diet with foods too acidic, to effectively promote and maintain a healthy body.


Some examples of these acidic sources we consume are refined sugars, dairy products, and meat, such as, beef and pork. Everything sweet (sugar) taste good and everyone likes it, but we should touch it from our daily consumer list.


A high-acid diet produce some different side effects, such as, diminished immune system and lethargy.


A sugar high can feel good every once in a while when eating rocky road ice cream or some other sweet food, but remember that unless you attempt to alkalize your body, you run the risk of a crash as a result.


Alkalizing the body is not that difficult, but, in order to know the benefits of doing so, one must first understand the definition of alkaline foods, how they work with the body, and which foods in particular will counteract the effects of their acidic counterparts.


What Is Alkaline?


Alkaline is defined as that which has a pH greater than 7. Since the body functions best at a pH level of about 7.4, it is therefore important to consume foods that will bring those levels up to an appropriate level.


When consuming foods that are acidic, this is especially crucial because they bring those levels lower than they should be.


Pure, distilled water sits at almost exactly 7 on the pH scale. Alkaline Foods have a higher number, whereas anything that is lower than 7 is considered acidic.


What are the Benefits of an Alkaline Diet


As a general rule we can say, foods can be classified as either acid-forming or alkaline forming.


The human body‘s pH is 7.35, or slightly alkaline. The body is always seeking a state of homeostasis (balance) and our body works hard to maintain this healthy neutral alkaline zone.


Just keep in mind that foods of themselves cannot change this zone in the body, but, the body does have to work extra hard to compensate for the intake of acid-forming foods that are ingested in excess. And we don’t want that, do we?


This happens because when your diet is highly acidic as meat and lots of dairy products, the body has to suck calcium from the bones, as calcium is an alkalizing mineral. Over time this can lead to bone mineral loss, which, can result in osteoporosis. Senior citizens especially have to take note of that because they need healthy bones.


Additionally, as a straining force it can lead to inflammation along with increased cortisol levels. In the long term this can impact your overall health.


Contrary, those foods that are alkaline forming are typically plant based and highly nutritious, and also loaded with antioxidants that is important for elder people.


When we include a variety of alkaline-forming foods in our diet will allow to slow down the leech of calcium from the bones, which results in better bone health.


These foods also as another benefit, support healthy cell regeneration and fight the effects of free-radicals on the body.


Since it is the pH level of blood which concerns us, putting additional acidic foods into our diets actually works against the human system.


When more strain is put on the body to fight sickness and disease, we should not wonder when we feel tired and lethargic. As we mentioned above with a highly acidic diet the body works harder.


Benefits Of Alkaline Forming Foods For Athletes And Exercise


There is more good news and in my opinion that is the major benefit that alkalizing foods have on athletes and for the human body during exercise in general.


A diet high in acid forming foods results in reduction of muscle efficiency, so more energy expenditure is needed for each and every muscle contraction. Now, during a race or intense activity, this means a lot of extra work for the body.


Whereas alkaline-forming foods mostly reduce inflammation, the muscles work more efficiently, and therefore require less force to move.


This allows endurance athletes, such as, those who run marathons and participate in triathlons to push harder for longer.


For those who do strength training, and bodybuilders, alkalizing foods will allow you to lift heavier weights with less negative stress on the body.


How To Eat An Alkaline Diet


Increasing the alkaline intake does not have to be extraordinarily difficult, and one must not cut acidic foods entirely from his or her diet.


It is recommended that your diet consist of around 20% acidic foods and 80% alkaline food sources.


This is the opposite of the average diet in America, which often flips that ratio around. There are some changes in the diet which can be made quickly and easily in order to alter your pH level.


Swap Coffee For Green Teagreen tea


For example, you might switch from coffee to green tea in order to bring your blood’s pH level higher. Green tea is alkaline while coffee is acidic, so the substitution might make a drastic difference especially if you consume coffee on a daily basis and in quantity.


Any Zen master will definitely approve this change, and besides green tea contains many antioxidants as well.


Alkalizing Vegetablesalkaline foods


Maybe you still have the voice in your head, “eat vegetables to grow healthy,” was what our Mom said. The best choice in alkalizing varieties, are broccoli, chard greens, celery, collard greens, mushrooms, cauliflower, and cucumber to name a few. These foods are alkaline and will not only help reduce stress on the body in fighting acid, but they also are highly nutritious and plain good for you!


Alkalizing Fruitsalkaline food


Some of the best fruits are also alkalizing ones, including, melons, lemons, oranges, peaches, pears, apples, bananas, berries, cantaloupe and grapes. You should eat fruits in every phase of your life.


Just remember, you do not have to eliminate dairy products, rice, and all protein from animal sources in order to maintain a healthy pH level.


But, it might be of great benefit for you to substitute your refined sugars with healthy fruits and vegetables more often.


Doing that, along with drinking plenty of green tea and water, will increase pH levels and your chances of finding health-nirvana naturally and easily!

To your health and happiness and a healthy lifestyle.

Anton Winkler


alkaline food

alkaline food

Entrepreneur With The Guts For Adventurism

What Are Your Possibilities When You Have The Guts For Adventurism.Entrepreneur


As the year is coming to an end, we all start to look back to our success stories in case there are and in case there aren’t we still reflect of what we have done so far and what we will do better the coming year.

This is the time we look back to the almost past year and some people started to see some progress in their activity and some they hope the next year will be theirs. But as long as we don’t lose hope there is always a chance to do it better next year and be successful.

The other day for example I was browsing on the net and I read a little bit about the entrepreneur Richard Branson. He has a natural gift for the business activity or he is what we call a daredevil type. Everything he takes in his hand is in some way a success.

Some people may say he is lucky, but luck won’t make you successful in a business, you have to work hard, period. And the worst is that he never was in a business school. As he said, “He just does what comes in his way and tries to resolve it or take it.”

But we know that every successful entrepreneur had to fight through a lot of failure too. Without failure there is no success at least that is what many successful entrepreneurs tell you. Nothing comes from overnight there is a long way of try and error and persistence and the desire to succeed.

You know, I wonder what it takes to have success in almost everything. I guess you have to have some talent for business and most of all you have to like it. Especially when your school headmaster tells you that you will most likely end up in prison or you’ll be a millionaire.

He started to run a Magazine from the crypt of a church. He interviewed several prominent people in that time for the magazine as e.g. Mick Jagger and R.D. Laing (an author who wrote books about mentally illness – in particular the experience of psychosis).

He also advertised popular records in The Student and it was an overnight success. He started a business under the name “Virgin” selling records for less than the other shops. Did you know that the name virgin was suggested by an employee of Branson because everyone in the business was almost a newbie?

And the business grew and grew. He launched the record label Virgin Records and one of the first band to sign up with his company was a band with the name “Faust” a German band with some obscure avant-garde music. A controversial band as the Sex Pistols an English punk rock band who initiated the punk movement.

He also introduced Culture Club to the music world, names that you might not have heard of. It is an English band formed in 1981. Their second album, Colour by Numbers, sold more than 10 million copies and is included in the book 1001you must hear before you die.

So at the age of 30 he could look back to quite a big success, but this didn’t stop him he started in 1984 the Virgin Atlantic Airways. Branson wrote in his autobiography a quote of the decision to start an airline:

“My interest in life comes from setting myself huge, apparently unachievable challenges and trying to rise above them…from the perspective of wanting to live to the full, I felt that I had to attempt it.”

That was or is his entrepreneurial spirit in life and he never rests and starts every moment something else, as e.g. the Virgin Mobile, the Virgin Blue in Australia, the Virgin Trains a kind of former Intercity West Coast and Cross-Country of British Rail, etc. etc.

The Virgin Group has its core business in the travel industry, entertainment and lifestyle. But it also is related with financial services, transport, health care, food and drink, media and telecommunications and has worldwide more than 400 companies.

You might wonder how a person can manage all that with success when the day is only 24hours long. There is almost nothing that doesn’t somehow have his logo as entrepreneur on it.

But starting an empire like that means persistence, iron will, and adventurous type and or daredevil type but the truth is that one can achieve something in life with the right attitude and mindset.

To your success

Anton Winkler

Make your own video fast

Review Software – Landing Pages Quick and Easy With Just a Click of Your Mouse


Landing Pages Quick and Easy With Just a Click of Your MouseLanding page with a mouse click

Every newbie in the online business is wondering how to make a landing page for his offers or services.

Creating landing pages is also a huge hassle for marketers who are some time in the business. you have the choice to do it yourself or hire a designer.
A designer can create a nice and an attention drawing landing page for you but he’ll also drain your budget. Not only that you will have to call him every time you’ll need a change or a new landing page.

There is also another option to do it yourself. But this way it may take a lot more of your time to create these pages. And you might need some coding know-how to make them look good.
And if you want to track your campaigns to see if your landing page is converting, then you need to get yourself a tracking tool or script.
Don’t leave money on the table by having only a couple landing pages as many marketers. Because it is just too much of work and time involved or too much money to put them together…at least if you’re going to do them right.
But this has changed…

Introducing the Landing Page Monkey web app, which takes away all the hard work for you by quickly and easily creating gorgeous landing pages with only a couple clicks of your mouse.
And the best of all you don’t need to learn a single line of code. You don’t need to hire a Landing Page Monkeysprogrammer or web designer either. There is no need to download and install a script, since this is a web app.

The only thing you need to do is log into your Landing Page Monkey dashboard, and click your way through the user-friendly form. By the way I have done it immediately after purchasing and was quite surprised of the result.

Within five to ten minutes you too can have a cutting-edge, high-converting and mobile-responsive landing page and start building your list or sell your products or services. Whatever your online business is all about.

These landing pages fit good to get mailing list subscribers, run contests, webinar registrations and close even more sales.

In case you need a polished sales page or a landing page with an opt-in form, Landing page Monkey can create it at lightning-speed.

Just take a look at this app’s features:

• Make changes on the fly. Just log into your dashboard, make your changes what you have to do, and hit save and you can instantly update your pages. There is no need to disrupt sales or sign ups, or touching the code, or uploading anything.

Landing Pages Monkey delivers highly customizable pages. You can rapidly fine-tune your landing page to get just the right look and you can seamlessly integrate it with your site. LPM lets you change font colors, font styles, background graphics and layouts, and even background videos to give your landing page a cutting-edge, polished design that’s sure to impress.
• You can integrate it with your email service provider including Aweber, MailChimp and GetResponse and more.

• You can have it working on your server or LPM will host your page for you. You can either upload these pages to your own site, or save on bandwidth and let LPM host your page for you at no extra charge. The Best thing is that you don’t need your own website to start building a mailing list with Landing Page Monkey.

• To maximize your profits Landing Page Monkey tracks your impressions and mailing list sign ups that you have free hands to optimize your campaigns.

• A system that is 100% responsive, with 0% errors. With Landing Page Monkey you can create your pages without having to worry about faulty code errors – and that means 99% of all your visitors will see your landing page. But that is not all, your pages will show up on all tablets, laptops, smart phones and other devices. You can be assured that they work on all platforms as Internet Explorer, Firefox, Safari, Chrome and other major browsers, because they have been tested rigorously.

• A system that saves you time and money. In only a few minutes you’ll have an amazing landing page that looks like it was created by a high-priced web designer. Plus Landing Page Monkey’s clone feature lets you within an instant replicate your favorite landing pages and get them online fast.

• Who doesn’t want to get rid of tech headaches? The amazing advantage is that this is a web-based app, so you don’t have anything to download, nothing to install, no fiddling with customizing scripts. You just log in and you’re ready to start creating pages instantly.

Listen, you won’t find a better, faster or labour-saving way to create and publish landing pages. If you can point and click a mouse, you can create a landing page as so many others have done it like a pro with Landing Page Monkey.

So stop monkeying around with those clumsy other tools and see for yourself why Landing Page Monkey makes list building so easy. Click here to check it out right now:

To Your Success
Anton Winkler

landing page

How To Avoid Winter Weight Gain For Senior Citizens

 winter exercising

The New England Journal of Medicine published a study from researchers that found that a significant number of people living in colder parts of the country tend to gain weight during the winter months.

They also found that not all the weight gained in winter is lost in the following summer. This information, along with other research, corroborates that ”winter weight gain” is a very real phenomena.


==> Why Does Winter Weight Gain Happen?winter weight gain


We can say that there are many reasons that people might gain weight in winter. Here are only some of the common ones.


1. First and foremost, most people stop exercising in winter. It’s cold outside, so going for a jog doesn’t seem too appealing. Even heading to the gym might seem like more effort simply because you have to drive through the cold.winterexercising


2. Many people don’t like fruits and vegetables from other parts of the world, as the taste can be slightly different. Zucchini, tomatoes and various kinds of berries just aren’t as appealing as they are when picked during the spring and summer months. As a result, people eat more unhealthy foods instead.


3. Carbohydrate consumption spikes. Researchers have found that in the winter months, people will often turn to carbs as a comfort food. Carbohydrates can help reduce stress and give aemotional eating temporary sense of wellbeing (from serotonin release), but ultimately results in excess weight gain.


4. You could be too warm at night. People often combat the cold by burrowing under comforters and blankets. Unfortunately, being too warm at night actually reduces your sleep. Did you know that researchers have linked poor sleep and lack of sleep with weight gain? In other words, too many blankets at night can contribute to weight gain.


5. Some doctors actually think it’s natural. Much like bears and other hibernating animals, some doctors believe that we simply evolved to store more fat and thus retain more heat in the winter months.


==> What Can You Do about It?


What can you do about winter weight gain?


Even in winter time the best is to set up an exercise plan. It is not necessary that you go out for exercising, you can set up a home-based exercise plan. But you can also plan going out for a walk for example. Try to predict any objections you might have in the future (it’s cold, the gym is far, etc.) and come up with solutions for them beforehand.winterexercise


Start planning your meals. Instead of spontaneously eating whatever’s around, be deliberate about what you cook and what you eat. A lot of winter weight gain happens because of eat changes. Try to eat at home instead of food chains.


Finally, try to slow down on the holiday meals. The triple whammy of Thanksgiving, Christmas and New Year can really wreak havoc on your waistline. Do enjoy your meal and eat till you’re satisfied – but no more. Don’t stuff yourself just because it’s the holidays.


Winter weight gain is a very real phenomenon. Fortunately, proper exercise and nutrition can still help you prevent weight gain – and possibly even lose some weight.

To your health and happiness and a healthier life

Anton Winkler


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Why You Should Teach Your Kids to Eat Slowly

teach kids to eat slow

I still remember the voice of my mother, “Eat slowly and chew first before swallow it.” And I guess she was right, even so we didn’t like it sometimes. But there is something true. If you have children, learn here why it is important to teach them to eat slowly.

We are always in a hurry, we rush and we like to finish everything fast. At dinnertime, rushing means filling your mouth with whatever remains on your plate so that you can get fast out the door to play or rush off with friends. While your friends don’t care you doing that, your parents will.

But now that we have children, it’s time to learn the truth about that behavior. And the cycle starts again and now you can tell your kids what they have told you. Here are a few reasons why it is better to take time when eating your food.

* Better nutrition —

Eating slowly, you give yourself a chance to taste the food and digest it well. One of the things that nutritionists tell those who are trying to lose weight is to chew their food a certain number of times. Maybe you don’t want to tell your kids exactly this way, but it is worth explaining that the body has to work harder to break down the food. And also that chewing more allows your body to feel when it has really enough. When swallowing the food to fast we over eat most of the times.


* Better digestion –digestion

Enzymes and bacteria help the body to break down food at various stages. The process starts in your mouth. Your saliva starts with processing the food. It is easier to digest smaller pieces of food than larger ones. When chewing fully your digestive system do not have to work overtime by trying to break down the food to a manageable size.


* Less of a choking hazard –

When swallowing whole food, you can easily cause a blockage in your windpipe or your esophagus. In your windpipe (trachea) your food can be a choking hazard. The only thing that is supposed to be in your windpipe is air. When food gets stuck there, you are unable to breathe. Much of the time, choking is due to swallowing large pieces of food that go down the wrong tube.


* Less chance of heartburn or vomiting –heartburn

Your body produces Stomach acid to digest your food. When food is well chewed, the amount of stomach acid needed is small. When large pieces of food are deposited in your stomach, lots more acid is produced and the food can easily bubble up back into your esophagus leading to heartburn and reflux. I guess it is not pleasant to have neither of them.


* Less chance of obesity –   obesity

When we swallow food instead of chewing, we tend to eat more to feel full. Those brain triggers are fooled into thinking that we are still hungry so we continue to eat. Chewing slowly satisfies both the taste buds and the brain and you benefit from it.


Take the time to chew your food. Tell your kids that their friends will still be there and so will playtime, but they will be healthier also.

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