Your Internet Privacy On A Thin String…

Internet Privacy Still Matters 

Through the Internet we have lost control of our privacy and personal information.

Social network is more and more uncontrollable because so many people and companies are involved with the social network sites that nobody knows what goes through, I mean in other hands without our knowledge.

Who controls the government in the different countries? You hear frequently that this company or that company with links to the government has uploaded data from x-companies.

It looks that today’s democracy is more and more a jungle of government controlled agencies that just do that…to check on you. Just look around you are today more controlled than in Stalin’s Russia or in Nazi-Third Reich. There is no reliable watch-dog that can control government and most importantly stop it for doing something against your privacy rights.

The so called democratization is more and more a democratic dictatorship where the individual has less and less rights and all in the name of democracy.

Every government is taking more rights from you and only what they say to “protect” you and this protection means in my opinion “control”. They want to have more and more control over you, what you say, what you eat, and what friends you go out with, what income do you have and so on.

In my opinion through the internet and the cell phones the individuals are more controlled without knowing it. You have no privacy anymore, you are a slave of technology, and you cannot eat without typing something in your phone or hear a message or look at your emails.

Because of the independence of these tech devices you are more and more controlled.

When looking back a few decades where you had only communication through the television or newspaper or radio you had more time for your family and your kids after work and now you are bind up from the morning until going to bed.

I wonder sometimes if people can still live 24hours without answering the cell phone. Okay, we live in these modern times and we have to accept it in some way, but we also should be aware of that we are more and more watched and controlled from our governments.

This is one of the most important reasons why we should have more privacy protection on the Internet. Even so we cannot protect us against all what is called government but we can protect us against some bad guys that are only looking to get our private information.

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USA TODAYQ and A: Facebook privacy settings you should changeUSA TODAYFirst, go to your Facebook profile and in the upper right corner click the upside-down triangle and then select “Settings.” Now click the “Privacy” tab on the left, and you should …

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Facebook: The Missing Manual (Missing Manuals) (English and English Edition)

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My Best Friend Stole My Privacy And Gave It Away To Facebook. I’m In Chock!

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Facebook for Dummies (Mini Edition) [Paperback]

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Facebook and Privacy: What You Need to Know to Keep Your Privacy Safe

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Author:Grant Greenberg

Format:Kindle eBook

Binding:Kindle Edition

Facebook has been actively revising their privacy for the past several months to much controversy; in May 2010, a bug allowed users to read private chats; and chances are, if you wanted to delete your Facebook account, you will be spending a lot of t …

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Privacy On The Internet – Utopia?

Internet Privacy still matters?

In my opinion in every human life should be a certain amount of privacy. You should be able to decide what goes on the net and what stays only for you or a few selected people.

The more people go online and live with this digital age the more is also a concern for those people to not let everyone know about privacy matters.

You find now cell phones that have more and more protecting devices for your privacy. Even so Mark Zuckerberg said in 2010 that privacy was no longer a social norm. It looks that the arrow didn’t show in that direction, it looks that the arrow went into the other direction.

There are more and more youngsters online and there should be most of the concerns of all social networks that they will be more protected on the net.

There should be more protective devices installed in the computer or lap top when buying it. Most of the time parents are not able to protect in a sufficient way their children because in most of the cases children know more about computers than their parents. So, how can you protect your children in such cases?

Yes, you have certain privacy in your home but as soon as you go on the internet this privacy doesn’t exist anymore. There are too many ways your the youngsters to go online without their parents knowing it.

Privacy Settings

How to you know what settings do you need to have privacy for your kids and yourself. Is the new dinosaur from Facebook ready to help you with your settings? Parents will have to rely on that and hopefully they do not need any special education for the privacy settings..

There is a video further down about Setting Facebook Privacy Controls…I hope you will enjoy the video because it shows you how to get rid of some stuff on your time line that normally everyone can see and you don’t want that, do you?

Facebook Generation Rekindles Expectation of Privacy Online Sun, 07 Sep 2014 04:00:30 -0700

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60 Minutes, January 13, 2008 – The Face Behind Facebook

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Internet Marketing

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Digital Minds: 12 Things Every Business Needs to Know about Digital Marketing

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The Internet Marketing Bible

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Web Marketing All-in-One For Dummies

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Online Business Opportunities

Business Opportunities

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Internet Marketing – Review

Internet marketing doesn't come on its own

Daily we are connected to the Internet and made the online connection a way of our living. Since the laptop invention we are everywhere with a connection.


When we travel, taking coffee, or sitting in a restaurant you just name it. And now it conquered even our mobile phones and what ever we buy for communication.


We are always somehow connected to the web and it is like a mascot that doesn’t leave us alone anymore.


We even sometimes forget that we are accompanied with families, or friends, or spouse but sometimes it is more important for us to stay connected with internet friends and followers.


What is Internet Marketing?


Before the Internet there was direct mail marketing. You will remember that you got lots of thick envelopes with lots of papers in there and if you were in the mood you read the letter or the mailing message.


In case it was good written with lots of hypnotizing headlines you read and read until you got through it. I remember that you were reading the whole 20-to-30-pages of promotion material or sometimes more.


This has changed now and instead of getting direct mails to your post-box at home you get now this information by emails and the name is not direct mails now, but electronic commerce.


Internet marketing is selling; promote products or services via Internet. The Internet has changed a lot the way of promoting and advertising. You have the PPC or pay per click publicity, the announcements on web sites, email marketing and through free traffic through the search engines (search engine optimization).


The more accessible the Internet providers the more popular developed the electronic commerce. Nowadays more of the third consumers who have an Internet connection in their homes buy through the Internet.


So, we now don’t have to get outside the house to pig up the mail in our mail box. We receive it without leaving our room directly on our laptop.


It looks, that through the Internet our life is more without moving we are more sitting in front of our computer or laptop and reading more as before.


History of the Internet marketing


Internet marketing started at the beginning of the nineties with simple web pages with context about the products and offers.


At the end of the nineties you could read certain “webmercials.” Through the urge of necessity of the great newspapers to compete efficiently with digital media the Internet marketing came more and more to the power it has now.


Now you have big companies operating from the Internet to promote and sell their products and services.



The four important factors of Internet Marketing


According to Paul Fleming we are talking about the interactivity in marketing.


- Flow

- Functionality

- Feedback

- Loyalty


Limitation of Internet marketing


There are still some limitations in the Internet marketing business. Sometimes the web sites are so full of information and data that the slow internet connection makes it impossible to read everything on the page or it takes too long for the consumer to read it at all.


Another disadvantage of the Internet marketing is that the consumer cannot touch the product neither prove the product before he buys.


What Security problems you are faced to


I guess not only for the consumer but also for the Internet businesses; security is one of the most important factors. First of all consumers are very scared about buying on the Internet because they don’t trust that the private information you give to the Internet maintains private.


There are some companies that even sell the information of their customers although they have a private statement on their site that the information is maintained private.


These companies are responsible that the visitors of the Internet get sometimes scared to give away private information especially the elder ones they fear of their savings and get more and more insecure about the Internet.


Security problems on the net are one of the biggest concerns of the companies and they are spending more and more for codes to make the Internet secure and more trustworthy.


But these security problems cause also more costs for the Internet companies because the better the code and more difficult to decipher the code the more expensive it gets.


What is the impact with Internet Marketing?


Many Industries are affected through the Internet marketing as music industry, banking, second hand sells, and book industry and so on.

Instead of buying a CD you just go to the net and download the file in your MP3.


Banks are more and more offering all your transactions via online and you do not have to go to the bank and lose time and contaminate the environment with your car.


As we can see there are lots of pros and cons through the Internet; but in my opinion the Internet will change more and more our way of living and also our way of thinking.

Healthy Living Can Be More Difficult When Not Used Too

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But it looks when drinking enough liquid throughout the day it can prevent to form kidney stones especially drinks rich in citrus fruits. Find out what else you can eat and drink to prevent from getting this aweful kidney stones in your body.

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Don’t Get Overwhelmed When Starting Your Business

online business

Are you confused with all the information in online marketing as I am? I don’t want you to reply now, but when you are then we are talking the same language.


Just imagine how many sites are on the World Wide Web…unbelievable. I compare the online with the night sky, there are millions of millions of stars and we have the same numbers infinite with the websites on the Internet.


So being confused is just a matter of time when you are searching on the net for information you get thousands if not millions of results and what do you want to select or read, you cannot read all of them it will take months or years and the problem is after reading all the stuff you still don’t know what to do or whom to follow.


I guess we all have gone through and it is not a shame because everyone has to start somehow and not everyone has enough money to hire someone who shows you the right way without suffering.


Sometimes it is even better not to read too much and just start with your first step, you know like a kid, it starts and falls and stands up and falls until it gets more and more balance and walks first slowly and tan it starts getting faster and suddenly it runs like crazy and you cannot follow her.


The same way is with your business, you start slowly your first step and you will make it bad tan you try again and again until you get more security and tan you do it better and with time you get almost perfect.


Zig Ziglar said ones, “Anything worth doing is worth doing badly until you learn doing it right.”


Nobody has fallen from the sky being perfect. Everyone has to learn; only some people learn faster than others. That is the only difference.


You are your own architect, you decide how much you want to learn and at the same time you decide how much you want of a fortune.


You might have heard the saying from Jim Rohn, “You decide how much of a fortune by choosing how much self education you receive.”


When you leave school with your formal education, you can make a living, but if you are prepared to self educate yourself over the years you can make a fortune.


In my opinion the best way to start a business…is keeping it simple.


You know the formula KISS.


We tend to make everything we are doing to complicate and we are not focusing on the simple things that make our life and business much easier and more comfortable.


Another mistake is that we start doing a business without knowing what we are doing. We have no plan, we have no strategy and we have no goal where we want to be within a certain time of our existence.

That’s why many people just walking aimlessly their whole life and getting nowhere.

They waste their time and their whole life and later on they ask themselves what am I doing in this world. It is a shame that so many people are living without any idea what they are living for or what their aim in life is.


You have to know what you want to do when you start your own business. Or it doesn’t matter if a business or any other activity.

Have you ever tried to furnish a room without thinking where to put the furniture, without a sketch to know where the furniture might look better. Have you every helped your kid to build wooden house without a map or a sketch…it is very difficult to do.


Success doesn’t come on its own you have to fight for it you have to be responsible and do sometimes things that you don’t want to do.

There is a phrase I like very much: Self-discipline is the ability to make yourself do what you should do, when you should do it, whether you feel like it or not.


When starting a business and it really doesn’t matter if online or off line the rule is almost the same, you have to work and sometimes hard there is no way around it.

Just remember, successful people are who do the things unsuccessful people refuse to do!

They understand that every task they handle is a self-portrait of the person who performed it and they have committed themselves to autograph every job with excellence.


You know well, big Jobs are accomplished by taking lots of small steps. So, now you can start with your first step your small business or marketing and move slowly forward, one step at a time or one foot in front of the other only this way you will reach greatness.

Talk to you soon

Anton Winklerdevelop your system and automate it as much as you can

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Few Basics For Your Internet Marketing Business

What are the Basics for your Internet Marketing Business
In my opinion the basics for your marketing business are:
- Research
- Traffic
- Content
What does that mean, you have to research for the high quality original content.
Than build up your traffic for your specific keyword.
Put the content on your blog of your site. Without a site or a blog it is difficult to get the word out and attract the traffic you need for your business.
You know the saying, without traffic you have no business or without customers you have no sales.
You can read more about internet marketing by clicking the link below.




Thu, 21 Aug 2014 13:28:53 -0700


Here you go…some of the best free information on the basics of Internet marketing. With these Internet marketing 101 tips, you…

Are You Dreaming Of A Real Business Or A Business

You dream about a real business

Are You Dreaming Of A Real Business Or A Business


I have read a headline that inspired me to read the article at a time I normally do not read a lot, because I am occupied with too much other stuff that does not leave me relaxed. When reading I like to be relaxed.


But frankly this headline just jumped into my eyes and I could not avoid keeping Reading the whole story to find out what was all about.


And I have to say I enjoyed it even so it wasn’t the right timing for reading an article. But when I think it over I sometimes highlight the article, or bookmark it, or just leave it in my income box…but sometimes I never read it because after a while I have so many unopened mails that I just can’t go through to read all of them.


I don’t know about you but sometimes we want to do so many things later of the day when we have time (or think we’ll have time) but in my experience it never happens.


And you know why? Because we do not have a blueprint for what we wanna do in our business or during our day. So, we are like just walking around in circles without doing anything or at least not doing something productive.


And this is most of the time our real problem just imagine you go on a trip with your bicycle and you want to go to a near place or town and you start but you do not have any roadmap. And for the worst you don’t know the area where you want to cycle. Okay, when you are familiar with the neighborhood you don’t care because you know where the place is and how to go there in your sleep.


But when you are not familiar with the region you don’t have any clue which is the fastest and shortest way to go there.


This happens the same way when you want to start an own business because everyone is telling you it is like sitting on a beach and do some minutes work at your laptop and you can earn money, isn’t that the story you hear very often on the net.


It’s a piece of cake they tell you, it’s something you can do when you sleep, and you don’t need anything to know about the business it is just as magic and the money flows into your bank account like a pipe line connected to your bank and you doing nothing just zipping on your high-ball sitting on the pool.


But when you start with your business of your dream you experience something completely different. You have to work hard and there isn’t any sign of getting some money and within a few weeks waiting you are disappointed and you go to the next promotion. And that goes on and on and if you get not tired you wasting all your money without succeeding or at least without making a decent income.


But you know what - there is a solution, it is not something where you will get rich overnight (by the way it doesn’t exist) but when you are persistent and when you start following a plan or a strategy you can master it within a reasonable time to start earning money on the net.


But the decision is yours you have to take the road and it doesn’t matter is you go off the road; you will be on track again and keep going until you come closer to your dream or vision. I can tell you from experience a business is not an easy job, but when you are convinced that this is what you wanna do…then I only can congratulate you for your decision.

You can read more when you go to this website!

Business and Success

Why Do You Write Classified Ads?


images (2)

What is the one thing you see when enter in a store…the offers.

What is the one thing you see when reading an ezine…Classified ads.

Why do you think that is…because they work and they work good. Good classified ads work on your web sites and other places.

And according to successful Internet marketers classified advertising is the most cost effective form of advertising on the Net today.

But writing a classified ad is not something you do like reading a book or eating a sandwich, no, it takes time and hard work, especially if you want to write a great ad.

I found this article very helpful and interesting how he describes to write a great ad and what it should contain.

Why don’t you read for yourself and take action for your next powerful Ad.

To your success

Anton Winkler

Read more about Classified ads form Charlie Page who has done what he is writing and telling you for many years.

What is the one thing that you see in almost every ezine you read?

Classified ads.

The reason you see so many classified ads in ezines, on web sites and other places is simple.

They work.

Classified advertising is one of the most cost effective forms of advertising on the Net today. Like most things that seem very simple on the surface, a great deal of work goes in to writing a powerful classified ad.

If you want to add power to your classified ads, carefully consider the following four step process.

Writing a great ad is hard. This is not “sit down for 5 minutes and punch it out” work. When a professional writer creates a classified ad for a client, it’s not unusual for the writer to produce 15 or even 20 variations in order to get the best possible ad.

So grab the beverage of your choice, loosen up those typing fingers and let’s create a money making classified ad.

The three parts of a great classified ad are …

The Headline
The Body
The Call to Action
Each one has only ONE purpose.

The purpose of the headline is to sell the ad. The purpose of the ad is to set up the call to action. The purpose of the call to action is to sell the click.

If you keep this in mind as you write, you will see how easy it becomes to cause readers to take the action you want.

The Headline

Your headline must grab attention! The headline’s job is to sell the ad.

Some people use sensational headlines with no relationship to their offer to grab attention. That approach may work in the short term, but damages your integrity in the long run. Honesty is always the best policy. The last thing you want is disappointment when someone arrives at your website.

Keep these ideas in mind when you write your headline.

Begin each sentence with an action word
Create curiosity
Ask a question
HOT TIP: If the publication you are placing your ad in doesn’t allow headlines, use the first few words as the headline or indent the ad so it stands out.

When writing headlines, always remember that people care about exactly one thing; what’s in it for me?

The Body

The body of the ad must tell your reader what’s in it for them. What *benefit* will they get by making that click?

People don’t want to ‘learn more’ out of idle curiosity. They want to learn more in order to get to the *benefits* you promised them, so don’t be shy about what your offer will do for them.

The first step to writing the body is to list all the features of your product or service then, next to them, list the benefits of those features. You must write at least one benefit for each feature, or don’t use that feature. People buy what your product or service will do for *them*, not only what it will do.

The Call to Action

The call to action is the action you want the reader to take. While it is often as simple as “click here” it’s wise to pay careful attention to this step.

What to say here depends on if you are sending them to a web site, an autoresponder or some other way to get more information. If it’s a website, be sure to include urgency. You must lure them away from what they are doing now in order to visit your site.

If you are using an autoresponder, tell the reader what to expect. Will they get one email, a five part series, or something else? The more they know, the more likely they will be to click through.

What’s Next?

One last step and you’re ready to begin making money. Don’t forget to read your ad! Classifieds aren’t supposed to read like a novel. Check that spelling too!

Once you have your dollar grabbing, profit pulling classified written, don’t forget the #1 rule in advertising.


Test, test and test again to know what works. Testing allows you to spend small money now to make big money later.

By following these steps you will begin to create classifieds that work. Once you have an ad that works, use it everywhere you can afford to and you will rake in the profits!


Is There Any Way That Robots Will Leave You Jobless

There is lately more and more discussion about the computer age and if computers or robots will take more and more jobs from the ordinary people.

Regarding this fear I found an interesting article from Neil Irwin in the New York Times with the title: Why the Robots might not take our jobs after all. And you know why, because they lack common sense.

In my opinion as long as a robot is made from a human, there is not a chance that the robot can think on its own. You have to feed him in order to think or with other words he can only do what you feed him to do.

But everything is mecanical without thinking process. A machine cannot think on its own like the humans do. You can feed him some ability to follow a command from a human but he never will think on its own or with reason.

According David Autor, a leading scholar of labor markets at M.I.T., offers a somewhat more sunny way of looking at things. He says at the annual gathering of central bankers in Jachson Hole, Wyo., “that even as computers have gotten better at rote tasks, they have progressed far less in applying common sense.

For example, how can a robot viewing a photo and distinguish between two different photos and make a dicision for instance. There might be some advances later on in the future, but common sense…I’m not so sure about it.

In my opinion some will lose there job because of a robot but on the other hand there will be also more job creation because of the robots.

The same happens when the first cars came on the street the coach men lost her jobs because of the car. But what happened there were more jobs created as e.g. mechanics to repair the car or to do maintenance or oil change, etc.

In my opinion there is always a positive side to all the new technologies, so don’t worry about your job I guess it is safe within the next few years to come.

Until next time


Anton Winkler

Read the whole article why the robots might not take our jobs below.

Why the Robots Might Not Take Our Jobs After All: They Lack Common Sense
AUG. 22, 2014
Continue reading the main storyContinue reading the main story
Neil Irwin

Continue reading the main story.
It’s easy to look at the amazing advances in information technology and robotics over the last century and be fearful about the future of the American worker. From factory floors to your grocery store checkout, countless jobs once done by humans have been handed over to computers. Budding technologies like driverless cars promise that more of us will lose our jobs to a computer in the generation ahead.

But David Autor, a leading scholar of labor markets at M.I.T., offers a somewhat more sunny way of looking at things. In a paper presented at the annual gathering of central bankers in Jackson Hole, Wyo., on Friday, Mr. Autor argues that even as computers have gotten better at rote tasks, they have progressed far less in applying common sense.

Try to teach a computer how to tell that a picture of a chair is a chair, for example, and it will be befuddled. “Both a toilet and a traffic cone look somewhat like a chair,” Mr. Autor writes, “but a bit of reasoning about their shapes vis-à-vis the human anatomy suggests that a traffic cone is unlikely to make a comfortable seat. Drawing this inference, however, requires reasoning about what an object is ‘for,’ not simply what it looks like,” a skill computers generally still lack.

Robots will not take your job because they lack of common sense.












The American actor Jonathan Harris as Dr. Zachary Smith with The Robot in a promotional portrait for the American science-fiction TV series “Lost In Space,” circa 1965. Credit Silver Screen Collection/Getty Images
Machine learning, such as Google Translate or Netflix movie recommendations, is deeply inconsistent, he argues, “uncannily accurate at times, typically, only so-so; and occasionally, unfathomable.”

So what does that mean for workers over the years and decades ahead? Mr. Autor says that this weakness leaves plenty of opportunities for humans to serve as intermediaries of sorts between increasingly intelligent computers that nonetheless lack that common sense.

He invokes the idea of “Polanyi’s Paradox,” named for the Hungarian thinker Michael Polanyi, who observed that “we know more than we can tell,” meaning humans can do immensely complicated things like drive a car or tell one species of bird from another without fully understanding the technical details.

“Following Polanyi’s observation,” Mr. Autor writes, “the tasks that have proved most vexing to automate are those demanding flexibility, judgment, and common sense — skills that we understand only tacitly.”

So what does that mean for the jobs that will exist in the future, even as technology gets better and better at accomplishing many of the things that humans do now?

“Many of the middle-skill jobs that persist in the future will combine routine technical tasks with the set of non-routine tasks in which workers hold comparative advantage — interpersonal interaction, flexibility, adaptability and problem-solving,” Mr. Autor writes. He specifically mentions medical support jobs, building trades and some clerical jobs that require decision-making rather than typing and filing.

In the paper, Mr. Autor presents data showing that these middle-skill jobs have indeed been under pressure over the last few decades, with much stronger growth in the number of both very basic low-paying jobs and the most advanced jobs for skilled professionals. It is a hollowing-out of the American work force, in effect, with fewer jobs for technicians and factory workers and the middle-class wages that come with them.

Continue reading the main storyContinue reading the main story
But while acknowledging the trend in the past, Mr. Autor argues there’s not much reason to expect it to continue in the future.

“I expect that a significant stratum of middle-skill, non-college jobs combining specific vocational skills with foundational middle skills — literacy, numeracy, adaptability, problem-solving and common sense — will persist in the coming decades.” He argues that it is hard to blame computerization for jobs that have disappeared over the last decade in that much of the shift happened after capital investment in information technology fell following the collapse of the dot-com bubble.
Undergirding Mr. Autor’s optimism is the fact that mankind has consistently feared that technology will replace its jobs, and consistently been wrong. At the dawn of the 20th century, he notes, 41 percent of the American work force worked in agriculture, a number that fell to 2 percent by 2000. Farmers of that era could scarcely imagine that so few of their descendants would work in agriculture, or that so many would work in health care, finance, electronics, leisure and entertainment and so on.

“One can find fresh examples daily in which technology substitutes for human labor in an expanding — though still circumscribed — set of tasks,” Mr. Autor writes. “The complementarities are always harder to identify.”

In other words, it is a lot easier to see the jobs that are endangered by emerging technologies than it is the opportunities for new jobs those technologies will create.



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Times Are Changing But Article Marketing Is Still #1

get the right strategy for your marketing


What is the lowest cost marketing service?


I am convinced that writing articles is still one of the best marketing ways for your business. I know not everyone is a copy writer and you don’t have too, there are lots of different ways to get to articles that you can use for your marketing purpose.


You can get some PLR articles at a very low cost and just rewrite them and put some more content of your own to it.


You can get some articles written for you at a low cost, you just tell them what topic you want to write about and within a few days you get five or ten articles written for you that you can post on your blog.


You can have a PLR article and spin it and afterward re-write it and correct it that will not take lots of your time and you will have always good content on you blog.


Or you can learn in an easy way to write articles and this is not from just guru that promises you to write within a short time articles, no, it is from a person with solid knowledge because he has been doing article marketing for over twelve years now.


The people who are involved in marketing I guess know this guy. The once who don’t please, go to this side and find out for yourself. In my opinion it is worth the time. You won’t be disappointed I promise.


- Key Principles for starting a business


What are the key principals of starting your business without spending your last money? In my opinion the best way to start your business is with article marketing.


When you are a long time Internet marketer I guess you know Zig Ziglar one of the best Internet marketers if not the best. He said always, “The more people you help to solve their problems the more business you make.”


- Don’t focus on garbage or low quality


Start your business and I tell you it doesn’t matter what type of business you have it can be online or off line, but make it to your key principle – give always the best of you! People will find out soon if your contribution is of high quality.


The better your quality is the better. People will soon trust in you and hang out with you and listen to your voice. The more people listen to your voice and most importantly trust in you, the more business you will make with them.


Try always to solve your follower’s problems and stay with them, forget never a customer. Stay in contact with them and give them constantly valuable information.


- Keep away from poverty thinking


Build a strong foundation from the beginning of your start up. The stronger your foundation is the better will grow your business. You won’t build your house over a sand beach without a foundation because it will hold very little. It will have fast water in it or it will blow away from a strong blast.


Don’t build your business on rented material or on a rented ground. Build everything with your own material a ground (websites, hosting etc.) You always will be better of when everything belongs to you.


That doesn’t mean that you have to have your own hosting company in the sense of owning it, no, you pay for your hosting service, but you don’t rely on a free hosting account where you do not have control over it.


- Give people what they want or like.


Have your posts or articles on your blogs in different versions. I mean by that, that you give people your information in different forms as podcast, audio, video, free reports and so on.


It keeps your readers longer in your business because the like what you offer and they can listen too or reading or watching your information. There are lots of people like me they like to watch or listen to it.


To your success


Anton Winkler


P.S. In case you need more information about article marketing you can have direct contact with one of the best marketer with many years of experience on the Internet and he will give you personal help.





Is Setting Goals Important For Your Business

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About Setting Goals Is setting goals still Important   

Paul Sloane said:

“Those who don’t set goals in life end up being controlled by those who do.”

and I think that is totally true.

Often times when people reflect on setting goals is important, they contemplate writing articles is part of this goals.


The reality is that these activities are worlds apart even so they are a part of it.  If you are really in the market to making more money, there are very specific preparations you must carry out in order to accomplish your goals.


This article will go into the intriguing journey that will lead to setting goals is important productively and will serve as a guide to train you for a heightened dimension of success.


There are several things one should prepare before looking to write your goals.  However before setting goals, you first need to evaluate and make certain that writing your goals can be important and is the right choice for you.


Following are questions you should ask yourself:


- Do you set goals before your start your business?


- Do you think goal setting is not important?


- Do you think it is hard to set your goals?


If you responded positively with a “yes” to these specific questions then most likely setting goals is the perfect match for your personality type and congratulations for running full force toward accomplishing your objectives by reading this article!


Before we get started with what is usually required to prepare for setting goals, we will narrow in on some steps of preparation that people should consider before setting the wheels in motion.


After all, setting goals truly is a journey – a journey of the body, mind and spirit.  It is logical that you prepare for an intriguing journey before running full force.


Following are some preparatory tips to start you off:


1 – Writing articles is part of your goal


Writing articles is part of your goal and is a vital part of the equation that people looking to set goals is important should do.


If you are already accustomed to writing articles is part of your goal, when it comes time to write your goals can be important, this will be something you do without thinking which is what you need.


2 – Advertising your business


A big part of the discipline that is required to prepare for setting goals is important involves advertising your business.


When you advertise your business, it allows you to be in the right mindset for all the preparations that are required in order to achieve the ultimate objective of setting goals is important.


3 – Being consistent


One of the most colossal errors that a person can make when it comes to preparing to set goals is important is failing on this important consideration.  If you do not consciously practice and being consistent, it will be hard to succeed.


That is how conditional success is on being consistent.  If you do not know how to be consistent, then continue reading because we will focus on that in this article!


As you can see, setting goals is important involves a little bit more than just one day getting up to say, “hey, I totally want to set goals is important.”


Perhaps that is the first step, however in order to actually accomplish some success when it comes to setting goals are important, you must prepare and enable yourself to prosper through the preparations.



Setting Goals is Important – A Look Back


You are not the first person in the nation that has the desire of setting goals.  Actually, there are thousands of people all over the place that also have a desire to write your goals can be important.


The actual truth is that only a small segment of people will actually move forward and do it.


You have already asked the question “do you set goals before you start your business?”


There is a logical reason you had to ask yourself this question.  People that answered no to this question will not be able to even take the first step to actually make setting goals is important a reality.


You already also asked the question “do you think goal setting is not important”  You would not have made it to this paragraph in this article if you had replied no to that question.


The real truth is that it takes a certain personality type to want to do something, and a totally different type of person to actually do it.


That is awesome for being the type of person that takes the plunge as opposed to wanting to take action.  Historically speaking, it can be said that people who attempted to set goals is important and failed in their endeavor probably did not truly train their body, mind and spirit.


By going over all the initial questions to see if you are even of the right mindset and personality to set goals is important all the way to the end, you already have an idea of what is required to get to the end of the finish line.


Setting goals is important has a tangible aspect to it.  Yet any activity that you take the time to prepare ahead of time will bring a better outcome.  It is like the mind and power behind it will deliver you to a successful outcome.


If you examine those who have done well in setting goals is important either lately, or going back in time as far as you want to go, you will discover one thing similar as a pattern among those who have achieved success.


They knew what was involved with the preparation before they took the plunge, and they had awareness of what sort of person is most likely to achieve success.


When you know what sort of person it takes to really set goals is important, and you know that is your personality type, there is nothing that will block the path between you and your success!


Don’t think of writing articles is not part of your goal .  Setting goals important requires someone to be persistent, determined and hard-working.


We already have an awareness of this.  Now we are prepared to investigate what is involved with setting goals is important so that we can recognize our future victory.


Just remember, being consistent is one of the most essential requirements to succeed.


Anytime your mind communicates that setting goals is important is not the best idea, consider that someone who is being consistent will be able to quash those negative thoughts and keep their eyes on the prize.


Let’s go into what is required for preparation now that our thought process is in the right place!



Setting Goals Important – Step by Step


Now that we have explored what sort of person is needed to productively set goals is important, as well as the attributes that someone who wants to write its goals can be important would require, we can get on our way with the specifics of what we need to do.


Undoubtedly, the very first thing to do is making sure that you are writing constantly.  This is so fundamental to making sure that you are ready to set goals is important.


It makes sense to think about writing constantly like this: no one can feasibly write your goals can be important without writing constantly.  It is completely unfeasible – that is how fundamental this step is.


Writing constantly has several benefits.  For one, it constantly results in writing more fluently.  If you are missing this vital piece of information, it would be very difficult to set goals is important.  Also, writing constantly results in getting more traffic and becoming an authority.


Also reading books is required to write your goals.  There are many benefits to this, however as we review the relevant benefits as it relates to setting goals important, getting more knowledge would be of utmost importance.


Without getting more knowledge, you would be right in assuming that it would be extremely difficult to productively write your goals can be important.


Some additional advantages to reading books as it relates to setting goals important include getting more writing skills and being relaxed.


Actually, if you are not deliberately taking action to being relaxed, it may be hard to successfully accomplish anything toward your end goals.


So even if you change your mind about setting goals is important, you should still attempt to partake in activities that result in being relaxed.


After spending time and energy writing constantly and reading books, you may believe you are ready to set goals is important.


Despite whether you think you are prepared, test whether you really are ready to take the plunge or if your mind is avoiding the work involved with the preparation.  For the most part, people that want to set goals is important spend some time for preparing.


During the latter part of your preparation process, be sure to focus some energy on how to not struggling as a beginner.


It is easy to ignore activities that are purposefully devoted for struggling as a beginner.


However, by dedicating your energy on this specific objective, you will realize that you are able to create new plans or change your course if necessary.


In addition, struggling as a beginner allows you to correct your course and develop an internet mindset.


Before you know it, simply by writing constantly, reading books and struggling as a beginner, you will be equipped to set goals is important.


Normally it takes a certain time of focus and preparation to be truly ready, however this time will pass before you know it.


If you select a date to start your preparations and figure out the date that comes 1 or 3 month later, this will guide your mind to look at that timeframe as the preparation period so you can dedicate your energy on writing constantly and reading books.


You will then discover your body, mind and spirit is truly ready to set goals is important!

Only Sell What You Can Build

get the right strategy for your marketing




Only sell what you can build! With other words don’t build something without a good foundation or Plan.


The other day I was reading an article that really made sense to me. And I guess it applies in some way to many folks who are trying instead of saying suffering to make money online.


The Internet is a bit different from any off line business because you don’t see your seller’s face. You might see a picture but who tells you if that is the real person you are treating with.


In the off line world you have face to face contact with your seller or with any employee in any department store. You even can select to whom you will go and get something explained about the merchandize you want to buy.


Or in case you are the seller you can offer to every person you get in contact with your product or services and depending how you offer your service or product you can convince the buyer to buy it from you because he feels some kind of trust in you.


I think the most important thing you need in the Internet is “trust.” You cannot sell something to someone without inspiring trust.


The moment you get the trust of your visitor you can sell to him a product even more expensive or a product that he might not need in this moment but he gets involved with feelings and emotions and he will buy.


Why do people want something more expensive like a Rolls Royce for example if their needs can satisfy a smaller and cheaper car? It is all about getting your visitor emotionally involved. This is what a good marketer can do.


As an online marketer or business owner we have to have a goal. Without goal we don’t know what we are doing. You can even draw a map for your goal and go step by step until you have achieved what you are looking for.


You know what Zig Ziglar said, “a goal well set is half the battle won”.


How about you? Have you set your goals and achieved some of them? Are you where you hoped to be, by now? I know it is hard because the distraction is so big that you cannot focus on one goal.


But I do hope that you are not struggle around from one program to the other and hoping that now you will hit the jackpot and be a rich guy within a few weeks.


But when you follow a few days or one or two weeks you see that nothing happens with your new program and you give up because there is something more promising to make fast money. Never be a “one click” wonder hype boy.


Success is hard in any business. It takes hard work and the Internet is not different from any other business. I guess you have to know that up front.


As long as you not get down on yourself is a big step forward.


Another step is to ask you questions about, “what do you want?” Sure most people answer this question right away with one word…Money!


There is nothing wrong with that, because you are a human and want things that money can buy. There is also nothing wrong with the idea to make massive amounts of money.


And the Internet can do that for you but before that happen you have to have a plan or some kind of a strategy. A warrior can not win a battle without having a plan how to get the enemy down on his feet.


Hopes and dreams won’t make you any money, no way! You need a plan based on real hard facts.


Now you will ask you the next question, I call it the honey bear question.


What honeycomb will select? Or in other words if you want to make money – How are you going to do that?


I can hear in my mind people saying “come on Anton, of course that is the question.”


But just listen to me.


A success in a business does not happen by accident. And certainly it does not happen trying your luck with everything you can get.


Success comes to people who plan, prepare, work hard and expect to succeed.


I would say you have to have a decisive language and with your plan you overcome your FEAR.


Do you know what FEAR stands for – “false education appearing real?”


There is a lot to plan before you start with your online adventure:


What will be your honeycomb?

  • Will it be content marketing?
  • Will it be affiliate marketing?
  • Will it be creating your products?
  • Will it be in the field of product launches?
  • Will it be providing a service? 

There is a big list of choices, but you have to select the right one.


And believe me the person who is not willing to take the first step will never take the second step.


The first step is starting now and not wasting time in reading your mails. At the beginning I have read all the mails to see what was new and I wasted my time in reading pages of pages of sales letters, but I never got started until I found the one program.


This can be also your start to some new life experience and life changing, but you have to take your first step and than follow through it until you succeed and I know that you can and will succeed. Take action now and make this the best year of your life!


To your success


Anton Winkler

What Does It Take To Be Successful In Your Business?

What Does It Take To Be Successful In Your Business?


In my opinion we have all asked the same question when doing business and it doesn’t matter if off line or online…”What do we need to succeed in our business?”


When listen to audios and reading emails and websites, we hear very different opinions. Some say, “Sell your own product.”


Others say, “Affiliate is King.” And others may say, “All you need is pay per click advertising to succeed in your business.”


When reading and listening to all that promotion it sounds very easy to do and everyone tells you that his way is the only way to succeed.


But many times I asked myself what does it really take to have success in your business?


I do not have to everything the right answer, but I can tell you what has worked for me and many other people with their business.


Over time it has proven when focusing on some basics will get you results and it doesn’t matter what market you’re in or what product you’ll promote.


- IT IS BETTER TO HAVE YOUR OWN WEBSITE IF YOU CAN… Even they say that you do not need your own website.


Time back email writing was enough, but nowadays is better when having a website.


It is strange that with a vital step like this many people fail. Many people have problems with creating a website. But you will find always a solution and this solution can be blogging.


When blogging with you can put good content to the web and you can do it free. So, there is no excuse.


Another option is, using Word press on your own hosting account. Hosting today is incredibly cheap compared to many years back. You can get a good hosting account for $10 a month. And there are always some good offers. And with a free Word press and lots of free themes, your costs are very low.


If you really struggle with creating a website, and if you are not happy with HTML editors and all this technical stuff, I recommend you to try blogging.




Without any doubt …content is king. That was in the past and is still today. As people come to the World Wide Web to find answers to questions and solutions to problems. And when you have a business or a site to provide answers or solutions to their problems, without any doubt customers will buy.


But off line or online, people have to find your business or site. So, you have to get listed in the search engines. And this is only possible when providing constant new content on your site.


You also can provide content with your own voice through audio.


In case you are not fit with your own writing I suggest getting some resell rights products with good articles because people love to hear from other people.


You can search for “resale rights” + articles and you’ll find hundreds of sites offering pre-written articles for using on your site.




There are several ways to create money on the Internet. There are even additional ways to advertise or promote a product or program. And that wide selection is often the downfall of many people who start with their online business.


The best recommendation here is to choose one or 2 strategies of promoting, and get a deep knowledge of what to try and do in each before moving forward.


One way to try to do that is to form an inventory of all the doable ways in which you’ll use to promote your service or product. Then range the list, making #one the tactic you think would be most likely to succeed.


Learn everything about that method and then moving to your second selection when you feel have mastered the primary tactic.


When focusing on one goal and try all out first will help you save cash, sell more products, and will help you to become a better and more skilled marketer that can sell any product to any market online.





This may sound odd coming from someone selling things online for a living, but it’s a massive one. So big, that I virtually give this the #1!


Just take the time and count the products you have bought the last 12 months online you might get depressed. And the worst thing is that most of the products are not used and maybe will never be used.


The truth is, Internet marketers know how to sell. Their sites know how to get us to take action now, and boy do we buy. We buy things we don’t need, and sometimes we buy the same thing over and over again! And guess what the internet marketer is happy for that!


The way to develop sales resistance, and keep more of your money in your pocket where it belongs, is to ask questions. Here are four that I ask before buying anything.


  • Do I really need this now?
  • Do I already own it, or own a similar product?
  • What problem will this purchase solve?
  • What is my specific plan for using this product in the next 24 hours?


I believe that we should buy what we need to succeed. Be that information, or a service, or a product to sell, you simply can not make money without spending money. But spending wisely is a must!




You hear the saying, “The money is in the list”, but if you keep not up with your visitors or customers they will easily forget about you. I guess this is the most important issue for your online business.


And I suppose there is certain logic because if you have lots of visitors and most of your visitors are first time visitors and we all know that these visitors won’t buy on their first visit!


So, how they are going to remember and return later on to your site when there are billions and billions of websites on the Internet.


And you are not the only one in your business and you’ll have lots of competitors outside in cyber space that have maybe more aggressive their promoting and they will most likely not know how to come back to your business if you don’t remind them.


You have to get them back with amazing offers they cannot refuse and give them good reasons to do business with you and not with your competitors. And there is nothing better than email.


This is one of #1 reason why you can learn a lot with Follow Up Selling Systems!




Let’s be honest everyone is lying to you if he tells you that you can earn $10,000 or even $100,000 within the next 90 days or so regardless of your current level of experience.


Or they tell you can earn that amount of money without knowing anything…I think we have to get down to earth and stay with both feet on the ground. It is just not possible. Just imagine you open a business and right away you earn lots of money, where do you get the people who will buy in your business. Everyone knows that not all visitors buy from you the first time and that is the same off line they just look around in your business and go away.


We have a tendency to live in a tremendous time. The Internet has opened new potentialities to anyone with an affiliation and a burning desire to succeed. And that is an exquisite thing, one that will literally modificate our world.


However it takes skills and time to succeed on-line, and there’s no obtaining around that. It is a fact like the “Amen” in the church.




One of the biggest mistakes I have seen over and over again by well-meaning folks. They are part of a program and try to get it work and after a few weeks they quit when things are not going as quickly as they were promised.


Someone can understand the situation, but every business takes time to develop and to be successful. Some people act like the guy who had a gold mine and was digging and digging without finding his so dreamed gold. And he sold his mine and the buyer kept digging and found gold within a short time.


You have to stay focused in your business and try everything until you move it to the next step and than you can move on but your first product is giving you already some kind of fruit and now you can let it run in automate mode. You can read more about this fabulous system when signing up.


But don’t expect a success formula or magic formula that doesn’t exist. Success takes time. You don’t expect to open a gourmet food shop in your city and become an overnight success. The same happens online. It is rare to have an overnight success even so many tell you that they have done it.


The key for success is to do your homework before committing to any program or business; that means asking questions, hearing from individuals who have succeeded with the program, getting wise counsel from folks you respect and taking time to think it over.


I know it can be quite challenging because they give you no time to think and they put you literally a knife on your throat and tell you to buy because the offer won’t last.


But anyway when you find a product or program you want to promote, make a commitment to stick with it till you’ve got tried everything to succeed. A commitment like this will take time to accomplish, and you may simply find that an extra month or 3 of arduous work is the key that unlocks the success you need.



Many people ask themselves can you create a living online. For many people, the answer is yes. But that yes should be tempered with the information that it takes work, certain skills, some startup cash, and time to succeed online.


If you are realistic, it will work.


The points above have passed the test of time, operating for folks on virtually each continent and in every economic circumstance.


Let me encourage you to take these statements and make them your own philosophy.


Take your time to choose what you want to accomplish online, and then take action today using these statements as your guide and focus on them.


There is a true saying from Henry David Thoreau, “If one advances confidently in the direction of his dreams, and endeavors to live a life which he has imagined, he will meet with a success unexpected in common hours.”


I guess this statement is nowhere more truely than on the Internet. I only can hope that this year is your best year ever! I wish you all the success!


Until next time


Anton Winkler